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Annabelle: A short film's video poster

A stranger enters a man's life and begins stealing his opportunities. How far will he go to stop him? Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 8, 2011.

A stranger enters a man's life and begins stealing his opportunities. How far will he go to stop him?

Allan Groves
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About this project

Aden lives what he would describe as a pretty "average" life. He goes to work every morning, he calls his mom on the weekends, enjoys an occasional movie, and considers buying a new fragrance of bath soap... a good week. That is, until a chance encounter with a woman on a train changes everything… She is pretty, witty, smart, and mesmerizing, and Aden watches as another man effortlessly plucks her right out from under him. As if this wasn't enough, the strange man continues to torment Aden, popping up in the least likely of places plucking more and more from Aden's life. Who is this man? Is he following him? What does he want? How far will Aden go to stop him?

Our lives are full of opportunities. Everyday, countless opportunities arise and vanish in this brief existence we call life. There are some opportunities however, that dare to look us in the eye and challenge us to take them on. These are the opportunities that our main character Aden must confront. Will he have the power to overcome them or will he be destroyed by them?

What are we doing? We are trying to raise enough money to begin production on our short film "Annabelle." We are hoping to begin production this summer.

Where can I learn more about the project? Please visit the website located at There you can find a full synopsis on the film, filmmaker bio's and more!

Is this project affiliated with any formal dogmatic organization? Uh... no.

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed? No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount.

If I donate, when can I redeem the incentive? All incentives, big and small, will only happen if our goal is met. If we do meet our goal, immediately after our deadline we will start to ship all physical merchandise directly to you. The screenings, parties, DVD's, etc. can only happen after the film is completed so this will take a bit of time. Bear with us!

What if I don’t want the incentive, I just want to support? No problem, there is a button that you can select if you don’t want the reward.

Can we exceed the goal? YES! This would be fantastic! Exceeding our goal would allow us to make an even better movie. Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. Exceeding our goal would certainly be a dream come true… and just think of all the positive emotions you would receive knowing you are making dreams come true!

Can I increase my pledge once it’s been made? YES! Once you donate to our campaign, you may want to change your incentive reward to a different one, or increase your pledge amount. To do so, go to Kickstarter and sign in. If you go to our campaign page, the green “Back This Project” button has been replaced with a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click it and you can enter a new amount, or choose a new incentive.

Can I Gift An Incentive? YES! That’s very sweet of you. If you would like to donate to the film but give the reward to someone as a gift, go through all the normal process of making a donation in your name. For billing purposes, this action must be in your name. After our deadline, we will send a message to you on Kickstarter. (It will be forwarded to the email address you provided) We will request things like your address from you at that time. Please reply with all the person’s information that is to receive the reward. We will make sure they are the person who receives the reward.

What happens if the money isn’t raised in time? If our goal isn’t met before the deadline, no money changes hands and no movie is made. Obviously we'd like to avoid this scenario.

Who does the money go to? Every penny (minus the fees for Kickstarter’s involvement) will go directly to the "Annabelle" movie budget - i.e. Your money goes directly to the funding of this film.

When can I stay at the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast? Either stay while we shoot, or get a gift certificate for a midweek stay anytime it's available. Go to for more info on this award winning Bed and Breakfast in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

What is the "Gallon Challenge"? Go here for a brief refresher:

How do we contact you? Glad you asked! Please go to our website for the film. and go to contact, or e-mail me directly at We will get back to as quickly as possible.


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    Thank you for your support. Every dollar helps :)

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    Special thanks on our website and access to a protected link for behind the scenes footage, exclusive news for supporters, and video messages from our cast and director.

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    This is an exciting one: Your name will appear under 'Special Thanks' in the FILMS CLOSING CREDITS!!! Not to forget the special thanks and protected link on our website as well.

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    A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the completed movie!!! You'll also get the 'Special Thanks' on the closing credits as well as the special thanks and protected link on our website.

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    DRUM ROLL PLEASE... The "Annabelle" DVD!!! Plus, a special first-edition signed "Annabelle" poster signed by cast and/or a Resident Evil 5 poster signed by Allan Groves. You also get everything else listed above. (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl. shipping please add $10)

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    Become an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on our film! Your name will appear alphabetically during the end title crawl under the "Associate Producers" heading. Brag to your friends as your name scrolls through the credits. You will also receive everything listed above. (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl. Shipping, please add $10)

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    PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR... Actor Allan Groves will recored a personalized outgoing voice message for you as any of the past characters he has played, including Ricardo Irving from Resident Evil 5 (a full list of past characters can be provided for you). You will also receive the signed DVD Deluxe edition with Actor/Writer/Director commentary. You will also receive everything listed above. (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl please add $10)

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    2 VIP TIX to the cast & crew screening in Utah (Transportation not provided), plus exclusive access to the set while filming! See the project come to life right in front of your eyes and grab a snack at the craft service table. Chill with the cast and crew, take pictures, shake hands and tell a joke or two (we may allow more than two if they're especially humorous). You also get everything else listed above. (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl please add $10)

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    Bed and Breakfast P.A.R.T.Y. which stands for PARTY!!! Get down with your bad self at the wrap party in Utah (transportation not included), and a room at the beautiful Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast located in Midway UT. next to Park City (home of the Sundance Film Festival). You also get 2 VIP TIX to the cast and crew screening, exclusive access to the set while filming and a hug from everyone on set (You must be on set to claim this reward). If that wasn't enough, you also get the Associate Producer package. (Canada shipping please add $6, intl please add $10)

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    Have a 60 minute meeting with Brad or Allan about any topic of your choice. (Religion, Philosophy, the 80's, Hillary Duff... you have a topic, they'll give you their opinion in this Greco-Roman style no holds barred conversation). Think of it like truth or dare without the dare. You can meet with them in person or via Skype if you're not in Utah. Allan will also sign anything you choose that you can legally claim as your own (body parts included). More than that, we'll throw in the Bed and Breakfast P.A.R.T.Y. package as well!

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    ACT! You get a walk-on featured extra spot in the film! (transportation not provided). Have you ever thought about being in a really cool movie? Well now is your chance. (Also a great gift!) However, If you do not want to be in the movie you may trade this in to watch Allan challenge Brad (or you challenge Allan and Brad) to the "Gallon Challenge." You get your picture with the winner... and looser. You also receive the Bed and Breakfast P.A.R.T.Y. package!

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit and VISIT! (USA Only) That's right, you get an IMDB credit as an Executive Producer on the film and Allan Groves will personally come to your house and challenge you to a game of Resident Evil 5! (or co-op if you so desire). Allan gets to be Ricardo Irving of course. Brad will come as well to provide moral support for whoever needs it the most. This experience will also be documented and the video will be posted to the website. You also get the Bed and Breakfast P.A.R.T.Y. package!

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    Lunch and Private screening in your HOME TOWN! Allan Groves and Brad Johnson will fly to your home town for lunch and a private screening! (Brad buys lunch) TO ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (The countries we will visit are subject to our own discretion) This also comes with the Executive Producer package and will be documented for the website.

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