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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini
pledged of $2,965 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator about 3 hours ago

      Our goal is backer satisfactions so we are studying some additions to our campaign.
      More news in the next days, so ..
      stay tuned ! :)

    2. Eneko about 8 hours ago

      ...I correct myself Turn counter is in. So my comment for RR, prone/stunned counters.

    3. Eneko about 10 hours ago

      I second the proposal of Jon to have stunned/prone counters addons. I would gladly pay for it and be a shame to lack it in such a beautiful team. Furthermore I vouched even to have special team counters for RR and turn (sorry I do not dig the casino lookings chips for RR). Addons to boost pledges of course. Thanks!

    4. Rich Courtney about 21 hours ago

      Chaos Dwarfs without the hats...just sounds wrong

    5. Rich Courtney about 21 hours ago

      I understand projections and trends just fine. I have also been parts of campaigns when lots of people bail at the last minute because they finally realize what they have gotten themselves into, especially without a Backerkit type fail safe.I have upped my pledge to cover everything, and including, the Centaur Star Player. However I do not want to be forced with buying extra dice and re-roll tokens if I am called away from my computer at the end of the campaign.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jon Fernández Ripa 1 day ago

      Hi Fabio. Taking into account Minotaur and Centaurs are quite big, would it be possible to add some proned and stunned markers to campaign? In my opinion they would certainly be very useful!!! By the way, this team is awesome!!! It takes the oldhammer spirit and improves it with full of details. Congratulations gents!

    7. Missing avatar

      Egoitz Atzogaurtabeti 1 day ago

      Pledged 30€ more for extra figures.
      Big hats all the way, bring 'em on!

    8. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 1 day ago

      @Ian Barnes
      We are sorry, this is our fault: the necromantic team for this pledge has 16 miniatures.
      Add €74 to your pledge, at the end of campaign you'll receive a survey where you'll indicate which additional team you want.

    9. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 1 day ago

      @Duncan Robertson
      Don't worry big hats will be always our first choice :)
      ... unfortunately not all have the same opinion about this

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Barnes
      2 days ago

      I am a early bidder so I got the mutated warrior. I want to add a necromanti team, but if I change to a reinforcement pledge I will lose the early bidder. How much do I add for the necromenti team? Also looking at the description for the necromenti team it says 16 members but the break down of team members shows it only shows 13 models. Thanks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Duncan Robertson 2 days ago

      What is a Chaos Dwarf team without the big hats??!


    12. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 2 days ago

      @Rich Courtney
      We are confident to unlock the Bull Centaur for the following reasons:
      - actually our trend is 20K and we hope that the helmet addition will add more backers;
      - we hope to have a burst of new backers in the last days (as usual we see in all the successful KS campaign)
      - we hope that our backers will increase their pledge while we approaching to the Bull Centaur's stretch goal.

      I can recommend to add the right amount anyway to help us to reach the 22K target and add a reminder before the end of campaign to decide to adjust your pledge or not ... and we hope that many will follow you ;)

    13. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 2 days ago

      Before the start of this campaign we had some criticism about the "big hats" in some forums. We love the big hats but our priority is customer satisfaction !
      For this reason we asked to our artist to sculpt a new version of the team with the helmet instead of the big hats. We are sure you'll love them too. At the end of the campaign you will be able to choose which version do you prefer: big hats or helmets.
      We'll post un Update in the next days with more details!

    14. Rich Courtney 3 days ago

      Fabio, I can add the stretch goals price to my pledge, but what happens if we don't make it? Hate to be negative...I really hope we DO make it, but will you refund the extra if we don't? Usually something always takes my attention away at the close of a campaign (especially if it is already funded).

    15. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 3 days ago

      @Egoitz Atzogaurtabeti.
      About the extras it's better to increase the amount now to increase the chance to unlock more stretch goals during the campaign.
      Thank you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Egoitz Atzogaurtabeti 3 days ago

      The new pointing hand looks pure dead brilliant Raffaelle, great job mate! Thanks for considering the suggestion, very much appreciated.

      What would be preferred in regards to acquiring the extra figures: adding those to the initial pledge as they are unlocked or wait until the campaign is over to add them all at the same time?

    17. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 4 days ago

      @Patricio: You are right, we'll fix it

    18. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 4 days ago

      We hope we satisfied your expectation with the new coach.
      Remember that any modification will be avaiable during the survey at the end of the campaign alternatively to the original

    19. Patricio Molina Vierge 4 days ago

      I've been looking at the campaign rewards and I've noticed that the two dice sets have the save name. You might assign a number to each pair of dices, in order to choose the set we prefer when the campaign ends without describing them.

    20. Brandon Alderman 4 days ago

      A+ on the new coach hand. Nailed it!

    21. Rick
      4 days ago

      The pointing finger on the Coach looks fabulous. Well done!

    22. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 4 days ago

      @Marc : each extra minotaur costs 16 euros, if you want two minotaurs you must add 32 euros.
      Then you have to increase your pledge to: 148 + 32 = 180
      Thanks so much

    23. Missing avatar

      Steve 5 days ago

      Another hand alternative would be if the coach was giving the horns, as in "You totally rock for ripping the head of that human dude"

    24. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 5 days ago

      @Egoitz Atzogaurtabeti, @NodeR
      There are many guys asking us to have a second cheerleader, but Raffaele is working to create another mini :) ... so we can not make promises about new miniatures.

      @Marc I sent you a PM

    25. Missing avatar

      Marc 5 days ago

      Hi Fabio, First of all I want to congratulate you for this great team.

      It’s my first campaign and I have a doubt. I'm funding level 6, but I have a friend who want two Minotaurs. For the pledge I put just 148€ for the level.

      For the Minotaurs, what do I do? Add now in the funding price or I wait for the campaign will ends to increase my contribution?

      Sorry for my english

    26. Missing avatar

      NodeR 5 days ago

      Very great job on the cheerleader and the Apo.
      I'll enjoy a second cheerleader and a Wizard, if Rafaelle have time left :)
      If you make this add-ons available now, i'll take them all and i think i'll not be the only one...

    27. Missing avatar

      Egoitz Atzogaurtabeti 5 days ago

      Sorry I arrived late to the fingergate discussion. IMO it would be great to have his hand pointing at the field as if he would be giving instructions ( but that would mean changing the position of the arm so I guess that's not an option.

      About the second cheerleader, always up for more of these models as they really look awesome. I would definitely get any extra figure: 2nd cheerleader, musician, wizard...
      Thanks again for taking into consideration the backers' opinions, this truly makes a difference.
      Kudos to you guys!

    28. Bregalad 6 days ago

      ... doesn't want to ridicule ...

    29. Bregalad 6 days ago

      I have yet to see a Chaos Dwarf cheerleader that does want to ridicule the whole team. So I guess I stay with my standard musicians as cheerleaders.

    30. Missing avatar

      Matt Keckler 6 days ago

      A chaos dwarf female cheerleader would be sweet.

    31. Brandon Alderman 6 days ago

      Yeah the V two fingers means peace to me. That's no good in blood bowl! Lol

    32. Missing avatar

      sokolowski 6 days ago

      I fully agree with Rick. Please add another cheerleader!
      So far sculpts are fantastic!

    33. Rick
      6 days ago

      I personally like the middle finger hand, but, if you 'can' do an alt with a fist, that works too.
      The sculpt on the cheerleader is great. Is it possible if we do a second cheerleader we actually make an 'attractive' Chaos dwarf female? I feel like every chaos dwarf cheerleader is always a comical female hobgoblin (or just male hobgoblins in the Bloodbowl video game), it's time for something different. I realize it's a challenge to design/sculpt, but I think it would be really cool, and the talent is there to pull it off. Why should elves get all the attractive cheerleaders?

    34. Bregalad 6 days ago

      I hope you are aware that this hand with 2 fingers up is the British version of flipping the bird, not a V sign. Also the real V sign doesn't make any sense given the rest of the miniature.

    35. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 6 days ago

      To avoid misunderstandings the high middle finger will stay in the default KS campaign. We want to give an alternative to people dont want it. At the end of the campaign will ask if you want the default coach (with middle finger) or the coach with the new hand (from the poll).
      We'll try to make an interchangeable hand to give you both option with no addittional cost (we'll try).

    36. Neil Lynds 6 days ago

      Or put the middle in as an option instead of removing it completely, or maybe just give us the options to buy the one we choose, maybe one in metal with a fist and the finger in resin?

    37. Neil Lynds 6 days ago

      Guys, the middle finger was the only reason to buy the coach, put the price up by a Euro and give use three hands to choose from instead.

    38. Rich Courtney 6 days ago

      And I am definitely in for a cheerleader or 2...

    39. Rich Courtney 6 days ago

      I am not against the middle finger by any means, however it does seem a bit off. I will have it no matter change or not. And black for the markers sounds great!

    40. Brandon Alderman 6 days ago

      @Gaspez-Arts Like I said I'm not against it but I was hoping for more of a coach arguing. Fist, Pointing, whatever. But if people love it then I don't want to be the only one.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jon Fernández Ripa 6 days ago

      Black for markers sounds much better!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gregory 6 days ago

      Black sounds great.

    43. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 6 days ago

      @Matthew: I can change color, black is better?

    44. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator 6 days ago

      @Brandon Alderman: I can do a fist, or a sign of victory, two fingers to v

    45. Bregalad 6 days ago

      @Brandon: Get a knife, cutter or saw -> problem solved.

    46. Brandon Alderman 6 days ago

      Man I really hate that middle finger on the coach. It seems so out of flavor. I have nothing morally against it I just wish it was a fist or something instead.

    47. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gregory 7 days ago

      I love the new dice. Any chance of a different re-roll marker?

    48. Rick
      7 days ago

      Looking forward to the Bull Centaur Star player, I'm sure he will look great!

      I see other blood bowl teams on offer from Gaspez as well, but are we able to order other figures, like fantasy figures? You have a Bull centaur with a spear on your website, that I would love to order, if possible.

    49. Rich Courtney on September 18

      I think so as well, but I like being prepared! Thanks for the reply

    50. GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini Creator on September 18

      @Rich Courtney, our campaign is doing well, more than expected, so we hope to reach that stretch goal. So the Bull Centaur will be surely avaiable in the store after the campaign anyway: he is a Star Player ;)

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