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THE 24K GOLD iPhone Case

Hey KickStarters!

Hope all of you out there are just as excited about the iGoldCase as I am! All backers can expect their cases 2-3 weeks after we have reached our funding goal.

For the longest time I have wondered why people are willing to pay so much for iPhone cases that are just made of simple plastic or other cheap materials. My dream is to make an iPhone case that is not only beautiful and simple, but has some real value. The case that I showed in the video is a handmade prototype made from jewelers in India. The next level of iGoldCases will gleam like no other after they have been perfected by the machine process.

Each iGoldCase is plated with 24 carat gold on a copper base with the same process that jewelry is made from. First the copper plate is bent and shaved down to the right specifications so that it fits easily and snug around your iPhone. Next the copper is machine polished to remove scratches and make a clean reflective surface. After they are washed down with special soaps the platting process begins. After being electro cleaned for 20 seconds the iGoldCases are rinsed with distilled water before they head into their surface activator bath. The electro solution with gold particles is set to exactly 104 degrees with 3 volts running through the solution for best results. After 3 minutes of rest in the electro solution there are multi micron layers of gold that are then protected by gold shield and wax to prevent water or finger print stains from resonating. The process is simple but requires the utmost precession to insure the most sleek results. To make sure everything is done to iGoldCase's high standards we have put together a team of a couple of jewelers from India who are going to be manufacturing the iGoldCases. Jignesh Thakar has been a jewelry designer and craftsmen for over 21 years and has produced several pieces that have sold over the 100k mark. He lives in Mumbai (Bombay) India and will hopefully soon receive his visa to visit the US.

 On the backside the Apple logo is cut out with laser technology. They are light weight, ultra thin and will make your iPhone look like a bar of gold. Since iGoldCase is multi-micron platted, there should be no problems with discoloration or wear of the gold.

Real talk, how cool would it be to tell someone your iPhone case is made out of gold? Awesome? We think so too.

All backers will get to vote on the final slogan for the iGoldCase that will go below the "24k Gold" wording. All Kickstarter backers will also receive a special upgrade plan for when the iPhone 5 iGoldCase is available.

We need the funds to get our molding casts, laser engraver and other welding tools required for the production process. After we have purchase these various production nessesary items, our small team of jewelry crafters in India will be ready for any amount orders. 

Thanks for all the support and please spread the word!

Regards Aamir


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    About $15 USD

    1 backer

    Custom engraving for your iGoldCase.

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    Pledge $65 or more
    About $65 USD

    3 backers Limited (62 left of 65)

    Early bird KickStarter limited edition iGoldCase with KickStarter logo engraved on the side.

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    Congratulations you have pre-ordered a iGoldCase.

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    About $92 USD

    0 backers Limited (200 left of 200)

    Fathers Day Edition.
    We will have the back of your iGoldCase laser engraved with a personal letter written and signed by you! It will be shipped to your Father in a beautiful wooden gift box and a lovely email gift alert will be sent on fathers day.

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    Congratulations you have pre-ordered 2 iGoldCases.

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    Retailer or Company value pack. Receive 25 iGoldCases with optional company logo engraving.

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    About $2,500 USD

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    Retailer or Company value pack. Receive 50 iGoldCases with optional company logo engraving.

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