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AU$ 12,635 pledged of AU$ 100,000 goal
By Larry Jay Tofler
AU$ 12,635 pledged of AU$ 100,000 goal


A portable, private shower which can retain and recycle the water if required.

If there's plenty of water available then everSHOWER can perform just like a regular shower only with amazing space-saving and portability.

Set it up or pack it away in around two minutes.






Here's how everSHOWER works...

Simplicity is the key to the functional durability and reliability of the everSHOWER.

Water flow is powered by a very efficient 12 volt submersible electric pump. The high-volume pump is rated for many thousands of hours of showering and is very easy to replace if necessary.

With the pump in its cradle and the drain closed, everSHOWER will retain and reuse the water, essentially forever (or until you turn into a prune). Reused water is partly filtered and at any time during the shower, used water can be replaced with fresh.

How big is it? Is it truly portable?

everSHOWER's unique tapered design means plenty of room where you need it most - around arms and shoulders. With around 2 metres of height with the roof on, it still packs down small - to the size of a carry case about 50x50x15cm and weighing around 10kg. It takes just two minutes. 



How versatile is it?

everSHOWER can be used in many situations. Here are a few examples... 

Free-standing: Warm and cozy and providing superb protection from weather and insects.

Outside under the stars: Unzip the roof for an incredibly stunning shower sensation. Fully or partially unzip the roof for vision and/or ventilation.

Under the tailgate of a van: No frame required. Set up in seconds.

At the office or workplace: everSHOWER retains the steam and moisture and the tub can be easily drained wherever convenient when finished.

Inside a tiny apartment: Saving space normally taken up by a whole washroom which is only used for a short time each day.

Inside a caravan, motor home or boat.

 After a surf.

Even inside this tiny camper van.

Use everSHOWER inside any existing shower recess (tub only, if desired) to reduce water consumption by about 97%...yes really 97%.

How is the water heated?

In hot regions it may be preferable not to heat the water at all. But in colder areas, obviously, heated water is greatly appreciated and with the everSHOWER system there are several ways of doing so:  

Stove: Water can simply be heated on a camp stove, then poured into the tub and recycled.  

Solar: Use the free energy of the sun. Just pour a few litres into the tub, enclose it with the heat absorption cover and let the sun do its thing.

Heat exchange system: For real luxury everSHOWER has been made compatible with several gas/propane water heaters such as Coleman's Hot Water On Demand or Companion Brand’s Aqua Cube. If you really want to spoil yourself in the cold this is definitely the way to go.

There are several excellent heat exchange systems on the market today. These can range in price from US $200 to US $350. Depending on your particular circumstance and requirements we can recommend and supply the best heat exchange system to suit your needs or you can purchase your own independently.    

Prior to delivery each backer will be contacted with information regarding our heat exchange unit recommendations, pricing and delivery options.

What if it's windy?

Just peg it down using the tub's inbuilt anchor points. In very strong wind the guy ropes will keep it in place.

In extreme conditions you might decide to "batten down the hatch". The frame stays in place while the tent is safe inside the tub - ready in a flash to use next time.

Is the recycled water filtered? Are you reusing the same water?

If you have plenty of fresh water to spare it's not necessary to recycle the water. if water is scarce, our experience is that recycling three or four litres still feels like a very nice regular shower. 

If you are exceptionally dirty or soapy, however, and have a little water to spare, you might like to wash in three litres, drain it, pour in another three litres of clean water, then enjoy clean recycled water for as long as you like using just six litres of water altogether. 

There is a filter for the recycled water which takes out large particles while still permitting good water flow and volume.

Believe it or not, when our water supply has been really low, we've actually showered satisfactorily each on just one litre of water.

Any other features I should know about?

Amazingly, everSHOWER can even collect its own rainwater. Just unzip the roof and its tapered walls become a very effective catchment.


By pre-ordering your everSHOWER today you'll be helping this revolutionary new invention become a commercial reality and assisting in the worldwide conservation of water.

KickStarter means "all or nothing", so if we don't reach our target you don't pay for anything but if we do reach it, you'll be one of the first to enjoy this revolutionary new concept and at a heavily discounted price.

    "We used our everSHOWER in the snow on New Zealand's south island in winter. The experience was surreal! Took off my clothes - freezing cold - but with the heat exchange system, the water was hot in seconds. My body gradually began to relax and straighten as it warmed. The shower tent quickly filled with steam. Next thing I knew I was hot. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, still in the shower, still on the original 3 litres of water and with only a vague awareness of how much time had actually passed. I dried off in the steamy tent, got dressed and stepped out, warm and relaxed - amazing!" 

Hannah K

Here is everSHOWER's timeline and projection.

Meet the team...

Larry is the inventor. He looks after the research and development, oversees the manufacturing and engineering aspects and much else.

Carl works away behind the scenes making sure our customer service, administration and communications are spot on.

Stephen is our numbers man with over 20 years CFO experience. 

Mary is our resident design, I.T. expert and much else. 


What does our stretch target look like? 


For people who enjoy being clean as much as they enjoy getting dirty.
For people who enjoy being clean as much as they enjoy getting dirty.












Risks and challenges

Larry Tofler will personally oversee the replication of his invention. He will ensure it is done precisely and to the highest standard and quality.

We don't envisage any hurdles too difficult to overcome. We know we have the right team and the right partnerships in place to overcome any obstacles and resolve problems.

Our main priority is our customers and we will be with you every step of the way!

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    Every pledge will receive a personal thank you from our team for helping to turn an idea into reality. Also your name will be inscribed onto the walls of the first everSHOWER off the production line. We will keep you fully up to date with our progress.

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    Prior to delivery we will contact each of our backers with the opportunity to purchase our recommended portable gas/propane water heater for luxurious hot ever-showering even in cold climes.

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