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Song Dynasties: a feature-length documentary about of Montreal. Help us finish the film + pre-order the DVD, exclusive vinyl and more.
Song Dynasties: a feature-length documentary about of Montreal. Help us finish the film + pre-order the DVD, exclusive vinyl and more.
Song Dynasties: a feature-length documentary about of Montreal. Help us finish the film + pre-order the DVD, exclusive vinyl and more.
1,124 backers pledged $94,844 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Marriah Carrasco on

      Hello OM! I was wondering if I was able to purchase all of the merchandise listed under "ALL THAT SWAG" (the Apollinaire Rave Bundle, the 7" Bundle, and the CD Bundle)? I have already made a pledge, and will now be meeting you guys in L.A. soon, but initially I wanted to get all that sweet swag that you're offering! Do I need to make another pledge of $200 in order to get all of the bundles, even though I'm already receiving everything in the $100+ level? Just curious! Thank you for everything thus far! <3M

    2. Missing avatar

      InsanityInCO on

      You're all so amazing and this is what I am most looking forward to in 2013! I'd have given the 100k myself if I could!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Neuhaus on

      I'd love to see you soon again in Europe... how are my chances?

    4. Missing avatar

      withnailandi on

      Love you guys, happy to contribute, looking forward to the next album and tour...buuuuuuut, the videophile in me wishes there was blu ray. No sweat, congrats on the successful funding!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Grannen on

      so proud to be a part of this. my girlfriend and i came from chicago to milwaukee on saturday to see the show, and were so excited to think about how cool this full feature will be, SONG DYNASTIES for real!! grt8888!!!

    6. Laura Madejczyk on

      Ahh I'm so Happy you guys made it and then some!!! Can't wait to hear Young Froth/Taypiss and watch the film in April and also to see all of your beautiful faces on Saturday!!

    7. Nicole Tucker on

      I love you guys! So happy you made the goal! Can't wait to watch this documentary! The preview looks amazing!!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Danny Cunningham on

      Hooray! Congratulations guys! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Hernandez on


    10. Thomas Brandenburg on

      Phew. I almost thought we wouldn't make it. Congrats of Montreal!

    11. David Powell on


    12. Quinton Hathaway on

      Hey oM, just wanted to ask if Guam is considered inside or outside the US? I would like to know so I can add the appropriate amount of shipping before the project reaches its conclusion. If it is indeed considered outside shipping, I will gladly add the extra $20. Just want to make sure I don't lose my reward due to insufficient funds! Thanks and much much love!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      100k, here we come :D

    14. Joann Jovinelly on

      So excited and happy! It would be great to see this top $100K. This just proves that you can do whatever you want and there's enough of us to happily support it. We love you!

    15. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      I desire only this in my decrepitude, that I will have one more opportunity to serve as a gauze to my fellow man

    16. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      Haha, Hey there Jill. This is Laika from the townhall( I don't post much) But I ran to check your post.. Looks like we said it at right around the same time.. Great minds indeed!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jill Brand on

      That's strange. I just wrote that it's like waiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Eve on the Song Dynasties thread at the E6 Townhall. Great minds..........

    18. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      It's giving me more of a sensation than waiting for the ball to drop on New Years Eve.

    19. Missing avatar

      tchaos on

      Hell to the yes...I can't believe this is going to happen...great job, everyone!

    20. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      Can you feel it, Creator?

    21. of Montreal Creator on

      Hi Andre -- We haven't confirmed our tour dates for next year yet, but if for some reason we don't come to a town nearby we'll definitely honor your pledge in 2014!

      Thanks for all the support everyone! We're almost there!

    22. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      Would be awesome to see this goal met tonight!

    23. Missing avatar

      Sean Thompson on

      Almost there...just $2,000 more!

    24. Rick Harris III on

      I've been waiting since this started to save all I could and I'm finally proud to be in support...#884 :)

    25. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      YEE-HAWWW!!! Keep it up everybody!

    26. Hannah Ju Lieberman on

      Can't decide if I should raise my pledge to 300! or even 500!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, indecision.

    27. André Brorsson on

      Hey, do you know a rough schedule of your tour in 2013? Will you do a full-scale European tour? Kinda important if I should raise my pledge from 100 to 300/500.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Yarnell on

      I just upped my pledge! Luckily it looks like you guys will get a little bit over 75k, but every bit matters.

    29. Nathan Iodice on

      Yeah, Imma add some to mine!!

    30. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      I added 50 to mine to make up for some of the slackers who won't add to theirs. But c'mon guys lets gooo we're running out of time.

    31. Missing avatar

      Meaghan Cahill on

      So close!! Just raised my pledge!
      Also going off of Joann's question, would it be possible to have my name and my boyfriend's name in the credits? The money comes from both of us!

    32. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      Steven - Good thinkin' Abe Lincoln. Now if only everyone would take that seriously!

    33. Missing avatar

      Steven Polding on

      if everybody upgrades their donation by $10, we'll be there! let's do this, you mothers!

    34. Laura Madejczyk on

      You guys are so close!! I'm telling everyone I know to try and at least donate a few dollars because I need to see this film and hear the exclusive vinyl!! <333

    35. of Montreal Creator on

      Hey Jeffrey and Daniel and Paul and Erin and Tim and everyone else who has supported us and this project -- Thank you! We're almost there!

    36. of Montreal Creator on

      Hey Joann -- Don't worry! After the project is over, we'll be sending out short forms through Kickstarter asking for the correct names for the credits and all that. Thanks so much for your support!

    37. of Montreal Creator on

      Hey Nathan -- If the project isn't funded, that collection of songs might never get released. But we're getting really close to the goal, so hopefully we won't have to worry about that!

    38. of Montreal Creator on

      Hey David -- We'll definitely do our best to make sure you get the # that corresponds with your pledge!

    39. of Montreal Creator on

      Hey Danielle -- Thanks for pointing this out! We have fliers at our merch booth now. We just didn't have them ready at your show. Lots to do to get ready for tour!

    40. Jeffrey Brodeur on

      It is so incredible to contribute to this project! Kevin, thank you for being an inspiration and someone I have admired and respected since I first heard "The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy" back in 1999!! Also, thanks for being so kind when I've had the opportunity to meet you. Good luck with your goal!!

    41. Joann Jovinelly on

      Greetings...I had to pledge under my boyfriend's name (Jason Netelkos), but I want my vinyl autograph and DVD credit to be to me: Joann Jovinelly. Is that possible?

      I just didn't want to wait until the last minute to donate!

    42. Missing avatar

      daniel holland on

      If they don't make the goal, then I take a loan out on my house on day 1.

    43. Nathan Iodice on

      IF!! You don't make the goal, whats going to happen about the Old School LP?? Will we never get it??

    44. Erin Kennedy on

      I love you guys!
      Good luck on your new tour!
      Please stop near Kansas City soon, we miss you!

    45. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      With regard to the hand-numbering of the LP's, will backers receive the number that relates to the pledge order? I believe I was the second person who pledged for an LP, so would I receive #2?

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Bible on

      Less than two weeks that is.

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul Bible on

      Less than a week left. Everyone be sure to blast your social networks to get the word out to all those friends and "acquaintances" who might want to contribute.

      Let's Go Team!

    48. Dingo on

      Hey fellas. Just wanted to give you a warm internet hug while I was in the area. See y'all next week.

      - Glitter Tim

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