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What if Earth’s greatest heroes died...but were reassembled and resurrected as one man? **TEAM LOGO REWARD at $12.5K
What if Earth’s greatest heroes died...but were reassembled and resurrected as one man? **TEAM LOGO REWARD at $12.5K
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Hey Backers,

Please give a warm welcome to ÁNGEL HERNÁNDEZ the artist on TALES OF DISCORD: MOIRÉ & CHROMATIC. Continuing the the global reach of this series, Ángel hails from Spain. As you see from his stunning cover that this issue is going to be something special.

Here's a brief Q&A I conducted with Miguel so you can get to know him better:

Tell us a bit about you and how you got into comics.

I enjoyed drawing since I was a child and I have not stopped up to now. The first time I had a comic in my hands I realized that it was what I really wanted to do when I grew up. At the same time, my parents discovered then that it was the only moment I was quiet during the whole day (ha..ha..ha), so they decided that the best for everybody was to buy enough comics, lots of papers and pencils. Later on I studied Fine Arts and I worked in the graphic design business. Meanwhile I drew illustrations and comics in my free time. Currently I spend my time drawing exclusively. 

What attracted you to DISCORD and helping to expand the universe?

I was attracted specially by its atypical characters and the interpersonal relationships among them. It was really interesting and, all this, connected to its unusual plot, made me join to this project.

What excites you most about your particular character?

From my characters, Moiré and Chromatic, I have to say that I am specially attracted by that emotionally balanced relationship that exists between them. Those tense moments that take place in the personal life of their alter egos, Emma and Warren, and how they develop in a parallel way until they become superheroes.

What are the strengths of your particular style?

I bet for a very dynamic pencils, and, specially, I want all the elements of the page, from the viewing angle to the number and composition of the panels, strengthen the scriptwriter’s story. I try to join my work to the creative process as much as possible.

Who are your biggest influences?

As it is commonly said, “All the people who have drawn before me”. I think that each drawer teachs you something, in one way or another. With respect to the artists whom I admire, I have to say that there is not enough space here to name all of them.

How do you stay motivated over the amount of time it takes to draw an issue?

To see how a page grows up step-by-step, how it takes shape everyday, starting from scratch, is a wonderful spectacle. That´s one of my motivations. I love this work!

Given that there is no industry standard for a comic script what info do you need from the writer in order to do your job? Do you tend to like the writer to be extremely specific or do you like vague descriptions so you can bring your vision to the project?

I prefer to take part of the team from the first minute. If our names appear in a cover it is obvious that we need to work as closely together as possible, but it also depends on the scriptwriter. There are some scriptwriters who give you everything completely closed and detailed, and, it is an acceptable option, but it is not my preferred one. I prefer to have certain leeway in order to solve the problems that you can find when you transform a text into an image and I would like to provide as much as possible to each project. But, as I said, all of us are professionals and we are here to try to get the best result.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Read a lot, watch a lot, and draw, draw, draw… and when you get tired, draw even more!!

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    1. Mike Clarke on August 10, 2012

      Great looking cover. Seems like an artist to watch . Nice pairing, Paul!