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The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
The future of coffee is cold brew. The Arctic lets you make your own easily to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee any time.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kars 1 day ago

      Hi there, my brewer just broke. I opened the refrigerator I've been using it in since I got it, and when I just opened it, coffee came pouring out and the bottom of the carafe fell off. Can I get a replacement or where can I get a new one?

    2. Eugene Bubba Chua on November 12

      The double walled vacuum cup is very flimsy, mine cracked the first time I used it. Can I get a replacement?

    3. Missing avatar

      Saeed Al Rais
      on November 9

      Hello ,

      I still haven't receive my brewer. Can you please check?

    4. William Chee
      on November 5

      I did not received my Arctic yet. Can help me to check on shipping status? Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Meister on November 1

      @pocketRocket Agreed, they did say that the 200 micron filter was supposed to take care of this. However, I have yet to get a grinder consistent enough that doesn't have the super fines in the grind. Even with my sifter, those super fines that are smaller than 200 microns get stuck to the rest of the grind.
      Ah..the stuff we go through to get that perfect cup of Joe....

    6. Steven Jermey on November 1


      I received my Arctic coffee System. Ordered extra carafe's. Started using one and a second carafe to have one always on the go. Put the others away for my brother in-law. just opened them and found they're just the carafe no filter in either of them, as I originally ordered a pair of complete Arctic Coffee System's.

      I received 3 x carafe's and one complete system

      Can you check my order? And also send out another filter as its no good to give just the carafe with out the filter.



    7. Pocket Rocket on November 1

      @ Jason - thanks for the message. While I do think the paper filter is the most practical option I believe the product was touted to eliminate such cases :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Elena Abad on October 31

      I've been using my Arctic constantly since I got it and love it. I agree about the sediment, but it usually stays on the bottom of the carafe and does not pour out until the very end. When I have time a need a second batch to start brewing, I use a coffeesock reusable cloth filter to pass the brew into a mason jar. That takes away all the sediment. All in all, I'm super happy with this kickstarter

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Meister on October 20

      @PocketRocket @KennethNyu I also have the same issue, but it's inherent in any mesh filter. I use two things to help reduce the amount of sediment. I own a grind sifter from Kruve Inc and this helps get rid of the fines and can also help obtain optimal grind size/uniformity. I also will put my grinds into the mesh filter before putting the filter into the carafe and tilt the filter off to an angle and roll it. This tumbles the grinds and the fines tend to fall out into my sink instead of in the carafe and eventually into the cold brew.
      Lastly, which is looks like others are already doing, is to filter the coffee through a regular filter after it's brewed and store it in a different container. I personally pour the cold brew through a standard paper filter in my Aeropress and get crystal clear cold brew.
      Hope this helps.

    10. Missing avatar

      Townsend Kaneversky on October 19

      Just got an email from them and they told me they plan on releasing the recipe book in October so hopefully not to much longer!!!!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Gee Jon FOO
      on October 14

      Any news about the receipe book

    12. Missing avatar

      Gee Jon FOO
      on October 14


    13. Missing avatar

      Princess Elizabeth Sargent on October 1

      We're loving our cold brew as we were paying $15 per 500ml buying it previously.
      I do filter the coffee once it's made through a traditional paper coffee filter.
      We purchased another carafe - thinking it was a complete system, but just the glass jug came.
      I'd like another steel filter so I can have two on the go as we have a lot of guests that love the coffee and one just isn't enough. Annoyingly - I could have purchased 2 at the start for $89, which is only fractionally cheaper than what I paid for the extra jug :(
      It would be good if there was a web-site where we could purchase extra parts, as although the jugs are ok, they seem very light and one little tap on the sink when washing is going to do it in.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Nyu on September 30

      I agree with @Pocket Rocket.
      The product is nice but unfortunately it leaves a lot of sediment even when I have the beans ground at a coarse setting.
      There are quite a few micro sediments. Any tips around them?

    15. Pocket Rocket on September 26

      The product is nice but unfortunately it leaves a lot of sediment even when I have the beans ground at a coarse setting.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Aschberger
      on September 25

      I have made several batches of cold brew coffee using single batch preground coffee in fact. A local grocery chain (H-E-B) has an excellent flavor of coffee, "Texas Pecan".

      What I do seems a little counter productive but I use a coffee filter in a handheld colander and pour my Arctic product through said filter into a large mason jar. It removes any sediment that made it through and also frees up the Arctic for more batches.

    17. Missing avatar

      Afonso Rodrigo de F Martins F on September 21

      Ok, credit where credit is due. I contacted the creator on the email provided below, received an answer in under 24h. Turns out my order was split in two packages, the main one was at the post office also. Brewing the first coffee right now, the quality of the product seens great, if it's just a rebaged product or not, their presentation here got me into it. One last note about the mugs, the campaign did not highlight how fragile they are (but the packaging surelly does), and the care expected like not using metal spoons, they insulate superbly and are extremely light. My only complaint is about the fact that in the bottom layer there's like a reverse teardrop of glass inside the mug, that must be the exit point from the injection (or whatever) process and since it's glass you can see it, it´s not pretty, it´s not a deal breaker, but it should have been show on the pictures of the campaign.

    18. Missing avatar

      Afonso Rodrigo de F Martins F on September 19

      After all the delay, the wait, finally I got a tracking number... today I received two mugs... and nothing else... I even rushed to the post office to get it... FML... now my Kickstarter sucess rate is about 30%... damn...

    19. Inspired Lifestyle Creator on September 19

      Hi everyone, we've released our latest update! Please feel free to view it here: As we've mentioned in our previous updates, we've set up a dedicated email address to support you. If you have specific questions, issues with delivery, or other feedback, instead of commenting or messaging us through Kickstarter, please contact us directly through this email: This will ensure we can keep track of your inquiry and provide the best support to you.

    20. Aurelien Rosée on September 17

      The same,

      Still no product/shipping information. Can you please advise what is going on?

    21. Missing avatar

      Markus Brandl on September 13

      Unfortunately same here (Austria) - no shipping information and no response to email after 2 weeks

    22. Missing avatar

      James Overton on September 11

      Still no product/shipping information. Can you please advise what is going on?

    23. Missing avatar

      Nancy Fithian on September 9

      Received my order (to New Zealand) last week and have just finished my first brew: very smooth taste and hassle-free brewing. I'm looking forward to experimenting and to seeing the e-recipe book. Thanks for an excellent product.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Djikstra on September 9

      After having received my orders (2 of them) many months late, I was expecting a stellar product. Frankly, it was underwhelming. Double whammy was when I came across a very similar looking product in Amazon (at a much lower price point):

      Cold Brew Iced Coffee and Tea Maker - 1.5L Glass Pitcher Carafe with Removable Stainless Steel Infuser, Airtight Lid and Bonus Cleaning Brush

      Further googling revealed an entire Reddit discussion on this (wish I had seen this before ordering):

      Now I feel absolutely cheated regardless of product quality. Lesson learnt - buyers beware!

    25. Heather Hanna on September 8

      Got mine and it works great - except the lid doesn't stay sealed. It is loose like the rubber basket doesn't fit completely. Is there a way to get a replacement?

      Have turned quite a few people only cold brew since and am thinking of getting some sets as gifts. ⚡️

    26. TonyChin on September 8

      @redlotus .thank you! Have anyone got the mailing address for the complain for replacement the Arctic Coffee Jar。

    27. redlotus on September 7

      @TonyChin Mail them, they would be pleasant to help.

    28. TonyChin on September 7

      I received my today.unfortunately one of my cold brew coffee system broken. please advise for the replacement .

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on September 7

      Hello, I am still waiting on my product and you ,haven't replied to my message yet. Can you please tell me whats going on?

    30. Missing avatar

      Saverio Tassinari on September 6

      Just want to pitch in: this product is *really* good.
      I'm very particular about my coffee, and this is the best cold brew I've made in a long time.
      Especially pleased by how big the filter is, as it allows for different and more "extreme" ratios too - most cold brew makers really skimp on that.
      I do agree it would have been nice if you found a way to make the cap fit perfectly with and without filter, but it's not a dealbreaker.
      Also, maybe for next version, you could find a way to make it possible to open the filter from the bottom, as it's not the easiest to clean when grounds are stuck there.

      A note for the ones worried about the glass not being thick enough: you clearly haven't used any good coffee gear in your life, just treat it with care and say thanks to these amazing guys for the care and effort they put into this thing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lourenco on September 5

      I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for an email response regarding one of my units missing the filter and spoon. Can you please have this issue fixed and get in contact with me

    32. Aurelien Rosée on September 4


      I read here that many received their artic and I still have nothing.
      I'm starting to worry !

      can you tell me that he is out?

    33. Aurelien Rosée on September 4


      I read here that many received their artic and I still have nothing.
      I'm starting to worry !

      can you tell me that he is out?

    34. Aurelien Rosée on September 4


      Je lis ici que beaucoup on recu leur artic et je n'ai toujours rien.
      Je commence à m'inquiéter !

      pouvez vous me dire se qu'il se passe ?

    35. Missing avatar

      James Overton on September 4

      Still no product. Sydney Australia.

    36. Missing avatar

      Papick Garcia Taboada on September 4

      Arrivef when I was on vacation. Unfortunately one was broken, but fortunately I had ordered two. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave Dingee on September 3

      I was about to give up on ever receiving my order, when surprise, surprise, it showed up.
      I'm impressed with the brew pot, and the mugs are awesome.
      My first batch was with a fine grind Lavazza Oro, and the result was exceptional (I didn't even mind the small amount of grounds that sneaked into the process).
      I'm happy with my purchase.

    38. Missing avatar

      Luke Reeves on September 2

      Got mine here in Australia two Fridays ago & have made two batches. F*ING delicious & awesome!!! Very well crafted design, even my wife & mother-in-law commented how 'pretty' they looked. Well done guys � & thank you �

    39. Missing avatar

      Rajul on September 2

      Still nothing here in India. Apparently the shipper being used is sub-standard because it displays my product having been "delivered" in a city 1500 kms away from where I live! The creators have only written back to say that they don't know what is going on but they will "ask the shipping company". They offered to send it to me again, but if they're going to use the same shipping company, I don't see how that will help! I'm wondering if my pledge has gone down the drain at this point.

    40. Euna Sahng on September 2

      Finally received mine in New Zealand. First brew is in the fridge currently so taste test will be tomorrow. One issue when I received mine - sticky tape from the bubblewrap for scoop had stuck quite hard at the bottom end of my micron filter and was almost impossible to remove. Got the plastic off for the most part but a small amount of glue remains :( i suspect coffee will still taste the same at the end of the day.

    41. Miyuki Mardon on August 31

      only issue I have for the moment is that it doesn't fit in the fridge door... a bit of a space hog...

    42. kyril1217
      on August 30

      @Creator I received mine today and I do love it

    43. Missing avatar

      Donna Johnson on August 29

      As Elvampo said in an earlier comment, we've followed the instructions to the letter but the coffee is turning out no stronger than from a regular brew that uses far fewer beans. We were expecting (and our sole reason for ordering) was a cold coffee concentrate that could be made into hot coffee by adding added hot water. We let it brew for 24 hours and the result is just cold coffee, not much of a concentrate. We'll have to heat it up on the stove or in the microwave which is very counterproductive. Very disappointed. Does anyone have any advice? :(

    44. Jordan Fischer on August 29

      I have had the Arctic for a week and a cheapy for two weeks. Very different products-similar outcomes. Differences: the fit of filter and lid are superior on arctic. Way less sediment on Arctic. 1mm of sediment compared to 5mm in cheapy. Also the glass feels tougher on arctic. I reckon the arctic could do without the spout altogether. The cheapy spout is HUGE letting so much air in. Almost no point in even putting a lid on it.The flavour difference small but noticeable. Did a blind test on my wife, the cheapy had a hint of 'fridge air' taste to it according to her. I have a silicone mat that i put in the fridge for the arctic to sit on as our shelves are glass. For such a simple product the Arctic team have super-charged it as much as possible imo for which Im grateful. Happy brewing!

    45. redlotus on August 28

      @Alexander Banck-Petersen and @Jay Agrawal Do some research then. We backers really discussed that kind of problem in this comments section long ago.

    46. Alexander Banck-Petersen on August 28

      Okay, what is happening? Did I just wait 8 months for a relabeled pre-existing product? Did I also just pay 70 dollars for an 7 dollar product (plus a fancy box and manual)? Please help me understand.

    47. redlotus on August 28

      Have just received (Vietnam), finally. Not sure it is perfect but still great imho.
      Gonna do a first brew soon.

    48. Fernando Kallás on August 28

      Does anyone have a recommendation on how many coffee scoops do I need for every 100 ml of water so I get optimum results? Thanks

    49. Gabrie
      on August 27

      Just received, thank you guys! You are efficient!
      And looking forward to recipe ebook!

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