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The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
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    1. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      @Antonio, the micron filter has holes 200microns in diameter =)

    2. Missing avatar

      Antonio Fanna on

      Hi, just a question out of curiosity: how many micron is the filter? Cheers

    3. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      @Katrin happy to help with this, I've sent you an email (to your Kickstarter registered email) to resolve this issue. It's from

    4. Missing avatar

      Katrin Widodo on

      hello, i have never receive my pledge and any reply of my message, help ?

    5. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      @Patrick, glad you hear you've been enjoying experimenting with your Arctic Cold brew! Would love to hear how the recipes turn out for you =)

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick van den Eijk

      Made multiple batches of coffee.
      We do like the different taste.
      Going to experiment with cubes of frozen coffee, and the recipies from the e-book.

    7. Missing avatar

      RL203 on

      I never was able to d/l the PDF. Tried twice and got locked out...

    8. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      @Stewart the recipe book can be printed on any standard home printer, but for the best results we suggest going to a local print shop to have it printed. The colors and detail will come out much more beautifully =)

    9. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      @Matthew @Fro we've sent an email to you, check your inbox and reply to us there so we can see what we can do

    10. Matthew Parrett on

      Same thing happened with me yesterday Fro. First use this ‘mini UK summer’ and my son knocks it and few glasses over. The other glasses are ok but the Arctic shattered. Am gutted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Jobson on

      Just ordered the ebook.....entered the code for it to be free and i was charged anyways...POS

    12. Fro

      My wife just proved how thin this glass pitcher is. Accidentally knocked a glass jar while removing it from the fridge and *crack* coffee everywhere! Very disappointing...

    13. Missing avatar

      Stewart Cole

      how do you print the ebook?

    14. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      Hi everyone, today we have some very exciting news for you - the Arctic Cold Brew Recipe E-book is available for download! Please refer to the backer update for the download instructions and the coupon code that you must enter in order to download the e-book for free!

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gangl on

      I tried to download the free ebook and takes me to the web site and wants $14.95. How do I get the FREE ebook???

    16. Missing avatar

      Jodey Peters on

      Went through the process of getting the ebook. Backed up a page and now won’t let me download it.

    17. Missing avatar

      JC Asis

      I don't like to join any freaking contest. I just want my ebook.

    18. Garrett McGurty

      Anyone get the ebook? I keep getting email that the ebook is here, but they aren’t actually in the emails... just contest info.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      How do you get a new glass jug mine is now broken

    20. Sherri

      Glad I ordered the pour over when we got the offer last month! I am very happy with that.

    21. maxx

      That should have been ebook.

    22. maxx

      I used mine for about a month after I got it and then stopped. Main reasons are the fear of breaking it every time I touch it with how thin the glass is and as just mentioned, with the filter out the unit isn’t air right at all. There’s no point even putting the lid of. Thankfully mine hasn’t broken but I’d rather not take the risk in using this anymore and have glass everywhere.

      Plus the amount of grinds that get through the filter, I can’t drink it straight without added filtering. It’s a shame as This was my first cold brew system and I had hopes for a great product. I guess the positive is that I actually got something for my money(although not completely usable). Unlikely we will ever see the Ebola tho

    23. Missing avatar


      These are the thinnest most fragile pieces of crap I've every owned. These are sooooo poorly engineered. I don't believe for one second that there is anything special about this glass.... we were ripped off. And the filter... jesus effing christ.... could you have made it any worse? There's more grounds in the coffee than in the filter. And I still can't believe how shitty the tops on these units are. You knowingly shipped a product where the top doesn't stay or seal when the filter isn't in.

      I bought 3 sets plus 2 spare carafes. 2 have broken, one chipped and I'm about to just throw everything out. There are units for 1/2 this price with great reviews on Amazon. And on top of it all, you're ignoring communication. I'm very careful with my things, but simply putting the carafe down on the counter, very lightly, is enough to break it. And the one thing that could have been good, the ebook of recipes is no where to be found. Just another awful KS campaign. Between these cheap ass products and all the campaigns that simply ran off with our money, I have stopped backing any projects on KS. It's a shame... if KS had any morals they would take responsibility, but instead they simply say they have nothing to do with anything.

    24. Elise on

      Carafe broke just sitting on my counter. Argh. How do I get a new one? Discount? I did nothing to make it break.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tan Zhi Peng


      I still haven't received my pledge yet.
      Can you help look into it please?

    26. Mykah Niimoto on

      I did not recive my pledge yet. Could you guys look into it for me please

    27. Missing avatar

      Saeed Al Rais


      I never received my arctic.

    28. Missing avatar

      RL203 on

      eBook? Clearly this doesn't have your attention...

    29. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      Fairly disappointed with the filter, it's definitely not as good as I was expecting. Like many others I've introduced another step in the process of brewing which although isn't the end of the world, it's a little annoying. I'm pouring brewed coffee through a paper filter before storing it. On the upside, the clarity this produces is great - but that's to be expected when filtering through paper filters. I have a moccamaster for that. There are much better cold brew systems available for similar price, so I'd go to a competitor, or, the price on this system should be lowered. 6/10.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Meister on

      @Troy Willis +1 I guess "soon" is relative. Going on almost 40 days since the last update which said it would be soon.... I guess if we're measuring compared to the average human life span we're still in the "soon" range.

    31. Missing avatar

      Troy Willis

      What’s the status of the ebook? Do you think it will be done soon?

    32. Missing avatar

      Kars on

      Hi there, my brewer just broke. I opened the refrigerator I've been using it in since I got it, and when I just opened it, coffee came pouring out and the bottom of the carafe fell off. Can I get a replacement or where can I get a new one?

    33. Eugene Bubba Chua on

      The double walled vacuum cup is very flimsy, mine cracked the first time I used it. Can I get a replacement?

    34. Missing avatar

      Saeed Al Rais

      Hello ,

      I still haven't receive my brewer. Can you please check?

    35. William Chee

      I did not received my Arctic yet. Can help me to check on shipping status? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jason Meister on

      @pocketRocket Agreed, they did say that the 200 micron filter was supposed to take care of this. However, I have yet to get a grinder consistent enough that doesn't have the super fines in the grind. Even with my sifter, those super fines that are smaller than 200 microns get stuck to the rest of the grind.
      Ah..the stuff we go through to get that perfect cup of Joe....

    37. Steven Jermey on


      I received my Arctic coffee System. Ordered extra carafe's. Started using one and a second carafe to have one always on the go. Put the others away for my brother in-law. just opened them and found they're just the carafe no filter in either of them, as I originally ordered a pair of complete Arctic Coffee System's.

      I received 3 x carafe's and one complete system

      Can you check my order? And also send out another filter as its no good to give just the carafe with out the filter.



    38. Pocket Rocket on

      @ Jason - thanks for the message. While I do think the paper filter is the most practical option I believe the product was touted to eliminate such cases :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Elena Abad on

      I've been using my Arctic constantly since I got it and love it. I agree about the sediment, but it usually stays on the bottom of the carafe and does not pour out until the very end. When I have time a need a second batch to start brewing, I use a coffeesock reusable cloth filter to pass the brew into a mason jar. That takes away all the sediment. All in all, I'm super happy with this kickstarter

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason Meister on

      @PocketRocket @KennethNyu I also have the same issue, but it's inherent in any mesh filter. I use two things to help reduce the amount of sediment. I own a grind sifter from Kruve Inc and this helps get rid of the fines and can also help obtain optimal grind size/uniformity. I also will put my grinds into the mesh filter before putting the filter into the carafe and tilt the filter off to an angle and roll it. This tumbles the grinds and the fines tend to fall out into my sink instead of in the carafe and eventually into the cold brew.
      Lastly, which is looks like others are already doing, is to filter the coffee through a regular filter after it's brewed and store it in a different container. I personally pour the cold brew through a standard paper filter in my Aeropress and get crystal clear cold brew.
      Hope this helps.

    41. Missing avatar

      Townsend Kaneversky on

      Just got an email from them and they told me they plan on releasing the recipe book in October so hopefully not to much longer!!!!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Gee Jon FOO

      Any news about the receipe book

    43. Princess Elizabeth Sargent on

      We're loving our cold brew as we were paying $15 per 500ml buying it previously.
      I do filter the coffee once it's made through a traditional paper coffee filter.
      We purchased another carafe - thinking it was a complete system, but just the glass jug came.
      I'd like another steel filter so I can have two on the go as we have a lot of guests that love the coffee and one just isn't enough. Annoyingly - I could have purchased 2 at the start for $89, which is only fractionally cheaper than what I paid for the extra jug :(
      It would be good if there was a web-site where we could purchase extra parts, as although the jugs are ok, they seem very light and one little tap on the sink when washing is going to do it in.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Nyu on

      I agree with @Pocket Rocket.
      The product is nice but unfortunately it leaves a lot of sediment even when I have the beans ground at a coarse setting.
      There are quite a few micro sediments. Any tips around them?

    45. Pocket Rocket on

      The product is nice but unfortunately it leaves a lot of sediment even when I have the beans ground at a coarse setting.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jason Aschberger on

      I have made several batches of cold brew coffee using single batch preground coffee in fact. A local grocery chain (H-E-B) has an excellent flavor of coffee, "Texas Pecan".

      What I do seems a little counter productive but I use a coffee filter in a handheld colander and pour my Arctic product through said filter into a large mason jar. It removes any sediment that made it through and also frees up the Arctic for more batches.

    47. Missing avatar

      Afonso Rodrigo de F Martins F on

      Ok, credit where credit is due. I contacted the creator on the email provided below, received an answer in under 24h. Turns out my order was split in two packages, the main one was at the post office also. Brewing the first coffee right now, the quality of the product seens great, if it's just a rebaged product or not, their presentation here got me into it. One last note about the mugs, the campaign did not highlight how fragile they are (but the packaging surelly does), and the care expected like not using metal spoons, they insulate superbly and are extremely light. My only complaint is about the fact that in the bottom layer there's like a reverse teardrop of glass inside the mug, that must be the exit point from the injection (or whatever) process and since it's glass you can see it, it´s not pretty, it´s not a deal breaker, but it should have been show on the pictures of the campaign.

    48. Missing avatar

      Afonso Rodrigo de F Martins F on

      After all the delay, the wait, finally I got a tracking number... today I received two mugs... and nothing else... I even rushed to the post office to get it... FML... now my Kickstarter sucess rate is about 30%... damn...

    49. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on

      Hi everyone, we've released our latest update! Please feel free to view it here: As we've mentioned in our previous updates, we've set up a dedicated email address to support you. If you have specific questions, issues with delivery, or other feedback, instead of commenting or messaging us through Kickstarter, please contact us directly through this email: This will ensure we can keep track of your inquiry and provide the best support to you.

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