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840 miles of coastline.
20+ years of exploration.
6 different vans.
100+ paintings.
1 book.
840 miles of coastline. 20+ years of exploration. 6 different vans. 100+ paintings. 1 book.
395 backers pledged $40,459 to help bring this project to life.

Holy Moly and Yowza... Twice!

Posted by Matt Beard (Creator)

Ok, you guys have really gone for it. When I set up the pledge rewards for this project, I really wasn't anticipating such a great response. I attribute this to my daughter's piano work in that video, and trust me, she'll get a raise in her allowance after all this.

Part of exceeding expectations has meant I've had to scramble today to ensure that the limited items I was offering aren't promised to more folks than I can fulfill. I had the collector's edition available in a variety of reward levels and calendars included with every book. In my mind I had 100 of the 150 collector's editions and 400 calendars to work with, and I figured that would be plenty to not need to worry about running out of either. I was wrong. I did the math today and had to pull the plug on some rewards and reintroduce them without the limited items. 

With all the combination of options, I'm still not sure I got it right, but this scramble would've never been necessary without your tremendous support and efforts to spread the word, so once again I thank you. It's one of the better problems I've ever had, and I'm stoked that you guys jumped in early enough to get those items while they were hot.

But the book itself is the main story and we have no need to limit them, so it's full speed ahead. I don't want anyone to miss the chance to get this book, it's too important to me to not share with the world and to ask for your continued help in doing so in any way that we can.

In fact, in another example of how severely I underestimated the response I'd get to this project, I have a solid 30 painting deep stockpile of new work to share on the ol' social medias that I was holding aside for the last 6 months in anticipation of running this campaign.  I thought for sure that sharing them would be a critical component of getting the word out about this project in order to meet our goal. Well, here we are, and I only shared the first of them this morning, AFTER you all pushed this campaign past the 300% mark. Here is the piece I shared this morning if you missed it. Consider it a sneak peak to what's in store in the book.

"Over the Moon"
"Over the Moon"

If you want to catch these new works as I post them over the next couple of weeks, you can follow me on instagram @beardart, or connect with me on facebook here.

And if you're still waiting to hear from me on a specific question, I will make every effort to respond to everyone, thanks for your patience!


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      john ashley on

      Super excited - went for the Limited Edition pledge a couple of days ago and you were at $13,000 and now it seems you've almost doubled that - great news for your project! Looking forward to the book - thank you for doing this.