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Update #6

Last Blast and a Small Victory for Save Naples this week!


Hey Everyone!!!

There's just barely 3 days left to go and I wanted to send out one last request for everyone who's pledged to send this thing out to anyone and everyone you can think of!

So far the build to the finish has been slow but steady and I've got a good feeling about the end of this whole thing; but it won't happen unless we spam the inter-globe with the link and all that good stuff.   

Save Naples scored a victory this week the the Board of Supervisors here in Santa Barbara and I really want to be able the help them out this fall!  for more info on that check out .

Thank you guys so much for all of the pledges and the encouragement, this project has a beating heart and I'd love to get the funding to build the body to make it get up and run so share it as much as you can and lets finish this thing off right!

-Ryan Lovelace 

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    You're gonna get one sly wink and one thousand thank-you's from me, sent trough time and space, instantly!

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    The aforementioned wink, as well as a beautiful stoke-enducing photograph worth framing (you might even find the secret thank-you note on the back if you can divert your gaze from the photo's awe inspiring beauty) and a few understated Ryan Lovelace Surf | Craft stickers to show the whole parking lot that you know how to support a good thing!

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    Oh man, now we're cookin'. You know what? If you pledge $100 or more, I'll send you a special limited edition Ryan Lovelace Surf | Craft t-shirt. THEN I'm gonna burn your name into the wooden walls of my shop in one beautiful list to commemorate this project and how awesome you are! Seriously. It's gonna be awesome.

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    Hey, for that kind of generosity I'll burn your name into the walls of my shop, then mail you a hand-made book just like the ones that I gave to my parents this year for christmas! The covers are Baltic birch lined and accented with canvas, and the inside is chock-full of beautiful photos of my boards being built, surfed and shared around the world.

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    This'll get your name forever embedded in my walls, a limited edition t-shirt, and THEN a beautiful hand-foiled wood fin [by yours truly] glassed with the plant-based resin that I'll be using in my new line of boards. They'll be nicely framed so that you can look at it while you're at home and think about surfing even more than you already do.

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    For this kind of overflowing show of positive action you'll get the beautiful enviro-fin, and even invite you out to my shop on the coast of northern Santa Barbara for a day of shaping and working with the new materials. We can drink coffee (or tea?), play with my dog/life coach Herbie, explore the greenhouses, and get our hands dirty on unique surfboards if you're up to the challenge! And you bet your name is gonna get burned into my shop walls, too.

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    You wanted a reward that includes a custom surfboard AND your strong, beautiful name branded on my shop walls? Well here it is! For your extremely generous donation of $2000 or more you'll get a custom designed and built environmentally conscious surfboard and you're more than invited to come watch me build it by hand, in front of your very own pair of eyes. Get dusty, smell the plant-based resins in the air, and realize a more responsible way to carry on this honorable craft! All I ask is that I can hug you when you arrive, you beautiful human being.

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