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BlinkyTile is a system of LED lights on pentagonal tiles for creating dynamic light sculptures in any shape you can imagine!
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Production Updates!

Posted by Matt Mets (Creator)

Hey all!

It's been a little while since we posted an update and we have some good stuff to share.  After a strong finish, we've made the switch to full production mode! And, better yet, we can report some great headway.


Very exciting news! While early demos were powered by BlinkyTape controller boards, we've been designing a brand-new controller specifically for the BlinkyTile. We're very excited that this new board will have:

  • A 32-bit ARM processor!
  • Megabytes of memory for storing patterns!
  • Still just one micro USB connector for power and signal!
  • Two buttons, to easily switch patterns and change output brightness!

We still have an iteration or two of the design to go through, but we're very excited: this controller is going to be a fantastic upgrade and make some cool stuff possible. 

PCB Panels

We've also gone through another few revisions of the BlinkyTile panel. As you can see, this one is properly milled, and the layout is close to final Yay! There are still a couple of small issues that need to be sorted out, but these are very close to completion.

Documentation and Packaging

We don't have any nice photos yet, but these two very important things are also in process.  It looks like we're going to be shipping these in a nice padded envelope to save costs, and we're considering including some printed instructions so you can start building your interactive light sculpture without needing to stick your nose in your laptop.  Let us know in the comments if you like that idea or if you'd rather stick to online docs!

Thank you!

And thank you all once again. We're pleased to be back to doing what we do best - making another interactive lighting idea a reality. We'll be in touch with more updates as we get closer to putting these out into the world - thanks again for all of your amazing support!

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    1. MakerBlock on

      I'm good with online-only documentation/instructions.

    2. Matt Mets 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael - sorry, no update on the diffusers this time! We're still working on that and will definitely address it in future updates.

    3. Matt Mets 2-time creator on

      We're working on it. It's looking to be a bit more complicated than anticipated, based on the thickness of the diffuser, snap design, and material selection. We should have an update on that soon.

    4. Michael on

      Thanks Matt. Maybe I missed it, but were injection molded diffusers going to be an add-on option before shipping?

    5. Matt Mets 2-time creator on

      Thanks Michael! Yes, you are correct, it can be used with any microcontroller, including Arduino. And of course we'll try our best to give support with whichever system you use, over on our forums!

    6. Giles Hardy on

      Good news keep it up can't wait to receive it �

    7. Michael on

      This is all great news. I got to assemble a kit from the Rev F boards and a demo session here in Baltimore and the lights look great.

      Given the hardware of the actual tile isn't changing at this point there's nothing to prevent a user from using ANY microcontroller with a DMX capable library right? it's just that you'll support the ARM-based board you've designed?