B.C. was going to take place during a prehistoric time period on a single continent which contained five levels. The player controls a tribe who has to evolve and migrate to become the best species in the game. Tribe members can be of different classes and each can level up different ways to evolve. The main enemies in the game are an ape-like creature called the "simians"; however, the world is also inhabited with many types of dinosaurs as well as other creatures, including the dodo. The game was being developed by Intrepid Computer Entertainment, a satellite of Lionhead Studios, and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox.  The game was cancelled in 2004, fans believing that it was too ambitious to be made (Technology Restraints) even while the game was still in production, Molyneux said that he was unsure when he could release it due to "the ambitious nature of the gameplay and the high standards the people developing it are pushing for". According to one article, as of May, 2002, "(the demo build) was roughly 50 percent complete". Its cancellation was announced in late 2004 with Molyneux saying "The decision to suspend work on any games project is always a very difficult one, particularly when it is a title with the potential of BC." the game would have had a foodchain,in which each part would have been subject to being eaten by something higher on the foodchain. In addition, the dinosaurs and other creatures would have been intelligent, interacting with each other, thus acting independently of the player. It would have been possible to affect the videogame world as a whole, leading some people to comment on the driving of certain species to extinction. Other activities would have included capturing and training certain animals to use against tribal enemies. Animals known to exist in the world would have been Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Pachycephalosaurus, Smilodon, Apatosaurus (or Brontosaurus as the game would have focused on anachronisms) dodos, ape-men, and others.The main goal in B.C. is to raise the tribe to become a threat and over-power the other species. In order to accomplish this, the user must populate six levels with different people from the tribe. Two types of tribe members are hunters and a chemist. Once a level is populated enough, the user takes five of their best tribe members to the next level to try to populate that area. After populating three levels, the user comes in contact with apes that are on the same evolutionary stage as the tribe members. These apes, called "Simians", do not like the tribe and attempt to kill them.

The point of this Project is to raise enough money;  in order to raise enough eyebrows, particularly eyebrows at Lionhead Studios/Microsoft. So that they can see there is a demand for this awesome ambitious game to be finished. With the technology we now have I believe this game can and will be made if it has enough supporters. I will also if need be; be using the money in order to talk to the "right people" about it and get this thing started again!

Risks and challenges

Even getting Lionhead Studios' attention is a challenge, but a challenge that I won't have to overcome alone. With Your help we can get this awesome game made and see this game resurrect from the dead. Each and every obstacle that gets in the way I will tell it to you all in an attempt to curb failure. So tell your friends about Project "Bring Back BC!"

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