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Update #32 - For backers only

Let Touchfire Be Your Holiday Hero


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Update #31

Final Hours & Touchfire on the Road

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Our Latest Kickstarter Project is Ending Soon

Our latest Kickstarter project will be over in about 12 hours. The special combo deals in that project will end as well. So if you've been thinking about backing this project, now is the time.

Come Meet Us in NYC

Touchfire will be exhibiting at the Engadget Expand show in NYC, November 8-10th. If you are in the area, come by our booth to see prototypes of our newest products and say hello!

Another Noteworthy Kickstarter Project

Speaking of Kickstarter projects ending shortly, I’d like to tell you about our friend Laurens project – JUICIES+. It’s a complete reinvention of the most fundamental phone/tablet accessory, the charging cable. The cable connectors are made out of anodized aluminum instead of plastic, so they’re durable, look fantastic, and match the color of your Apple device. But the best part is that the cable is covered in wire mesh, so they won’t knot or tangle up. Check it out.

Update #30

Touchfire For the New iPads and The Mega Crowdfunding Giveaway

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Touchfire for the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina

Apple just announced the iPad Air (aka iPad 5) and the Retina iPad mini. We've been anticipating these products for quite some time, and the good news is that they are what we've been expecting. 

We just added rewards to our current Kickstater project for Touchfire for the the iPad Air, plus additional rewards for various combinations of keyboards and cases:

If you are planning on getting an iPad Air or an iPad mini, or would like a case for your iPad 2,3,4 that works really well with Touchfire, we'd appreciate you considering backing our newest project!

Crowd-Funding – Better Together!

We’ve been talking with some of our fellow Kickstarter project creators about ways that we could really show our appreciation to all our previous backers and customers, as well as get our current projects to their stretch goals. And then it hit us – instead of doing things individually, let’s work together! First off, I’d like to introduce you to our friends, who all have amazing, innovative mobile accessory projects running right now:

Auris Skye allows you to stream your music wirelessly to any existing iPhone speaker dock. The Skye plugs into the dock and pretends it’s an iPhone. Now you can have streaming music everywhere in your home. Check it out here.

Une Bobine is a unique stand, sync, dock and charging cable. The cable is actually a flexible stalk that can bent into whatever shape you like. He even has a version for use in a car. It’s now available for the iPhone 5/5S. Check it out here.

ChargeCard is a USB to Lighting connector that is the size of a credit card. They just came out with one that is the size of a house key! It fits on your key-chain like any other key, so it is always with you. They also have a version with a micro USB connector. Check it out here.

Together, we decided to put on CrowdRaffle, an unprecedented crowd-funded product giveway sweepstakes. The winner gets all of our products, plus Apple’s latest devices – the iPhone 5S AND an iPad mini Retina or an iPad Air. There’s never been anything like this, but it shows what happens when crowd-funding goes to the next level. Please check it out and enter the sweepstakes. Then let everyone know about it!

Touchfire Now Available in Europe

We are very happy to announce that Touchfire is now available on Amazon UK, and will soon be found in other UK resellers. It is also available in Greece, and will be available in Italy on Amazon and other locations soon.

As always, thanks for your support!
Steve & Brad

Update #29

Apple just released iOS 7. Is Touchfire Compatable?


iOS 7 and Touchfire

As you probably know, Apple just released iOS 7, the latest iPad/iPhone operating system. iOS 7 is the biggest change to your iPad that Apple has ever made.

We just finished testing Touchfire compatibility with iOS 7. Along the way, we found some issues with text readability, and fixes for those issues. We just published an article about all this; check it out:
iOS 7 for iPad -  Reading and Typing, Oh My!

It is also written for people who don’t know about Touchfire, so we'd certainly appreciate it if you would share it with people you know via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not to mention the rest of the world through sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.

Our New Kickstarter Project Is Off to a Great Start

Our latest Kickstarter project, featuring custom iPad 2, 3, 4 cases for your Touchfire and Touchfire for the iPad mini launched last week.

It reached its funding goal in 13 hours, and is now 50% overfunded. It has evolved substantially, and we just announced stretch goals. If you haven't seen it yet, by all means check it out! The press has already started to take notice:

We'd love you to join the fun and spread the word about our latest venture.

Many thanks,
Steve and Brad

Update #28 - For backers only

Touchfire for iPad mini Kickstarter Project has Launched!

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