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Our surroundings are dirty and dangerous. Kill Bacteria and Germs Anytime Anywhere in Seconds.
Our surroundings are dirty and dangerous. Kill Bacteria and Germs Anytime Anywhere in Seconds.
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Second Shipping List & CS Info

Posted by Cleanty (Creator)
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Hello backers! 

Here is the second shipping list. Find your country at the list, and you can check the exact shipping condition of your Cleanty.

For all countries, tracking number is not auto-sent. So backers who want to check it, please send a mail to us ( +And backers who are living in ‘Will Be Completed On Today’, we can tell the tracking number from next Monday.


Already Finished 

  • Korea
  • Japan 
  • Vietnam 
  • Singapore 
  • Hongkong 
  • China 
  • US 
  • Malaysia 
  • Philippines 
  • Thailand 
  • Taiwan 
  • Saudi Arabia

Will Be Completed On Today

For these counties, the shipment will be start on Today. And it will takes less than a week for all backers to arrive. If you want to get the tracking number, please send an e-mail to us( We can tell each backers’ tracking number from the next Monday.


Will Be Completed In Order Within Feb

  • All countries except above countries. For these countries, we will upload the third shipping list at later update. We will make it till the original due date, within Feb.

If you have any problem with your Cleanty … 

We can find few backers have some problems after they got Cleanty. For more faster and accurate treatment, please directly send an e-mail to us ( And please send a photo or video together which can show the real situation of the problem. 

  • Who got 1 Cleanty, as pledged 2 Cleanty : DO NOT THROW AWAY THE DELIVERY PACK. Please attach the photo of invoice on the pack. It can show the exact number of Cleanty you got. After we compare it to your pledge, we will send another Cleanty right away.
  •  Who got Cleanty which dose not operate : Please attach a video which can show the operation error. After we check it, we will send a new Cleanty right away, if we cannot help you remotely.

The Fastest Way To Contact Us


Cleanty Facebook :

Cleanty Instagram :

Cleanty InDemand : (For more pledge)

At there, you can check the casual logs of Cleanty's A to Z. And if you have any questions about Cleanty, Facebook Message or Direct Message can be the fastest way to ask it!

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    1. Cleanty 3-time creator on

      @M Arie Nugraha
      No, each pledge is really important and meaningful to us. Actually, the process with the delivery company, is listing up possible countries from huge various countries and cities. And we have no choice but to upload delivered possible countries, and separate notice for 'All countries except above countries'. We care all backers at the same mind, and even try hard for countries where we should find a new solutions to deliver Cleanty. We promise we will upload the third shipping list asap. Thanks and sorry for your confusion.

    2. Arie

      Why you didn’t mention INDONESIA ? Are you ignoring my pledge ?

    3. Cleanty 3-time creator on

      Click here for Cleanty Facebook!