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BlinkyTile is a system of LED lights on pentagonal tiles for creating dynamic light sculptures in any shape you can imagine!
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Further Developments!

Posted by Matt Mets (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We're down to the final days of the Kickstarter campaign, and things are starting to pick up speed! Here's what we've been up to in the past few weeks.

Pattern Mapping Demo

Here's something we're excited to share: a demonstration of a sculpture that we've mapped out in software. This allows different kinds of effects, including the waves of darkness and light shown here:

The mapping for this one was a manual process- take a picture of the sculpture, determine the x and y coordinates of each of the tiles, then record them into a table in the animation sketch. Based on this, we're building a software program to take care of the tedious bits and get down to sweet lighting action.

How Big?

A few backers and commenters have also asked for dimensions of the tiles. Here's an illustration that should help:

We're building a Crystal Cave!

In other exciting news, we have only one crystal cave reward left! Yes - that means that we'll be creating a custom installation for one lucky backer, which is something that we've wanted to do from the very start of this project. We do still have one more installation option available, contact us if you're looking for a unique installation for your home or event!

Injection molded Diffusers

We've had a bunch of interest in the plastic diffusers (shown in the above video), and we're looking into making a production run of them. The plan is to offer them as an add-on to the current kits, for a nominal fee. If you're interested, please let us know in the comments!

Of course, if you've got a 3d printer, you're welcome to download the design and print your own today.

New BlinkyTile panel Design

BlinkyTile Panel, Take 2
BlinkyTile Panel, Take 2

Finally, we just got updated prototypes for the BlinkyTile panel back, and they're starting to look good! Sam put a lot of work into making them easier and cleaner to take apart, without compromising the strength of the panel. We'll run these ones through testing, and get another one out soon.

We also just sent out the first revision of the BlinkyTile controller. We've upgraded it's brain to a 32-bit microcontroller, and added a huge flash memory, both of which should allow for longer, more exciting, and more involved displays. Feel free to follow along with the design on the github project.

Upcoming Events: Mini Maker Faire Hong Kong, BlinkyTile prototype workshop in Baltimore

Want to check out the BlinkyTile in person? We've got two more events coming up that will be the perfect opportunity. First off, Matt, Honghong and Sam have a table at the Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire this weekend- stop by to say hi and help us build a new sculpture!

Second, our friends Marty and Amy are running a BlinkyTile prototype workshop at the Baltimore Node hackerspace (in Baltimore!) next weekend. Each participant gets a limited-edition beta version of the BlinkyTile kit, and they'll help you to put it together and light it up! Hurry though, there are only 10 seats remaining!

Thank you

Whether you're a backer or you've just been following the campaign because you like shiny things, thanks a ton. Since there are just a few days left in this campaign, if there's anyone you've been meaning to share the campaign with, now's the time! Also, if you've been meaning to send in a question, fire away either via Kickstarter or to

Thanks a ton for all your support!

-The BlinkinLabs Crew

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Hornsby on

      +1 for diffusers!

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      Stephen Chiu on

      Ooo good to know there's a mini Maker Faire in HK. I might drop by.

    3. George Madison on

      Since I don't have a 3D printer - I'm definitely interested in the diffusers!