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Songwriter, Jason Blum needs your help to fund his album tentatively titled "Westerns, Love Songs, and Tragedies" Read more

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Songwriter, Jason Blum needs your help to fund his album tentatively titled "Westerns, Love Songs, and Tragedies"

Jason Blum
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About this project

Jason Blum is in the midst of his fourth studio recording.  What will separate this recording from the records past is funding.  The money raised will allow the record to be mixed and mastered, pay for artwork and manufacturing, and hopefully a publicist to get the word out on the street.

The first record, Jason Blum and the Flexible Sensuals was recorded and released over 10 years ago on the now defunct atomic/anodyne records.  It had mild success and some nice reviews.  Since that record there was the Gifthorse record completed in 2004.  It was recorded in Austin and Maryland and mixed in NYC by Joel Hamburger.  It was never mastered and copies were pressed by the 100's and sold from the stage only.

The record had it's cult fans and eventually lead Jason to his next band, The Take Out Kings with producer/bassist, Lee Alexander (Norah Jones, Amos Lee) and drummer Andrew Borger (Tom Waits, Norah Jones).  That band eventually recorded a new offering of songs in 2006 called Jason Blum and The Take Out Kings "Deliver"  that record was recorded in a weeks time at Norah's home studio (the coop) with producer/engineer, Tom Schick (Ryan Adam's, Norah Jones, Rufus Wainright).  It was mastered by Fred Kevorkian.  It is a great record capturing a really creative period of time in NYC.  The record will eventually be released,  it is available to you today in this kickstart campaign.

There are some out takes from these unreleased records.  Making them even more rare!  There are rare cuts Jason recorded for movies such as, "Scorch" for the documentary, Houston We Have a Problem, and "Austin High" for the upcoming feature comedy, Austin High.  Instrumental music for the Satn Steen's documentary "Sandy: Life and Times of a Rattle Snake Hunter."  Instrumental music of Chief Mullet Hawk.  And a few stray recordings from the brief time Jason worked with the hounds.   The hounds was a songwriter/recording club including the great drummer Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band), Jesse Murphy (Brazilian Girls), Jason Darling (Leona Naess) and Gabe Gordon (Natalie Merchant).  

Jason's entire catalogue is now available to you in n effort to help fund the new record tentatively titled, "Westerns, Love Songs, and Tragedies." Jason drew inspiration from several trips through the southwest TX and NM in the past several years as well as the cozy brooklyn apt./studio he was living in the past several years.  Surrounded by his instruments and inspiration he carved out the music and songs which are coming to life in this new effort.  At times the tunes are modern and edgy and at others a complete throwback to another era all together.  One moment you are on the border and another you are sharing a dance and a cocktail in a Manhattan club after midnight.  Jason's songs are as diverse as the journey and this cohesive collection of tunes are some of his greatest.

The money we raise will help pay for the record to be mixed and mastered, (a few new songs still need to be recorded).  The Vinyl and CD's need to be manufactured.  The art needs to be completed.  and hopefully there is enough left over to pay a publicist and get the website revamped.  The record will be available at itunes and all over the web and hard copies of the CD, Vinyl, and other merchandise will be available soon!

thanks you for your support!  Please help spread the word!

Special thanks to John Christopher Gibson for the video!


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    THE FAN - high quality digital download of the album as soon as it is finished and mastered (before CD's are pressed and shipped)

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    $25 reward

    11 backers

    THE SUPER FAN - hard copy of the new CD + high quality digital download + hard copy of my first CD, Jason Blum and the Flexible Sensuals

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    $50 reward

    9 backers

    THE ULTIMATE FAN - limited edition Vinyl pressing (signed copy) + hard copy of CD + digital download

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    $75 reward

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    THE DIE HARD FAN - signed vinyl + hard copy of CD + flexible sensual CD+ HQ digital download archive album (greatest hits! and rare cuts!)

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    $100 reward

    4 backers

    THE GOTTA HAVE IT ALL FAN - Signed Vinyl + CD + Flexible Sensuals CD + HQ digital download of two previous albums, Gift Horse (2002) + Deliver (2006) + rare out takes + signed poster

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    $250 reward

    1 backer

    THE HOUSE CONCERT - Private House Concert in your home (in the Austin area or NYC)

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    $300 reward

    1 backer

    THE SERENADE - Private dinner for two (prepared by Jason) and a serenade after dinner in the Austin area or NYC (outside of Austin or NYC? we can talk about it) + copy CD and HQ Digital Download (dinners available in NYC too)

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    $500 reward

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    THE TEXAN PACKAGE - Back yard real Texas BBQ - up to 10 people add a few bucks for lager parties for your backyard BBQ and performance + signed copies of the CD for each guest

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    $1,000 reward

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    THE MANHATTAN - 10 person private dinner party cooked by Jason ($100 per head) + signed copies of the CD for each guest.
    we can do parties of 8 - 20 or even larger than that... just let us know what you want and we can accommodate your party

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    $2,000 reward

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    THE ANGEL - you get the GOTTA HAVE IT ALL package and a thank you in the liner notes. and you name the time and place Jason will cook you a nice dinner and and pick you a few songs

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