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Help make a gorgeous new line of linens as you follow Diva's design and production process, spinning gold out of straw (well, flax)..
Help make a gorgeous new line of linens as you follow Diva's design and production process, spinning gold out of straw (well, flax)..
110 backers pledged $4,245 to help bring this project to life.

pre-production & the holidays

hello lovely backers,

thank you so much for joining in - only 10 days to go!!

though not nearly as fun as the design process, pre-production is a huge part of making this all happen and come together smoothly.

generally production would take at least 10 weeks - 2 weeks to receive the fabric, 2 weeks to cut the fabric, 3 weeks for the screen-printing, and another 3 weeks for sewing.. in the past i've always used all local cutters, printers and sewers. this time, however, with the holidays right around the corner, i'm trying something new. my mother was in thailand this year with her good friend suzy (who's thai). through friends they met charoen and his family, who have a small factory in a village trying desperately to preserve its traditional craft of fabric making and natural dying. Its a wonderful opportunity to try out production for our linens - and because they'll do all the cutting, printing, and sewing under one roof, it will take a lot less time. it is such a sweet family, and i'm thrilled to be able to work with them to help support this struggling village.

since i really want to have new stuff for this year's SF Renegade Craft Fair (dec. 18&19), i've gone forward and ordered 50 yards of fabric and shipped it to charoen in thailand - though for future production (when there's more time) they will make the linen there for us. its enough for short sample runs (about 20 pieces) of about 3 or 4 designs. i've also sent them artwork, pantone colors, patterns, and samples from my previous collection. with production, communication is never easy - even when its right here in berkeley! so i have also hired Oom, a thai friend of suzy's that lives in chiangmai (near charoen's factory) to check in on progress and keep me updated - she has been a huge help. if all goes as planned i will have this first small run in time for Renegade!

if not, which is also very possible, i'm busy making new stuff in-house (in-studio-apartment). so you have something to look at, below is a peak at some designs i'm working on for rubber stamps, paper jewelry, paintings and prints, and possibly some hand-painted linens (long requested by my friends at LOLA - i also have some super soft organic cotton flannel that i want to use for robes. and of course lots of beautiful stationery. enjoy!

xo diva

p.s. i figured out that if everyone on my mailing list pledged just $5 we'd easily make our goal. so please let your friends know that i've just added a new $5 reward, which will get them a limited-edition hand printed card and envelope (normally about $8 with shipping) with new artwork inspired by our new collection.

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    1. Traci Suzanne Marvel on December 5, 2010

      Praying you make your goal!
      I love your art!

    2. Missing avatar

      jennifer nash on December 3, 2010

      looks great!! i like those earrings :)