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We are attempting to create a film festival in Derby CT that would draw international film and video artists.

We are attempting to bring an International Video Art and Film Festival to Derby, CT. We have teamed with the following International orginizations to help make this a reality. Our diverse resources make it possible for us to get a diverse International group of exhibitors.



Videoplay is an Argentina-based international platform for the dissemination of videoart over the world. This is an initiative started in 2004 by the visual artist and curator Silvio De Gracia, who is an artist-run with an extensive experience of organization and curating international festivals and events in videoart. Currently, Videoplay is focusing especially on the gender of the videoperformance and other works which, though not clearly framed within the category of art-action, reflect a deep anchorage in the performatic sphere. The main purpose is to spread the videoperformance made by artists from around the world, especially Latin American artists.



The Napoli Film Festival, organized by Napolicinema in collaboration with the Superintendence for the PSAE and the Museums of Naples, is now in its fourteenth edition and returns with many intense days of cinema for movie fans, with evenings devoted to an auditorium with Incontri Ravvicinati with the great protagonists of the film.



Lab-Yit, is an Italian Art Point based in Beijing that comes from the clear need to establish a foothold and reference for Italy in China. Lab-Yit turns to Italian audience that wants to be active in China, as well as to the local one who wants to know about Italian contemporary art. Lab-yit supports, promotes and gives visibility to the Italian contemporary art scene in China, through the organization of art events, meeting, conferences, residencies and several services. Lab-yit also collaborates together with international art communities and organizations. Forther more, Lab-Yit also specifically provides a consolidated knowledge and different services, including: a library, a video li (...)

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Cultural association C.A.R.M.A. - Centro d'Arti e Ricerche Multimediali Applicate, born in Rome along 2009 by the encounter of critics, curators, artists, cultural brokers, graphic and web designers, and works in Italy ond overseas organizing shows, events, art seasons, festival, concerts workshop and talks within multimedia arts. The association offer itself like structure for research, production and promotion of contemporary arts, with a special attention for digital and electronics arts (videoart, videoinstallations, computer art, sound art, intermedial theater, avantgarde cinema and experimental electronic music). Goal of C.A.R.M.A. is to offer with constance an exhaustive panorama on (...)

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[United States]

Chartier An Arts Venue is a progressive and experimental media gallery and exhibition space displaying Contemporary video art, experimental music and performances and traditional mixed media works from a wide array of regional and international artists. Video Art by Russell Chartier & Paul Botelho, Lani Asuncion, Dither Doom, Pipilotti Rist, prOphecy sun, Sylvia Toy and many, many more. Photography by Joe Basil, Matthew Heste and Katherine Williamson. Paintings by Outsider Artist Kreg Van Hoesen, canvases by graffiti artist Keith Jive and large format canvases of video stills by Russell Chartier. We are currently running 6 looping hours of video artists with multiple projections, LCD and (...)

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Athens Video Art Festival (AVAF) is an annual digital arts and new media festival taking place in Greece, mainly Athens. Being part of an international art network, it reflects a wide range of ideas and developments in the art world. It aims at bringing together experimental projects of contemporary artists and at promoting free expression, exchange of ideas, and creative interaction while exhibiting new media and new technologies application in arts. Through a variety of creative forms, it presents alternative ways of “viewing” urban landscape and of perceiving art, and new codes of interaction between art and contemporary societies. Athens Video Art Festival supports contemporary ar (...)

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[Russian Federation]

International Video Art Festival Now&After is an annual event taking place in Moscow. Now & After started in 2011 as an initiative of artist and curator Marina Fomenko. It focuses on presentation, development and promotion both Russian and international video art, getting together emerging and established artists from around the world to present their works to general audience. Now&After shows its programs in the whole space of integrated video installation at venue of Moscow Museum of Modern Art. During the festival along with the total show, all videos of its program are displayed as one-day video installations Video Now.


[United States]

For 40 years, Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District has focused on teaching, learning and community building. In recognition of these efforts, the White House and the Dept. of Commerce named Richland a 2005 recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the only community college to have received this award. Richland helps students build their future through courses that can be applied to the first two years of a baccalaureate degree, one- or two-year certificates in a number of career fields, and training in the latest technology for students who want to advance in their current careers. The student body of approximately 20,000 college credit students a (...)

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PROYECTOR is a international videoart festival, with 6 years of experience, that we realize in Portugal and Spain with the collaboration of curators and festivals of all over the world. We show video-instalations (monocanal, multicanal, interactive), interventions, projections in public space, performances, conferences, workshops, residences... We try to create a dialogue between emerging artists, and viewers, puting year by year, more pieces in the streets, not in closed spaces, and working with all kind f spaces, from ateliers, independent sapces, and also with institutionals. And of course all the activities that we made are free. Enjoy videoart. Curated by Mario Gutiérrez Cru

the Unstitute at our gallery. Due to the duration of some of the works we will be attempting to

create the First Annual Derby International Film Festival where we can display these works among others.

Physis- Fragments 1-9 'de Oratore' (47 min, 2012) (please note that the parts of this video can be also shown individually such as

'Soft Time' (15 min) and 'Waste' (3 min)

'Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publication.

The material was sent to a specialist named CADE; a catatonic who never speaks his own mind. Cade was instructed to translate the letters into VideoForm

for the purpose of public dissemination.'

The Double (58 min, 2010)

On April 9th 2009, maverick video-maker and self-professed ‘outsider’ Arkhip Ippolitov failed in his bid to commit suicide. The investigation that followed

revealed a man on the fringes of sanity who had all but erased his identity in favour of living out his life as a fictional character; a character doomed from the

outset. Most curious however is that the process of his breakdown was documented and released in the form of the award-winning motion picture ‘Goliadkin’.

This documentary, produced in association with The Institute of Film and Video Studies, Copenhagen, attempts to discern fact from myth and make sensible

the question: ‘Who is Arkhip Ippolitov?’

“It is ironic that he [Ippolitov] chose to appropriate the character of Dostoevsky’s Goliadkin as his own, for this is a character driven to desperation by the strange

and sudden appearance of his Doppelganger. It is doubly curious when we consider the circumstances of his suicide, his towering resentment toward the

success of his movie and the tragic codicil he sought to execute against himself. But what is by far most uncanny is that this movie is a record of his

self-destruction and that we, the audience, are capable of taking pleasure in the spectacle.”

Tomas Blauveldt

Video-Critic and Lecturer, Department of Unscientific Research

The Institute of Film and Video Studies, Copenhagen

Shorter videos:

Radical insecurity series

The Flies series

Delivery (12min, 2008)

J-P Sartre once stated that the only free man is the man in chains. Stemming from an attempt to develop this idea, the film ‘Delivery’ wrests its suspense

structure from two cases of men seeking meaningful performances within confined parameters; the now infamous chess game between Garry Kasparov

and IBM computer ‘Deep Blue’, and the case of Anthony Blunt; art historian and KGB double-agent. Central to this attempt is the production of a synthetic

universe in which contrived scenarios, filmic devices, edits and sound loops constantly refer back to the process of ‘reality production’ and the parameters

by which individuals engage in producing images. ‘Delivery’ consists in a deconstructed journey of the image of free choice and the absurd quest for a

meaningful existential performance both in front of the camera and behind it.

Royal Male or Coppola's Spyglass (12min, 2009)

Royal Male or Coppola’s Spyglass’ is an experimental narrative about a woman in search of her image, her body and her expression. As she encounters the

male in the language that pins down her gender, her image begins to decay into archaic stereotypes of the feminine that are rooted in fear and horror, and the

language she is subjected to becomes one of violence. In an attempt to experiment with the possibility of a feminine language the video emphasises the

value of the interruption; in sex, in language and in image, and introduces ETA Hoffmann’s character of the Sandman as the deliverer of dreams to the

sleeping, and of nightmares to the awakened.

 “How does one express the struggle for identity in language that does not fully capture the complexity of identity? Royal Male experiments with the medium

of film in order to reject the gendered confines of language and to create a new voice that explores the possibility of agency through the techniques of visual

and acoustic interruption.” -   


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We have a large resource of contributors with a variety of skill sets who I am confident can attend to any unforseen issues that may arise. We also have extensive community support which should prove to be invaluable to tackling any issues. We will be working in conjunction with the valley council for the arts and Gallery@37.


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