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Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.
Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.
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Unboxing Tingbot (Please Read!)

Posted by Tingbot (Creator)

Hey guys!

Your Tingbots should have started to arrive (yay!) so here is a quick update of things that we thought we should highlight for those unboxing their bots (based on feedback so far):

Balls everywhere…

First off - apologies for any unboxing mess that is sweeping the country! At the time we though that these wee packing balls would be great for padding the boxes to ensure that the Tingbots were as protected as they can be without thinking of the fact they can get absolutely everywhere.

We now realise that it creates a little bit of a confetti-mess so please be careful when opening!

Trouble finding parts?

A knock-on from using these balls is that they are perfect camouflage for our smaller parts (doh!)

Please check and recheck that your boxes have the three below small packets in them.

The feet, buttons and micro screws should be in there somewhere (please keep rummaging!)
The feet, buttons and micro screws should be in there somewhere (please keep rummaging!)

They may be hard to find at first - especially if they are white. We have received a couple of messages from backers who said that they almost threw out some of the smaller bits.

Onboard Pi 3 Wi-Fi

We tested the onboard WiFi on a few Raspberry Pi 3’s successfully without realising there were 2 revisions. A few of our colleagues have noted that the onbaord wi-fi was not connecting on their units with the Tingbot OS so we’ve had a wee look into it.

Our debugging/tracing effort led to the pinpointing of the problem and we are rolling out a fix for it as we speak so if your having troubles please check back on our Github very soon.

Please message me if there’s anything you have problems with,

Enjoy the assembling :)

- Ken & The Tingbot Team

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    1. Tingbot Creator on

      @Mark Glad you got it assembled! Those things you mention are being looked in to so stay tuned :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Eichin

      Finally got time to assemble it - appreciate your chagrin over the balls :-) but I did find all of the bits, assembled fine around a raspi 3, all works! Two thoughts for the next gen: maybe label orientation on the microsd slot somehow, and actually make some kind of real connector for the display side of the rainbow?

    3. Missing avatar

      Cindy Wong on

      Those foam pebbles from hell made for my worst ever unboxing experience -- and I lived to laugh about it!

    4. Tingbot Creator on

      @Stephen @Janek - I can only apologise about the balls again, we have learnt from this for the future
      @Janek I will get new buttons and screws to you as soon as possible - I have sent you a PM

    5. Janek Hellqvist on

      I have to concur about the packaging - this was probably the most frustrating unboxing experience I've ever had. And after cleaning out all the balls I realized that the two bags with buttons and screws were missing. I was quite excited about this project but got off to a really bad start now. :(

    6. Stephen Mann on

      Curse you and your tiny balls. In my eagerness to get to my Tingbot, I forgot about your warning, and of course, I now have tiny balls everywhere. I may still be finding tiny balls a year from now. It took three searches of my trash bin to finally find the feet, screws and buttons. In the future, tape them to a card or put the three tiny bags into a larger bag. (That is the smallest zip-lock bag I have ever seen.)

    7. Tingbot Creator on

      @Jon thanks! we quickly tried to get the news out there when we realised what was happening :)

    8. Jon Folkers on

      Thanks for letting us know about the tiny foam balls everywhere. It was still super annoying to open these packages, but slightly less so since you pre-apologized for it!

    9. Tingbot Creator on

      Hi @Roony - thanks for the feedback that's really nice to hear :) Can we see a picture?!

    10. Roony M

      I just wanna say, although the balls were.... balls (BALLS!!!), the tingbot is fricking awesome :-)

      I ended up blending the Nyan Cat app with the Clock app and then programmed the buttons to adjust the screen brightness - end result: Nyan Clock with Brightness adjustment!! Perfect for my bedside cabinet.

      Superb result!! Fankyooooooooooo! :-D :-D :-D

    11. Tingbot Creator on

      @MikeRivle: Sorry for the balls! Hope you are all set up now :)

    12. MikeRivle on

      Property today my package received very negative were the little evil balls!
      Had once for 10 minutes the contents out looking.
      It would have fit super with a foam insert as!

      When unpacking I felt like Magneto before, everywhere balls on my hands and body!

      Unfortunately I can not so good English and hope you understand what I write here!

    13. Ralph Brandi

      Thanks, Ken. The annotated image is a big help, really makes a huge difference.

    14. Tingbot Creator on

      Hi @Nathan @Ralph - I'm sorry that you have both had such unpleasant experiences when receiving your Tingbots. Our goal with the packaging balls was to protect the units as much as possible and it seems that it has backfired. I apologise for the stress that this has caused.

      @Ralph: I will send new sticky feet and buttons out to you as soon as possible. Further apologies that the instructions were not colourblind friendly. I have coded the below picture for you to show what colour wires go where, I hope that this helps clear things up (if not please get back to me with any further questions):

      Many thanks,


    15. Missing avatar

      nathan wright

      My Tingbot arrived today which I really thought would be a happy experience. Sadly the balls went everywhere, spent the next 10 minutes chasing the dog who covered in them, then discovered that all the little bits had ended up in the bin so then had to empty said bin and all its content on to newspapers and search for bits amongst todays dinner! Whats more I have had to put a call into the vet to make sure the balls are not going to be bad for my dog if he has decided to eat them. Really really stupid idea to use that type of packaging and just as stupid to have such small bags for the bits. You must have spent ages search for a company that could make bags so small! I am so hacked off that I have put everything into a bag and put in the cupboard for another day. You really do need to sort this out otherwise you are going to have lots of very annoyed and unhappy customers!

    16. Ralph Brandi

      Also, as someone who is colorblind, your instructions for the rainbow cable are inscrutable. I can't tell which wire goes to which pin.

    17. Ralph Brandi

      Worst packaging ever. Even forewarned, this was awful. I was very careful, didn't tip the balls into the garbage, picked everything in the box out individually, and still can't find the buttons or sticky feet. I did get the screws. I've now gone through every item in my garbage individually and examined it and still not found the missing items. Thank you so much for doing such a terrible job of packaging.

    18. Tingbot Creator on

      Hi @MartinBailey - thanks for the report, the first issue was spotted earlier and will be fixed in the next version of Tide (v0.3.4).
      As for the second, we'll have to investigate further... could we discuss over in ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Bailey on

      My Tingbot has arrived and is working, Thanks
      Two issues -
      Tide 0.3.3 installed this afternoon on Windows 7. When either of the options uder help are clicked gives;
      A JavaScript error occured in the main process
      Uncaught Exception:
      ReferenceError shell is not defined
      at click (C:Users\me\AppData\Local\Tide\app-0.3.3\resources\app\app.js:314:41)
      at Function.executeCommand

      My second issue is that on the assembled Tingbot using a Pi3 the demo examples Buttons and More buttons both work as expected in the simulator but on the Tingbot the application runs but exits with the message "Starting \apps\home...." as soon as any of the buttons are pressed. Do I have a set-up error, a wiring error or a bug please?

    20. Tingbot Creator on

      Hi John - sorry you're seeing problems. I've made a github issue to discuss:

    21. Missing avatar

      John Batty on

      Just tried installing the latest Tide on my Mac (Tide-0.3.3.dmg).
      It loads up with an example. If I press play (to run it on simulator) it fails (details below) :-(
      Anyone else seeing this?


      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/runpy
      .py", line 162, in _run_module_as_main
      "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name)
      File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/runpy
      .py", line 72, in _run_code
      exec code in run_globals
      File "/Applications/", line 5, in [module]
      import paramiko
      File "/Applications/", line 30, in [module]
      from paramiko.transport import SecurityOptions, Transport
      File "/Applications/", line 53, in [module]
      from paramiko.dsskey import DSSKey
      File "/Applications/", line 27, in [module]
      from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric.utils import (
      ImportError: cannot import name decode_dss_signature

      Process exited with code 1.

    22. Tingbot Creator on

      Raspberry Pi 3 onboard wi-fi has been fixed across all revisions and confirmed working!

      For those affected, updated Tingbot OS over at

    23. Tingbot Creator on

      Glad you like it and thanks for the suggestion Ewan - will definitely look into that!

    24. Roony M

      It's here! IT'S HERE!!!! But my God, the packaging. THE PACKAGING!!!!!!! Excited and exasperated in equal measure :-) x

    25. Missing avatar

      Ewan MacIntyre on

      Looks really nice, good work guys! Small revision I'd suggest for the future is to source some tiny washer head screws, as it's easy for the grub-type to just cut a bigger hole in the wrap rather than actually retain it.

    26. Tingbot Creator on

      Sorry Max! Glad you saved the little guys!

    27. Manoël Trapier on

      Again, they've do revision without notice? (Like the Pi0 with and without the camera connector)

    28. Max Glenister on

      Very useful tip as I'm sure many will simply tip the polystyrene balls in to the bin after removing the larger bits from the box (as I did!)

      A bit of digging through the rubbish though and I've found the three tiny baggies.