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Join with other robots to rebel against the human oppressors before they catch on and stop you!
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Distribution Delays

Posted by Donald Mitchell (Creator)


Hey all. I just received word that we're going to have significant delays in getting Rise of the Robotariat shipped out to you all. Our distribution center has a packed schedule due to the holiday season and are trying to squeeze us in. As such, it may be a couple weeks before we can ship them out to you.

My apologies for the delay. I want to thank you all once again for being so patient with us as we work through these delays. We have certainly learned a lot more about potential development and distribution hiccups that we didn't have to deal with in the past two campaigns.

Below are descriptions of some Eye4Games projects in development that I hope you'll enjoy hearing about. Happy holidays!

In Development

While we wait for better news on the Rise front, I figured I should let you all in on what's going on with our other projects.

Rise of the Robotariat Book:

We've been putting together a book form of the blog posts found at These are the stories leading up to the start of the game. A physical version should be available on Amazon really soon. We're in the middle of approval processes.


I may have mentioned Aloft before. It's our 3-5 player 4x light game. You are sky captains exploring the world above the clouds aboard your zeppelin ships. We're at a point where it's getting really stable. If you'd like a chance to playtest the game via print-and-play, you can let us know by emailing with the subject line "Aloft playtest request". As a note, the print-and-play won't be available for a few weeks while we get our files together.

Defense Force ULTRA:

One of the goofier games in development is a sentai warrior game (like Power Rangers) called Defense Force ULTRA. It's a cooperative drafting game where you work together against an evil villain. You draft cards with the other players, trying to amass your own sets or sets among all of the players that you can use for meaningful effects. One of the more fun sets lets you do a team pose attack for massive damage. When we showed this at bostonFIG a couple years ago, we had the players pose for a photo whenever they cobbled a Team Pose Attack together.

Rise of the Robotariat part 2:

A little background first, we've always had the idea that we wanted Rise of the Robotariat to be the first in a set of 3 games in narrative sequence. Rise is about sowing the seeds of revolution and enacting the revolution. The second yet-to-be-named game is going to be about the robots abusing their power and being suspicious of their citizens. We've decided it will likely be a hidden roles game where you need to figure out if the other players are part of the robot rule or against it. As a note, the second game could change very significantly between now and when we're happy with it, so no promises that it will stay a hidden roles game.


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