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Our surroundings are dirty and dangerous. Kill Bacteria and Germs Anytime Anywhere in Seconds.
Our surroundings are dirty and dangerous. Kill Bacteria and Germs Anytime Anywhere in Seconds.
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Uncut Demonstration Video

Posted by Cleanty (Creator)

Hello backers, we are team Cleanty

It's our #2 update with uncut demonstration video. We used ATP measuring instrument from 3M. Cause 3M Clean trace has industry leading accuracy for monitoring the effectiveness of sterilizing. And you can check effectiveness of Cleanty with video.

Before playing, Here are some check points.

  • Angle : We changed it flexibly to show real rubbing motion.
  • Shaking : Shaking times are no variable factor in test. But for more accuracy of result, we did 5 secs shaking for both of before/after Cleanty.
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Did you see? It comes out the smartphone button has 1048 RLU. 3M regulated three section for ATP measurement.

Safe: <250 RLU Pass: <500 RLU Caution: 501–999 RLU Fail: >1000 RLU

So, phone button is located in FAIL section. And after Cleanty, it drops down to 18 RLU. 98.28% EFFECTIVENESS! A nature of Cleanty is UVC LED technology. And LED technology already have been proved to be effective. Especially, Cleanty uses high quality of LED which has exact wavelength for the best sterilization.

So, dear our backers, be relieve now.

We carefully took the video to eliminate all possible mistake. We hope this video could solve effectiveness problems. If any curious point still exist, please let us know. We are always besides our backers, and will try to satisfy every question.

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Thank you all!  

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    1. Cleanty 3-time creator on

      @Wendy Nolan Hockley: Thank you for your comment :^)

    2. Wendy Nolan Hockley on

      Thank you for the updates & the video in conjunction with all of your hard work & efforts.

    3. Cleanty 3-time creator on

      @Jackson Tan

      Hello Jackson, exactly, if you use in for longer period of time, of course the number of bacteria decrease.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jackson Tan on

      So does it kill more bacteria if we use cleanty to clean for longer period of time? Like drop to close to 0?