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840 miles of coastline.
20+ years of exploration.
6 different vans.
100+ paintings.
1 book.
840 miles of coastline. 20+ years of exploration. 6 different vans. 100+ paintings. 1 book.
395 backers pledged $40,459 to help bring this project to life.

Hang on. Going off the grid for a few days.

Posted by Matt Beard (Creator)

Once again, huge thanks are in order to all the new backers who've joined the project since I've been touring all over the San Diego coast. My goal was to promote the book on this tour, and I sorta did, but mostly I painted nearly every day for the last 10 days straight, sometimes multiple pieces in a day if the weather and schedule permitted. I'll be sharing the new work in an update soon. '

But for now we find ourselves with just 10 days to go to get the word about this book out to everyone we know, and being the inverted genius that I am, I decided the best thing to do right now would be skip out of this modern age altogether and lose myself for a few days in the Old California just a bit west of Santa Barbara with no phone, no wifi, and no way to communicate with the greater world out there about this project. I will have plenty of paint and canvas though. I think it will work out just fine.

I'll be back soon, don't forget to water the plants and feed the fish while I'm gone.
(I meant that figuratively, I can hear my wife laughing tea out her nose right now at the implication that I ever water the plants and feed the fish even when I am home. I love you, honey.)


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      Sue Ellen Colter

      My fiancé is in the opposite situation as your wife. I was in an auto accident 1000 miles from home, and he has taken over the tasks of watering my plants and refilling my bird feeder. I expect to arrive home in early August.

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      John C. Nippolt on

      Yeah Matt, you go brother. I heard you were on it in S. Cal, beering the boys down. Can't wait for my book