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Translation into English of a bestselling novel by Sergei Loiko inspired by true events of 2014 siege of Donetsk airport in Ukraine.
170 backers pledged $8,606 to help bring this project to life.

Great results near the end of the project! Приближаемся к концу проекта с хорошими результатами!

Posted by Brave New Russian World (Creator)

Our dearest backers:

Sergei went to Texas to present his book and exhibit his photographs. Meanwhile Alex is working moving along with the translation. And we have started to look for a publisher for the book in English. We now have over $8K in pledges for the project, thanks to a generous pledge from Michael Balahutrak, whose response about the book and the exhibit is presented below.

With less than 5 days to go for the campaign, please continue to encourage your friends and colleagues to participate in the project. For them, it's a good opportunity for them to be among the first to see the book in English. For us it's an opportunity to fund translations into other languages and to make the book available to the world.

Дорогие наши поддержатели проекта:

Пока Сергей представлял "Аэропорт" в Техасе на выставке фотографий в Хьюстоне, а Алекс продолжает переводить книгу, мы начали поиски издательства для книги на английском. Что касается самого проекта, у нас теперь есть $8 тыс, благодаря щедрому пожертвованию Майкла Балахутрак, отзыв которого о книге и выставке представлен ниже.

До конца кампании осталось 5 дней. Пожалуйта, продолжайте убеждать ваших друзей и коллег поучаствовать в проекте. Для них, это будет возможностью первыми получить книгу на английском. Для нас - возможностью профинансировать перевод книги на другие языки и продолжать представлять ее всему миру.

As always, with endless thanks/Как всегда, с бесконечной благодарностью
Команда BNRW team.

Dear Sergei.

The Donetsk Airport symbolized the pinnacle of reconstruction / rebirth and resurgence of Ukrainian sovereignty and independence - completed with modern architecture, conveniences and technology. It was functional for the 2012 Soccer games - built in conjunction with government funding and the self interest of corrupt oligarchs. How could that exist in Ukraine - a country until 1991 a colony of the Soviet Union / dominated by Russia? And on top of that, it was near the border. Everyone that came to Putin's grandiose, over budget 2014 Olympic facilities at Sochi experienced a Potyemkin result. Visitors from Russia to Donetsk would see the difference. A political and propaganda threat? For sure this did not sit well with Putin. Like a poke in his eye, a former republic outdoing him? Impossible to accept.

No question about it - thank you for pointing out that this invasion by Russia is totally unjustified and completely senseless. Your portrayal of the events is very powerful.

Your book is key - written in both Russian and Ukrainian - by a Russian - confirms that many Russians understand the injustice of the imperialistic 19th century insanity of Putin - the war crimes against his own Russian people and Georgians, Ukrainians , Moldovians, maybe even Latvians and Estonians. As Gary Kasparov recently said in Houston, "Putin will die in office - we just do not know when". Please accept my contribution to the Kickstarter and I urge all my friends to do as well.

Ukrainians and Russians have lived side by side, many have intermarried. Ukraine wants a progressive Russia that grows from within, prospers, providing an increasingly better standard of living to its own citizens. Only then will both Ukraine and Russia thrive as good neighbors.

Michael Balahutrak

Sergei signing book copies at the photo exibit in Houston
Sergei signing book copies at the photo exibit in Houston
Presenting the book in Houston
Presenting the book in Houston
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