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00:00 believes your life really can be saved by rock and roll. Our DJ's spin everything from indie to Edith Piaf. is a group of music and radio-loving friends.  We're  DJ's in the old-school sense.  Think of the cover of Donald Fagan's LP, The Nightfly.  OK, so maybe we don't really look exactly like that, but we sure wish we did. 

We believe in something called free form radio. Free form radio plays everything: from Tony Pastor's WWII-era public service announcement/hit single, "Obey Your Air Raid Warden" to the MC5 to Dum Dum Girls.  And that's with room for Frank Zappa and Fairport Convention.  And Etta James.  And Robyn Hitchcock.  Maybe even in the same set. Yeah, we could make that work.  We really like NRBQ, too. And Porcupine Tree. And Edith Piaf.  We respect our listeners, and we're not afraid to challenge them--but we're fond of Adele, too. 

We play 78, 45 and 33 rpm records, CD's, and MP3's.  Sometimes musician friends drop by and delight us with a live show or two.  Singer-songwriter Woody Lissauer has, and so has Bill Benson, who operates in the same genre.  Lou Pallo dropped by our Saturday morning programming a few months back.  Nepo Soteri, who does some very sweet Afro-pop, was another Saturday morning visitor.

Here's a word cloud made of the music Area 24 radio played last week.  Cool, huh?  It gets better: we're human beings, not someone's iPod set on shuffle.  We do radio as an art form, and we love it more than anything, but we need a little help upgrading our equipment.  We hope you'll tune in--and give us a hand with a contribution.


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    We'll thank you on our air--and MEAN it!

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    Musician friends of the station have made custom cellphone ringtones for Area 24 supporters! We have some lovely guitar-based ones--and also one deliciously silly ringtone from DJ Glenn Carella that you have to hear to believe. Ten bucks gets you an Area 24 original ringtone!

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    Twenty dollars gets you behind the velvet rope and into the Members Only Clubhouse on our website. There you'll find all kinds of special programming, including "afterparties," shows our DJ's do after their regular shifts end, when they're having too much fun to sign off.

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    You'll receive an Area 24 Radio t-shirt, designed by our own Lou Cannizzaro, host of Random Madness. It's our logo (he designed that, too) on black cotton.

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    For this generous donation, you'll get to co-host an Area 24 radio show with a member of our staff, help pick out vinyl and CDs, and sit on our famed yellow bamboo couch.

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    You'll get an to experience an evening at General Manager Christine Potter's very very old (like, 1740) cottage on a creek. The place has been determined to be haunted by a local ghost investigator, and she'll share all the stories with you. Game?

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