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My book is putting Mother Earth in the centre and give focus to her beauty and healing power. As an Intuitive Healer, I receive messages from your soul about your wounds. The wounds are taken care of by Mother Earth as I send you much light. Mother Earth is a beautiful healing source and she works day and night to sustain life for us on this planet. 

Do you feel especially vulnerable in relationship to one person in your life? Your soul knows the truth. It could be your mother or your father, or some other person who had an important role in your childhood or in your youth. It might even be your partner? Maybe your partner is triggering the wounds of your childhood? Or it could be a sibling, a cousin, a colleague or a friend. The truth is that these people, who wounds/wounded you the most are still stuck energetically in your aura. In the Intuitive Healing process that I do, working directly with your soul, these wounds are energetically liberated from you. When these wounds are no longer in your aura, you do not feel them anymore! When the wound is gone on an energetic level you feel protected and less vulnerable with the people who wounds/wounded you the most. The most common feedback I have from my clients, is that they feel that they are able to take a distance, not necessarily physically but psychologically from the people they feel vulnerable to. An Intuitive Healing session working directly with your soul takes place in two stages. First, I connect with your soul on a distance, from my home. In the soul world time and distance do not exist. So I work with people from all over the world. With my gift as a healer, the capacity to work on your soul is instant and beyond geographical distance. The second stage of the healing is to have a healing conversation via Skype. In the healing conversation I explain the psychic messages that I received from your soul. The message of your soul come in two different languages. One of the languages that I receive is a shamanic language of dream symbols. I see where in your body your wounds are situated, which is informative of what you have been carrying. The shamanic language is showing ‘lower’ wounded energy by insects, snakes, earth, spiderwebs, mummification (if you have been for example abused), metal and hooks (people attached to your aura having power over you)… the symbols are varied and multiple. A black umbrella symbolising your feeling of being unlucky for example. The second language that I receive from your soul is psychic. I see symbols or real life events from your childhood that reflect the wounds you are carrying. I continue the process of cleaning the wounded energy until I receive a gift from your soul, that is when I know the healing is done for this time. The gift, is a message from your soul telling you what could make you happier. The gift comes in showing you, for example, an artistic activity that would make your life more fulfilling. Like playing an instrument, or cooking or travelling, or maybe being with a partner, having a child or a pet… Each person’s happiness is different, as is the gift of your soul to you.  

Katarina Winslow is at home in the visual world. Throughout a twenty-year-old career as a conceptual graphic designer, art director and painter, she is used to observe and to create. Her eyes and her inner eye are the tools with which she brings more beauty into the world. As a child she unconsciously entered people’s auras to be able to rest in their beautiful center, as we are all beautiful deep within. To see the most beautiful part of a person, its soul, protected her from the unsettling circumstances of her childhood. By seeing the best in a person she felt safe. Even if the darker layers were active in the real world, she rested in the truth of the ‘soul world’.

When Katarina became bulimic in her teenage years her search for truth intensified as now she needed to go deep within herself to find her own identity. Courageously, she embarked on a deep spiritual and psychological journey to heal her wounds at the depth of her being. In the process she recognized the wisdom of her own soul, and she remembered the connection with all that is. Besides her artistic work she has a diploma in Conversational Therapy and works as a intuitive healer and life coach. As a gifted intuitive healer she recognizes beauty in the artwork of our souls when she heals wounds of life. The intuitive healing may be performed at a distance. She works with clients all around the world to help them to relinquish energies that do not belong to them. When wounded energy is removed a person is in a better place, and able to enjoy their lives from a natural place of being. Through her own healing journey her eyes and her inner eye have grown to encompass deep spiritual dimensions of healing. In the same soulful way, her art carries healing energies from other dimensions.

In this, her first book, you will share her lifelong observations, and also come to an increased awareness of how to heal from bulimia, and how to heal your life by clearer seeing the psychological patterns one can be trapped in and why. Her work is filled with healing light and beauty for the world.

Risks and challenges

The book of my life as an artist and healer is in its final editing stage and I would need some funding to be able to complete the project. I am at 118 028 words today, the story is written but I would need support to finish it.

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    The Reward is an Intuitive Healing session. Your soul knows 
the truth. As an Intuitive Healer I help people to heal at the level of their soul. Only Your soul knows the truth about You. There is a part of you that knows everything you lived through. Please send me a photo of your face to info@katarinawinslow.com titled 'reward' and I will perform the healing as soon as possible.

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