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Join with other robots to rebel against the human oppressors before they catch on and stop you!
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Do You Have Production Issues?

Posted by Donald Mitchell (Creator)

Hello everyone. I hope you're doing well.

I received word that some of the boxes are arriving without dice in them.

If you are missing any pieces or the pieces got ruined, please email us at We'll do our best to figure out how best to replace any bits and bobs that you need.

While we work on replacing any missing dice, you can use 2 d6s of different colors (1 for Civilian movement, 1 for Oppressor movement). The way they map to how the die should be is:

Civilian Die:

  • 1-4: Civilians move Yellow
  • 5: Civilians move Blue
  • 6: Civilians don't move, move the NPC entry Yellow

Oppressor Die:

  • 1-4: Oppressors move Blue
  • 5: Oppressors move Yellow
  • 6: Oppressors don't move, move the NPC entry Blue


Just a little aside here. We're updating our website later this week to include some new exciting sections and layout. Feel free to take a look at


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    1. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Hi Douglas. We will send you a copy soon.

      If there is anyone else missing a copy, please let us know. Everyone should have had them for months at this time.

    2. Missing avatar

      Douglas Murphy on

      Never received any box as of yet - dice or no dice. It is now November 7th. Robert Karl's uncle Douglas Murphy.