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Short story collection based on the lives of the three authors. They fill in the cracks of their memories with braggadocio & folklore. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 7, 2013.

Short story collection based on the lives of the three authors. They fill in the cracks of their memories with braggadocio & folklore.

About this project

UPDATE #2: We made it!

We are truly blown away by the support that all of you have shown us. We appreciate it more than any typed or spoken words could fully explain. With all of your help, we have now reached and passed our Stretch Goal of $2,000! Here is what that means for all of you who have donated, and all who will donate before this Kickstarter ends:

1. In addition to the original perks, anyone who has donated $5 or more gets a personalized postcard written by all three authors (you can expect this to arrive in March).

2. Also in addition to the original perks, anyone who has donated $50 or more gets an additional copy of the paperback version of our book.

These perks are now guaranteed to those who have donated, or will donate the allocated amounts. We are so thankful for the support and we can't wait for all of you to read what we've created. Please continue to share this with friends and family as any amount we receive from here on out just adds to the possibility for success. We couldn't have done any of this without you, and we'll never forget that.


Michael Johnson, David Beebe II, and Chris Johnson

What is "True Stories - We Made Up"?

A collection of short stories based on the lives of three authors: Chris Johnson, David Brett Beebe II, and Michael Johnson. There are mention of bears, the mark of the beast, superheroes, and maybe even a few miracles. We fill in the cracks of our memories with braggadocio and folklore; essentially turning ourselves into the legends we grew to be. Not only will you get to see how our young minds thought, you'll also be transported back to your own childhood while reading about experiences many of us share growing up. Plus, you'll realize how cocky Chris was as a child. Here is just a small bit of background on the authors.

The Pacific Northwest is best known for its forests, mythical hairy beasts, and clouds that rain down coffee. In the late 70s and early 80s, a pack of brothers appeared out of the cappuccino mists, and a legend was born. The Johnson Brothers ruled the streets of a small town in Washington, and continued their dominance on their long trek to Oklahoma. Their non-regional specific dialects and amazing school speeches both infuriated teachers and won the hearts of women. Chris and Michael wove their ways from Washington to Oklahoma, and back and forth again, attempting miracles and warding off invisible foes whenever they got a chance. Michael learned about their oldest brother Jack's amateur dentistry skills, and Chris high-fived everyone in the world. Friends and family helped facilitate their journeys as they soared through life on the wings of eagles. The Johnson Brothers pretty much hit every day right out of the park; inspiring hit songs and wowing everyone that crossed their paths.
Meanwhile, across the country in Michigan, David Brett Beebe II was born during Ronald Reagan's second term, the result of trickle down parenthood. Growing up with a pastor for a father, David experienced his new life through a unique set of lenses; the lenses of a pastor's kid. He was raised in a small-town environment. Each new day brought a new adventure with the boys of the neighborhood, Derek and William. The year David turned six, the town of Newaygo was terrorized, statues were built, and the schoolgirls were lined out the door. By seven, unfortunately, the Beebe family moved to Oklahoma after Michigan sent David a letter stating he was "simply too amazing" to live in the state any longer, and if he did leave, the Tigers might start winning games again. With his future beard held high, and patriotism running thick with victory, David agreed and set his sights on Sooner Country. There he was exposed to megachurches and Christian private schools, and the horror of end-times exploitation films. He even learned a few words along the way, both real and made up.

Current Project Status:

The text of the book is edited and typeset, and will be sent to the editor for the final review. The official cover of the book is currently being made. Once everything is approved, and the funds are raised, we will send it off to the printer and literary history will be achieved.

Where the Funding Goes:

Your money won't fund our expensive quests to Mordor, but instead will help pay for the following:

Various other project related items/purchases
100% of all donations will be spent on the project. We receive zero income from the money you donate.

Risks and challenges

Without the help of our supporters (we’re looking at you), this project cannot be finished. The editor and designer won't be compensated as quickly and the release of this book will have to be postponed until we can personally come up with the funds. Without your help, America, we'll be forced to beg relatives and complete strangers for money, paying them back by raking leaves every autumn for the next decade, refereeing women's basketball games, or even raising their kids. Is that what you want?

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  • Well that's a little personal, but we'll play along. Chris and Michael met in a hospital. Their Mom introduced them, and they've been fighting crime and scooping up ladies coast to coast ever since. They met Dave while living in Oklahoma, as he was redistributing toilet papers to trees and escorting ladies about the town in his Bronco. They all shared a love for good music and well written literature, so they figured they'd kick it up a notch and wow the pants off people with these stories.

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  • Because we hate car washes, and we don't bake the best cookies you've ever tasted. Plus, it's a perfect combination of support vs. perk. Not only do you help make our dreams come true, but you also get the product, plus some. We firmly believe that dreams are accomplished by hard work coupled with the support of others. Paul Bunyan didn't build the Ark by himself. Wait, he didn't build the Ark? Noah did? Well, Noah didn't build the ark by himself. Wait, he did? Oh, well then that's a bad example. Rome wasn't built in a day. Does that work? Yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day, so that's why our campaign is 20 days.

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  • You guys sure ask a lot of questions. LCk Publishing is the new publishing company started by four authors, three of which wrote this book. The idea is to give authors a chance to be heard (read) who normally wouldn't get that chance. Yes, the "k" is supposed to be lower case in the name, and no, we won't tell you why. If we gave away all of our secrets, then you'd know where our dragon is hidden.

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  • How did you get into our home? We really need to have a discussion about boundaries. To answer your question though, yes, we plan on releasing future projects, both separately and together. We have already started the second volume of "True Stories" and we all have separate projects that are being worked on as well. It will range from fiction, to partial fiction, to coffee table non-fiction that will be about as interesting as an advanced calculus book. I probably shouldn't have said that last part. LCk will also be releasing books from other authors, including a children's book from the fourth member of the LCk owners. And no, we won't print your Justin Bieber fan fiction (Okay, yes we will).

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