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Hello everyone my name is Donte Wash aka Mr.PaTroN and I want to start making Let's Plays. Any help would be appreciated and thank you.

Hello everyone my name is Donte' Wash aka Mr.PaTroN on YouTube. I hope I'm not asking for to much. The equipment can get expensive along with the editing software. I want to make awesome Let's Plays of some of my favorite video games and the new next gene games. Any help would be appreciated. As a reward for helping me, I promise to list everyone name in my first Let's Play video.

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The only problem I have is learning how to use my software and hook up all my equipment.


  • A Let's Play is a series of screenshots or a recorded video documenting a playthrough of a video game, usually including commentary by the gamer.

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  • I will play pretty much any game as long as it interests me and I find it enjoying :)

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  • I don't know what my first game will be but I'm always open for suggestions you can emial me on yahoo

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  • Most likely I will use Roxio Game Capture HD PRO since it seems to be the most easiest to setup.

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  • I will be using Adobe premiere CC to edit my videos.

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  • I will be uploading the videos on my YouTube Channel. My name is Mr.PaTroN.

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  • I will start posting videos in January that way I will have plenty of time to get everything setup.

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  • I'm not really good at reviewing stuff, I might give it a try I don't know. If enough people demand for a review of a certain game then I will.

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  • Right now, I only have an Xbox 360 so most likely my first game will be on the 360.

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  • Um I don't really have a favorite game. I play Halo a lot along with COD and GTA but other than that I don't have a favorite game. If I had to pick a game that I love playing all the time, then that game would be Resident Evil 3.

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  • Unless I'm sick or become homeless for some reason, then I see no reason why I shouldn't be making Let's Plays.

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