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I am a musician, an artist and sometimes a waitress. Discovering solitude across America in a 1993 Chevy van.

I have produced 3 albums and 5 zines in the past few years. My purpose in life (at this point in my mid-twenties) seems to be to tour the country playing shows and distributing these things... but I have run out of all of them.

With nothing to sell, and no art to share, I cannot hope to (literally) fuel a cross country tour.

My goal is to raise $2500 to re-print all of these albums and comics.

I am currently building my home/tour machine into a 1993 Chevy, his name is Grumbledor. Follow the story on blogspot!

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    A Care Package sent while I'm on the road. Composed of poetry, pictures, postcards and general documentation of my tour.

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    The newest album, "Tennessee". 16 tracks of lo-fi wonderment, recorded in a 100 year old house with wooden reverb walls... its my bedroom.

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    The newest album and the complete collection of (5) Zines, 30 pages.

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    The complete music collection: 3 albums on 4 discs including "Plane Jane & Pistol Pete Presents" which has been out of print since 2004. A collectors item for sure. Songs from when I was 21, heavy on the love stuff that makes albums great.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    The complete collection of art: 3 albums on 4 discs, 5 zines (30 pages), in a handmade totebag featuring the route of the circumnavigational tour screenprinted on the front.

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    8 backers Limited (42 left of 50)

    The complete collection of art in the handmade bag, plus 3 personalized care packages, created and composed from the road and sent from cities of your choice. They will be a document of the tour, with pictures, postcards, poetry and probably some acquired items from the road.

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    Dinner and a Show, in the comfort of your own home. Just tell me your favorite dish! I'll re-route my tour to come and make it for you, play for you and clean your kitchen.

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