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A book by Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley turned the Internet into the greatest surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind.
A book by Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley turned the Internet into the greatest surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind.
A book by Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley turned the Internet into the greatest surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind.
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      Tal J Moskowitz on

      Thank you for finding a way to include an e-book in this Kickstarter fulfillment. I hope the book gains readership and traction in the national debate about privacy. You might want to publicize your book with James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, formerly of the NY Times. James Risen has a very relevant article recently published on line this week:

      It provides really helpful context to the headlines that he wrote (and made).

      Good luck everyone.

    2. Yasha Levine Creator on

      A reminder: I'll be sending Kickstarter surveys for backers over the next week. Look out of them!

    3. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ charles-etienne jamme — I aim to please.

    4. Yasha Levine Creator on

      Mikołaj Podlaszewski @ Sure. Let's try to make that happen. Look out for when I send a survey at the end of the month and we'll move on from there. PS: I made a note to myself about your request, but just to be sure respond to the survey and let me know.


    5. Mikołaj Podlaszewski on

      Yasha, I am empathic in your struggles. I appreciate you found a way to make it into an ebook but actually I was very happy to make an update to the printed copy. Do you still consider this option?

    6. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      Yasha, this is the best surprise from this bumpy ride of yours... honestly - I had lost all hopes about you.

    7. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @Peter Byrne: You’re too kind, Peter...спасибо товарищ!

    8. Peter Byrne on

      Oh heck, Yasha, I am HAPPY to buy the print book, so no need for the ebook. I absolutely know what you had to do to get this project in our hands, so please consider the few measly bucks I threw you as a down payment and congratulations!!

    9. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @charles-etienne jamme Please check the latest backer update. Happy to announce that the ebook issue has been resolved. And look out for a backer survey in January with details about ebook delivery.

    10. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      Please remove my name from your supporters list. I support Tal below. You are one of the worst KS out of my 140. Please refund my e-book pledge as it was my only one.

    11. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @Tal ❤️

      The list of supporters will be up on my website closer to the publish date of the book. I'll of course respect your wishes and not list you, if that is what you would like. Thank you for your support.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      Be sure to let us know when you are interviewed by Masha Gessen. I think it is important that you subject your point of view to the kind of informed critical scrutiny that she can provide. Reading your blog posts containing transcripts of when you've been interviewed, I'm not impressed. You read like a Russian apologist, and offer no deeper insights beyond, "there are two sides to everything." You even echo Donald Trumps "400 pound man" red herring surmise. It costs you next to nothing to list our names on your website in acknowledgment of our support of your writing efforts, as you said you would do. So your email explaining why you won't be sending us an e-book is just part of a larger falling short: no sticker, no acknowledgement, no ebook, no willingness to subject yourself to scrutiny. Again, subject your book to a review at the New York Review of Books or another venue where well informed writers such as Masha Gessen, (known for her ability to constructively take a skeptical point of view) can comment at length on your book. I'll look for your book to be published and reconsider, but with what I now know, I am sorry I backed this project. Leave my name of off any acknowledgments, please.

      Please respond to this comment promptly.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      Suggest you send a copy to Masha Gessen who writes extensively for the New York Review of Books.

      Also, Yasha, if you want another pair of eyes, I'm offering for you to send me a copy to proof read. I'm forever catching errors in the already published and too late to edit works I read.

    14. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @Bryan Pace — Hey, still editing. Not easy to write an alternative history of the Internet. Please have patience.

    15. Bryan Pace on

      Hey Yasha.. how's the editing going?

    16. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @Bryan Pace — Happy to report that I just finished the first full draft of the book. I'll be editing it for the next few months, but I think it's turned out pretty fucking good — blockbuster even. Now that I'm slowly coming out my writing hole, I'll do a longer update for backers in a day or two.


    17. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @charles-etienne jamme Ha! Nope, definitely not a hoax! Book is taking much longer to write — happens to authors and journalists all the time. Update coming soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      The oldest KS in my list without delivery - this seems more and more like a hoax

    19. Bryan Pace on

      Checking in for the update!

    20. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ Tal J Moskowitz — 

      Please see below. It's coming. I've been living and breathing nothing but this book for the past year.


    21. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @David Salvador — 

      Hi David, Just saw your comment. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact date, but release will be sometime in 2017. Writing this book is taking much longer than I expected, mainly because I expanded the scope of the investigation, which required a lot more original research and reporting.

      That being said I'm getting close to finishing the final rough draft of the manuscript. I'll know more by the end of July, and will send an update to everyone.

      The book is coming!


    22. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      Mr. Levine - a WRITER leaving no comments to update his backers?

    23. David Salvador on

      Any update on release dates?


    24. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ Bryan Pace: It's coming along! Slowly, but steadily. The book is going deeper than I first planned. That's why it's taking me longer than I first expected. I'll have an update soon. —YL

    25. Bryan Pace on

      How is the work progressing? Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      Interesting update and comment trend about a living project.

    27. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ charles-etienne jamme: Coming up soon! Thanks for your continued interest, and support!

    28. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      My pledge says : you will receive exclusive news about the book - still waiting...

    29. Imran


    30. Missing avatar

      Zhuhui Di on

      ?three months passed and no words at all?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      Do you ever talk to Jaron Lanier or to the author or Privacy Lost (Holtzman)? On Point (NPR) had a Tom Ashbrook show about "The Computer will see you now"

    32. Missing avatar

      Zhuhui Di on

      :)thanks for the info. Rooting for your great work.

    33. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ Zhuhui Di: Check the updates.

    34. Missing avatar

      Zhuhui Di on

      It's been almost a month

    35. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      A devouring rainbowed Apple icon w paranoid "googly" eyes atop? A bundle of facebook "f" symbols belted together like the fasces of ancient Rome?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on


      When you get closer to the limited run printing, please let us all know. I may be interested/able to afford it at that point.

      Thank you,


    37. Missing avatar

      John Lucas on

      Congratulations. Looking forward to the book and the extra chapter.

    38. Marv

      Congrats for being funded. How about showing us the sticker design? Before paying 15 bucks incl. shipping for a sticker I would certainly want to see what I am getting first.

    39. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ David Ells: Thanks. Me too.

      Help spread the word!

    40. The High Frontier

      This is so close to being funded - I hope it can get there before the deadline!

    41. unbargo on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paulo Sa Elias on

      And remember: "Those who spies doesn't need to tell you they do, unless they are just looking to spread the fear of exposure."

    43. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ Matthew Henry: Thanks Matt!

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew Henry on

      Yasha, I've been a fan of your work since the exiled/SHAME project. Just thought I'd comment to let you know that the work you do is important. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

    45. Yasha Levine Creator on

      @ Marv: okay, thanks for your input.

    46. Marv

      I'd probaby like A7 (74x105mm) or A6 size (105x148mm). Preferably A7 if it's mostly the cover. The larger size would only be good if it's a much more elaborate graphic.

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