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Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.
Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.
Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Winter on

      I was going through the list of Kickstarter projects which I have previously backed and this is one of a few which I never received, yet the updates claim they were sent out 2 years ago.

    2. Tingbot Creator on

      @Iyad I've sent you a PM!

    3. Iyad Nahas on

      I finally got to get my Tingbot package out of the drawer and wanted to assemble but I cannot find the little plastic bags. I'm pretty sure they're not in the package because I still have the whole thing as shipped and they're not there. How do I go about getting these?
      I guess my Tingbot is going back in the drawer again :(

    4. Tingbot Creator on

      @Timo I've sent you a PM - if you could check your inbox that'd be great :)
      @Kenneth We are currently using usb/bluetooth audio for the device as the jack doesn't produce very good quality audio out. There is also the possibility of putting in a right angle jack extender and having it lead out the back of the device.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Small thought. there's no audio is there? I mean I can plugin in USB audio, but the builtin ports are no longer in reach (HDMI or AV jack)... hmm...

    6. Missing avatar

      Timo on

      I've got a small problem here. I think my tingbot-package was sent pack to you. I couldn't pick up the package from my postal office in time, because I was on vacation.
      I'm really sorry for the troubles. Would it be possible to send it to me again? I'm really looking forward to get started with my Tingbot.

    7. Tingbot Creator on

      @Paul Have you made sure the small packets are not in the (infamous) white balls as they should be somewhere in there? If not then I will get a new set out to you ASAP! (as a note: the rest of the Tingbot will still be able to be assembled without these parts)

    8. Paul Taylor

      I'm missing the BUTTONS and STICKY PADS please help!!
      I was meant to build this with my daughter over the weekend!

    9. Tingbot Creator on

      @Marcelo Really happy that you are enjoying it :) That’s something we’re currently working on. ETA in the new year I’d say but will keep you posted when pre-orders go live!

    10. Marcelo Gaio on

      @Tingbot I'm very happy with my tingbot, but I realized that I should have ordered a couple more, for me and some friends! When will it be available for purchase?? Thanks!!

    11. Tingbot Creator on

      @Stephen Sorry for that! We have updated the docs site since the start of campaign.

      The tutorial for writing your first app can be found over at

      Let us know how you get on :)

    12. Stephen Mann on

      Your "Getting Started Tutorial" link is broken.
      Where does one get the tingbot library, and is there a "Hello World" tutorial for getting started?

    13. Tingbot Creator on

      @Swarup I've sent you a PM so we can find out for you

    14. Missing avatar

      Swarup Kamerkar on

      I have not received my shipping info.
      Can somenody please help?

    15. Tingbot Creator on

      @Marcelo Glad you like it :D thanks for the kind words!

    16. Marcelo Gaio on

      I hate the packing balls!!
      But i love my tingbot!!!!!!!
      Really cool guys! Kudos on a great project -great communication, good timing and an excellent final product! (no beta-test units, like soooo many other projects!)

    17. Missing avatar

      Duncan Smeed on

      @Gernot, good news. Mea culpa. Perhaps there should be a wee note at the top of the Setup guide to reassure Windows users that Etcher is cross-platform and that the use of Mac screen shots is illustrative and that Windows users will see much the same thing. Pleased to hear that you're now up and running. Enjoy your Tingbot!

    18. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      @Duncan and @Tingbot Solved ;-) just needed to follow the instructions more closely; as windows user I was tempted to overlook instructions that showed Mac the image burning

    19. Missing avatar

      Duncan Smeed on

      @Gernot, sounds like your Pi isn't booting up. There are several possible reasons for this so perhaps the best bet is to raise a ticket by e-mailing and we'll help you diagnose the actual reason.

    20. Tingbot Creator on

      @Gernot Have you made sure to write the Tingbot OS disk image to the SD card before powering the device on? It will need to configure itself at first boot. See or if you still have problems drop us an email - and we can help you out there :)
      @Klaus I'm glad it arrived and I apologise again about the balls
      @United We have been powering them off battery banks and that seems to work pretty well

    21. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      When the raspberry loads the image - will there happen anything on the screen? mine just stay white? Have not configured wifi yet
      Screws & buttons have arrived - thanks for fast service

    22. Klaus-E. Klingner on

      Tingbot arrived in Germany.

      Two things: Please choose a different padding material :( The tiny balls were nearly impossible to control and one of the boxes was damaged spilling them everywhere. 2nd put the three (very) small pouches into a bigger one. Took me quite some time to find them.

    23. Missing avatar

      United States on

      @Tingbot is there a small battery pack out there that can be used to power the Tingbot? Not sure if this has been asked yet.

    24. Tingbot Creator on

      @Richard Fantastic - have fun! Let us know how you get on :)

    25. Richard Pilgrim on

      Just letting you know that my Tingbot arrived at my place in Perth, Australia today. It's all set up and I look forward to playing with it more this weekend :)

    26. Tingbot Creator on

      @United States Cheers for the kind words! I'd recommend keeping this wrap away from hungry dogs ;)
      @A.C. Apologies about the side cap I've sent you a PM

    27. Missing avatar

      United States on

      Aside from my issue you guys already know about, I'm really excited about tinkering with the Tingbot.

      I received all the correct items and made sure to read the last update before opening the package.

      I can't wait to receive a replacement wrap, I'll be running Tide without it!

    28. A. C.

      I just got my tingbot parts, but I am missing the hard plastic "side B" of the assembly, it wasn't in the box. Any way I can get a replacement part? Everything else looks fine though

    29. Tingbot Creator on

      @Fabrice, sorry about the missing wire I have sent you a PM

    30. Missing avatar

      Fabrice Gabolde on

      Received the Tingbot this week-end, everything is present... except the rainbow cable which is missing one of the cables (5 instead of 6) :/

    31. Tingbot Creator on

      @Steve I'll PM you now!

    32. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on

      My button board is not passing power to the Pi. If I take the case off my Tingbot and use the same power adapter direct into Pi, Tingbot works. Can you send a replacement button bar with the power lead?

    33. Tingbot Creator on

      @Dylan can you send a picture of your setup to so I can get a better idea and I can help troubleshoot from there :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Dylan Partner on

      There appears to be no charging port on the Pi3 that accommodates this cord. Do you want me to use another cord? My tingbot is fully disassembled and I am back at square 1- so it is easier to troubleshoot.

    35. Tingbot Creator on

      @Jeff I am sorry that you had an unpleasant experience. We spent a lot of time choosing a route for the packaging that we had hoped would be both exciting and really protected the Tingbots as they went around the world. It is now apparent that this has backfired on us and we will learn for the future. I hope you enjoy the product despite your unpackaging experience.

    36. Tingbot Creator on

      @Dylan - have you tried plugging the power cable directly into the pi3 and not the button board? If you could try that and get back to me with the results then I can try to eliminate some of the options, cheers

    37. Jeff Newfeld on

      Got my Tingbot, all parts included. So thank you. But seriously, why oh why would you choose styrofoam balls for cushioning? This isn't the 90's; there are lots of customer-friendly alternatives. Between having to slice open the box with a knife, chase mini styrofoam all over my kitchen, and then sift through the white styrofoam for tiny individual packages of screws and feet, the out-of-box experience is very poor. If there had been a way to return this and get my investment back at this point I would have.

      Please think long and hard about what you want your customers to experience before continuing to package in this way. I would much rather pay a bit more for environmentally friendly packaging.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dylan Partner on

      I got the Tingbot, but it has not turned on. I am using a Rasberry Pi 3 and have tried several cables, to no avail, as well as completely re-making it. I don't know what else could be wrong! I'd appreciate any input.

    39. Tingbot Creator on

      @Liam The best thing to do would be to send this error to We have just set it up to deal with software issues and the dev team will be able to help you out directly on there :)

    40. Liam Welsh on

      Tingbot lovely, but no joy with Tide on macOS Sierra - stuck with with the following error:

      tbtool: Connecting to Pi...
      tbtool: 'EntryPoint' object has no attribute 'resolve'

      Process exited.

      had a look on the github forum, as suggested below, but no fix for this issue that I can see or understand - I seem to have the correct version of the python cryptography library installed - any advice would be appreciated

    41. Tingbot Creator on

      @phoenix94020 Pleased you are pleased! :) At the moment uninstalling apps is currently only possible using SSH but we are currently working on a feature to add this to the springboard - see:

    42. Missing avatar

      phoenix94020 on

      Received the Tingbot this week . It is up and running since Yesterday. I am very pleased with this.

      quick one: I was able to record new apps in Tingbot from Tide UI. But how to remove apps from Tingbot ?

    43. Tingbot Creator on

      @Clive, I'm glad you are both enjoying it! Let us know how he gets on :)

    44. Tingbot Creator on

      @Gernot, I'll PM you now about the parts! The image flashing process will require an entirely fresh SD or will overwrite what's already there - I'd recommend using an alternate SD if you want to keep what's there

    45. Clive Williams on

      Yes, wiring issue my side - oops :-) working fine thanks! My 9 year old is loving it too by the way; it's really got his imagination - got him coding in python now :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      Got mine today - hurray

      just missing the screws and buttons - had fun searching in the balls but no success
      Will existing files be erased on the SD card during building of the image?

    47. Missing avatar

      Duncan Smeed on

      @BJ Clark: the trick that worked for me was to over-fold the casing and then unfold slightly. The other thing I did was to use a steel ruler to press flat against the case to provide a straight, clean, edge and downward pressure to fold against. This worked well for the narrow segments. You can tell when it's ready to wrap when none of the surfaces have a bulge/bend in them. HTH.

    48. Will Clark on

      Is there a trick for bending the outer casing so that it actually wraps around the frame correctly? Mine doesn't anything like the photos, the plastic bulges out around the screen.

    49. Tingbot Creator on

      @Clive, it sounds like a wiring issue - have you double checked that the board is wired to the module correctly? See: If you have further problems send me a PM and I'll get back to you!

    50. Tingbot Creator on

      @Thomas Yes the buttons will be accessible from any OS booted on Tingbot - they are just wired straight into GPIOs on the Pi. The GPIO pins are (left-to-right) 17, 23, 24, 14.

      As for BerryBoot, I'd imagine it would be possible, as far as I know we just need the main partition mounted at / and the boot partition mounted at /boot. I don't know how to create the SD card in that format though. Let us know if you get something working!

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