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Distribution: Where's My Game?

Posted by Donald Mitchell (Creator)
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Where are my games?

As of yesterday the distributor is packing and shipping the copies Rise to you all. You should be receiving an email in the inbox of the email provided through the surveys when your package label is scanned through the local facility.

We had gotten a cancellation note earlier which was concerning, but it was sent in error. Your games should be leaving the distributor now.

PAX East

If you're attending PAX East, I may be in the open tabletop area from time to time demoing our games. Usually I would be there most of the time, but this year I'm going to spend more time enjoying the convention, hopefully cosplaying as Greg Universe (from Steven Universe). You should definitely check out the Unpub booth since a lot of cool new games get played there.

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    1. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Hi Skarsnik Larsen. I just messaged you with info about your game. I'm investigating what went wrong for yours.
      Other backers, if you haven't received your package, please send me a message through Kickstarter or email

    2. Skarsnik Larsen

      Hello! No sight of the game yet here in sweden, should I be worried? Have not recieved any notifications from ship naked either?

    3. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Yay! So glad to hear it Brent!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brent Kroeker on

      Just had it delivered!

    5. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Good to hear Brent. Let us know whether or not you wind up receiving it this time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brent Kroeker on

      Ship Naked said they got my package returned to them this morning. They confirmed my correct address, and are apparently shipping it out to me again.

    7. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      For non-US backers, keep in mind that customs is a thing that typically delays anywhere from a couple days to a week.

    8. Edward Petersen

      I received mine 3/22 in Virginia, US - in case people want a comparison.

    9. Missing avatar

      Brent Kroeker on

      Thanks. I had tried to follow up with Ship Naked and my local post office, but there apparently wasn't a whole lot either could do. I'm hoping the delivery guy is smart enough to look up my name on the board in my apartment's entrance. :)

    10. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Hi Brent. I forwarded your concern to our guy who is handling our distribution, but they arrived this week and last week to the USA. I imagine it should arrive this week. If it returns back to us due to the apartment number issue, we'll definitely resend it with the number included (we'll double check before sending it out again).

    11. Missing avatar

      Brent Kroeker on

      Do you know approximately when the games should be delivered in Canada? The delivery email I got was missing my apartment suite number (I'm pretty sure I included that when providing my address to you guys), and I have no way of tracking it now that it's reached the Canadian border (as of March 21).

    12. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      We're getting reports and photos of people receiving their games in the US!

    13. Donald Mitchell 3-time creator on

      Quick side update: Ship Naked says that they've packaged and put everything onto the trucks. You should have received a tracking # in your email. If you did not, please let me know via direct message or email to