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MIXTAPE: Original One-Act Festival is a platform for artists of all types to find their voices--actors, directors, writers, musicians, painters, etc.

The MIXTAPE: Original One-Act Festival has been around the block for a couple of years and is gearing for its fifth run in April of 2011. Mixtape is a fast-paced show which incorporates original writing with the sounds of local musicians, the fresh vision of directors on the verge and the new faces of up-and-comers to the theater/film/television scene. The show also incorporates a mini-art gallery as a way to show the painting and photography of local artists as well. This year we are incorporating a new element to the show-- every Saturday night throughout the run of the show, a live musician will be featured to accompany the scenes. The past four shows have been completely funded out of pocket, but this time around (after the constant demand of --what can we do to help?) we've decided to go outside of ourselves and are hoping that our friends and colleagues are excited to participate in the experience with us. This is theater, we do not make money off of it, in fact we're lucky if by the end of the run we've even covered our expenses--we are hoping that by having a kickstarter and reaching out to our friends, we can have the deposit covered on the theater (so that we can eat) for the three weekend run in addition to any other production related expenses that come up along the way. We are also hoping that by raising more funds in the beginning, we will be able to keep the cost of the tickets down to make the show more accessible for all.


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