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Hand crafted, gourmet donuts, featuring old school classics, and new school flavors. If you're going to eat a donut, Eat a Good One!!


Dizzy's Donuts hand crafts all their donuts, fillings, and toppings. We want to offer Boulder the best quality, hand made donuts out there, with some delicious coffee, in a fun, local establishment where everybody can feel at home. 

There are two things that have been in my life for a long, long time; cooking and donuts. I have loved donuts since I can remember, and my first job was in a kitchen when I was 15 years old. I have been working in kitchens, and eating donuts ever since, but the two had never really come together. 

It took a trip to the west coast for me to get inspired about donuts. I was waiting in line for close to an hour for donuts from the local “you’ve got to go there” donut shop. I noticed the excitement in everybody who was in line with us. There was an energy there and you could tell that the locals loved it as much as the tourists.

I realized that this little shop was the type of place Boulder could use. A local, artisan shop, selling hand-crafted products in a setting that is cool and comfortable for everybody. I realized that Boulder was ready for a donut shop, but it would have to be the right donut shop.

Obviously there was some hesitation since it has been so long since Boulder has had donuts. I knew that I would have to make the best donuts possible for Boulder, using the finest and freshest ingredients. I would have to come up with something that people couldn’t get just anywhere. So I combined my many years in the kitchen, my French training, my pastry skills, and my love of donuts to come up with the best donut I could for Boulder.

So I was convinced that the people of Boulder were ready for donuts, but did they know that? After spending many months working on the perfect donut recipe, it was time to take the donuts to the people. We started out selling at local farmers markets around Boulder. At first people were surprised to see donuts. I think they had to get re-acquainted with them. After a few weeks of being a regular vendor in Erie, we started getting regular customers. And of course the questions were always the same…”Oh, where is your shop?”

As the markets started winding down, we decided to go wholesale so we’d have a way to keep getting donuts to the people. The wholesale business, combined with delivering donuts to homes, schools, and offices started a quiet buzz about donuts. People were slowly hearing that they could get a good donut in town. Thanks to OZO Coffee and some of the VIC's espresso's, we slowly started to build a reputation for making delicious donuts.

These efforts, although effective, didn't prove to be enough for the people though. There were more and more questions like where we are located, do we have a shop yet, when will we have a shop, will we please open a shop, did you know there are no donuts shops in Boulder, etc...

HOW YOU CAN HELP Dizzy's Donuts

We are very thankful that so many people seem to be excited about a donut shop coming to Boulder. We appreciate everybody's support, as well as their patience as we try to get this shop open. We want to bring Boulder the best we can, and to do that, we are asking everybody to become a part of it.

Dizzy's Donuts is currently just Eric and Jane Guthrie. We are putting pretty much everything we have into Dizzy's Donuts in order to get a shop opened. To create the space we want for Boulder, we could us some assistance. We hope to add a convection oven to our kitchen in order to bring you other delicious breads and pastries, as well as an espresso machine to provide the best quality coffee we can find. That is why we are asking our friends, and the community to reach out and help bring donuts to Boulder. Any amount you may pledge will help bring us a little closer to opening the doors. Your contribution through Kickstarter will help us finish our build out, and put the finishing touches on Dizzy's Donuts to make it a place for everybody. Help Boulder Eat a Good One.


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