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blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Blair 14 minutes ago

      I assume next week meant starting June 25th.

      Please confirm

    2. Herda Marek about 14 hours ago

      "The shipping certifications were finally issued. We will begin shipping blö next week! You will receive a tracking number once your order ships"
      You mean next week!the week after this week or week after the next week after week??

    3. Martin about 14 hours ago

      Hello, when is the lot 10 sent? I hope I will receive it before the end of the summer. // Bonjour, à quand l'envoie du lot 10 ? J'espère que je vais le recevoir avant la fin de l'été.

    4. Terri Tomlinson about 15 hours ago

      Also supposed to be batch one. No communication or shipping info yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chester Chong about 17 hours ago

      batch 1 here. just to keep everyone posted, I have not receive any shipping confirmation yet

    6. Missing avatar

      Anthony Heslop about 18 hours ago

      Please don’t say it will be next week you will receive shipping details when you know we won’t what we want is confirmed dates you have now been promising since you passed your original delivery date of February.
      When are we going to get DELIVERY?

    7. Missing avatar

      JING CHAN 2 days ago

      Still not received any email for shipping number...

    8. Missing avatar

      Felipe Pulecio 3 days ago

      Summer in Brazil starts in December so I can wait...

    9. Missing avatar

      CHAN Yiu kin 4 days ago

      What day send to me!every time say next week that over four months

    10. Paul Doxsey 4 days ago

      Batch 10 in the comments house!! I imagine it takes about say 2-3 minutes to package each Blo... so that's several thousand times 2-3 minutes plus labelling etc. Even if you say 5000 units that's around 10 days just packing alone working 24 hours. Granted that's 1 person... but even with a small team you're talking a few weeks at standard 8 hour days.

      I bet they'll hate the sight of packaging materials at the end of that little lot.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daphnie Yu Kim Teng 4 days ago

      Thanks @Atanas I'm Batch 10 so waiting patiently (or impatiently) for things to start moving.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cary Vaughan 5 days ago

      I can't wait! This summer is brutal in Ohio so far, I teach tennis outside and sometimes spend 8 hours on the court a day. I hope the battery lasts! My sister teaches in South Florida and I bought her one too. 👍

    13. Rich B 5 days ago

      Thanks @Atanas, I was wondering the same thing about Batch/Group 1. If possible, could any Group 1 backers out there notify us when they receive shipping notification emails, this Group 8 person would appreciate it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Atanas 5 days ago

      @Daphnie Yu Kim Teng, I'm in batch 1.. Haven't received anything yet..

    15. Missing avatar

      Daphnie Yu Kim Teng 5 days ago

      wondering if Batch 1 has started to receive shipping notices/tracking numbers?

    16. Missing avatar

      Evelyn on

      Well said, Jeffrey! 👏🏼

    17. Jeffrey de Winter

      My god people, are you all new to Kickstarter? Delays are almost a certainty and if anything, this creator has provided updates very frequently rather than that communication been poor or lacking. 19 updates already, six of which since mid-april, which is two months ago......Can you just be a bit more patient?

    18. Missing avatar

      Blair on

      This product had huge potential to sell far more than it has. It’s unfortunate the communication has been very poor. I still back my upbeat previous comments but truth will be in the product. Creator would have been wise to seek experience from those who are familiar with the pitfalls of sourcing in Asia. I fear you have been taken advantage of as a result. Ultimately the end user will be the one that suffers from a poor investment.

    19. Khalil Sehnaoui on

      The last email you guys sent has a link to manage our pledge but it only allows us to see it and there is no edit option in there to change the shipping address.
      Please advise ?

    20. Norainni Janai on

      I can agree with people who has constantly asked for updates. As a person who is in a bigger business investment, this is definitely not acceptable - the MIA and sarcasm. To the creator please understand people invest their hard earned cash believing your project is unique and has potential. This is why I backed you guys up. However, the totally overdue projects really reflect on the team for not having a mitigation plan on how best to resolve it but giving excuses like this is kinda unprofessional. You could have offered something in return for the patience or you could spend 1 minute of your busy and precious time to update backers on SMART TIME-LINE including the anticipated delays.

      I was hoping to use this product during my first flight with my son because where I am, equatorial climate. No snow. No winter. No fall season etc. So you can imagine paper fan will not do the trick. You maybe can fry an egg out here. But I still trust your project will deliver - so I don't pester much.

      Now with all your updates and responses, I am hoping your product is of a quality that worth our waiting time and anxiety. I do want to know shall the product is faulty or not working as advertised, will your company be responsible for logistics for return? Will blo send out replacement without returning the items (if backer has to borne the costs of shipping back).

      I'll be honest, that your recent update has no product testing on how it works, noise level etc but merely "oh it is ready to ship soon & here is a photo or two". Please post one sooner so we can sit down and calm down that we are receiving high quality product and as promised despite the delays.


    21. Missing avatar

      Dumiso on

      @Creator probably a good idea to send out those power banks out asap before rules change in other countries.

    22. Missing avatar

      Derek Soifer on

      I need to change my shipping address due to the delays. Where can I do this? Or who can I contact about this? Thank you.

    23. blo technology Creator on

      Hi everyone we wanted to mention a couple things here that didn't apply to all backers. A number of US backers should have received or will be receiving the powerbanks. A shipping law was recently passed in the US due to the incident on the plane a few months back with batteries catching on fire. Due to this we had to send the powerbanks separately in the US. In most other countries they are still allowed to be shipped together. For some of you mentioning the cracked plastic case, that case was intended to protect the powerbank during shipping. It was also wrapped in bubblewrap and sent in a bubble wrap mailer. If there is an issue with the powerbank being damaged or not working please send us a private message or email us and we will rectify the situation. Thanks for your support!

    24. Herda Marek on

      Nice news @ blö

    25. Missing avatar

      Dumiso on

      Summers come and go at break neck speed here in Scotland. Would be nice to get these items sooner rather than later.

    26. Mel On KS

      Maybe all batches will be shipped at the same time - after all, it was just the certificates being waited on. And enough time has passed now to DO THEM ALL!!!!!!

    27. Paul Doxsey on

      Things are moving folks. Just as I thought a chap with a rubber stamp wanted all his ducks in a row before he let loose with his inky stamper.

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Barbian on

      @Jim I don’t get a email since the Shipping Batch numbers.
      And I don’t received the last E-Mail for check my address, because of that I wrote a PM to them two weeks ago but no response.

    29. Jim Todd

      I have received NO emails...nothing in Spam....has everyone else gotten at least an email?

    30. Missing avatar

      Patrick Barbian on

      Hello, today was the expected shipping date for my Blö :(.

      If you send my blö (hopefully in this century), please indicate the correct price on the customs document (German customs is really annoying).

    31. Missing avatar

      ak on

      I paid for express delivery when the expected ship date was June 15. Now I will likely be out of the country during the month it will ship. Not only will I have paid for express delivery with no benefit, but I will have to organize someone to retrieve it from my front porch.

      I think you should refund the express shipping charges to anyone who asks in advance of their shipment since the expected delivery date(s) have shifted so dramatically.

      I do understand that things can take longer than expected to manufacture, but I do think you owe it to your backers not to charge them for express delivery that will not get the package to them in the paid-for time frame.

    32. Missing avatar

      Atanas on

      Chill guys... updates are on their way - just the first post pigeon got lost..

    33. Paul Doxsey on

      9 days since the last official update is hardly going silent. They are probably working flat out boxing, labelling, posting as we speak.

      I guess it could simply be some official with a rubber stamp making sure every box on his form is ticked so his boss doesn't make his day lousy.

    34. Paul Doxsey on

      @20$beetle... I suggest you do some research mate. China has some of the most heavily regulated internet access in the world. Often described as pervasive!

      The Blo team use a VPN to get updates out from China so they have in a roundabout way mentioned the internet.

      Stick to retail mate. You clearly can't hack being an investor/early adopter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jacky Wan on

      I am a backer in Hong Kong, can I just go and pick it up?

    36. Missing avatar

      $20Beetle on

      Paul Doxsey,
      No offense but get yourself educated before you post any more comments and make a fool out of yourself, China's internet is unregulated and flaky? Do you live in the 80's and have never exposed yourself to the modern world? The internet in China is perfectly normal and by no means "flaky". First of all, blö never used the China's internet as an excuse for not communicating with their backers, they only ambiguously said something like they were being busy in China. you are the one who put the responsibility on China's internet, and you are being delusional. Secondly, just because you have a very forgiving nature and ungodly patience doesn't mean you can impose your view on every backer here or people have to adopt to your thinking. Being a fledging company doesn't grant them unlimited grace period. In fact, giving false promise, inaccurate shipping time, ambiguous language, avoiding communication with backers, and go missing for weeks without an update really do say something about the team behind this project. If a company can't even handle and process a fixed amount of order after 4 months of delay I can't imagine what helter-skelter state the company would be in if there are a steady flow of orders coming in daily. Sure, backing a project would mean we will be going on a journey with the project team, but good luck going on a trip with a partner who doesn't interact and constanly disappear on you. Blö has no excuse whatsoever to not address the issue they're facing, or to offer an explanation on the delay, we are backers who are anxious as to what have caused the delay, and how much longer it would take. It'd be nice if blö is as active in replying to the backers now as when they first started the campaign, not a 180 degree change in attitude and take our support and patience for granted.

    37. Paul Doxsey on

      The internet in China is heavily regulated and is flaky at best. The guys are probably heavily busy getting stuff moving.

      I'd rather they be getting on with it rather than constantly hunting decent enough internet to be posting updates.

      If you can't cope with slippage from the inventor... take yourself down the pure retail channels such as physical stores or the likes of Amazon.

      We are on a journey with the inventor. There will be twists and turns. You just have to from and bear it.

      If you are warm... Do what us Welsh do... get a page out of the South Wales Echo and make yourself a paper fan... that'll do until your Blo shows up.

    38. Adam on

      Very good bio team, perfect time to disappear on us.
      there is no excuse for not posting an update.
      it literally takes 1-2 minutes or less

    39. Mel On KS

      *it is meant to do*

      WARRANTY information please.

    40. Mel On KS

      The device is supposed to cool you down, but broken buttons and cracked cases of the power banks etc must be making some on here NERVOUS.

      I, for one, an waiting for a further update and expect something that does not malfunction and does what is meant to do.

    41. Missing avatar

      Wilson Chan on

      @Eileen Coan could you take some photos and share to us?

    42. Paul Doxsey on

      @Eileen Did you order a power bank? It could be that. Others have had power banks arrive recently. They seem to have a button on them and some lights and I'm guessing a usb charge port.

    43. Eileen Coan on

      I received something in the mail that says blo on it, but looks NOTHING like the photos here. It is a silver square box. No instructions came with it. What is this? Will I stick get the black one with the fan?

    44. Paul Doxsey on

      @Petar. I'm guessing that it maybe too late now as they are into the final stages of shipping indeed some people have already had their powerbanks.

      Everyone was emailed a week or so back about finalising their addresses. Did you respond to that email? Did you move after that?

      I'd email the Blo team on the official email address as it might get a response quicker than on here as I'm guessing they are in China sorting stuff out and the internet isn't the greatest for responding to this message board.

    45. Petar Spralja on

      I need to change my home address?
      How would I go about changing that?

    46. Herda Marek on

      Common guys :)really???
      Your so sweet and kind.
      Im so sorry.

    47. Missing avatar

      Wim Vergult on

      Indeed. This project is one of the better managed ones. If you don't like delays like this, then maybe Kickstarter is not for you.

    48. Jason L Chapman on

      @Herda Going by their last contact with us, I would assume they are in China and have limited access to get back to us. They did state that they were waiting on some permit or paperwork. They have been more open and communicative than some projects I have backed.

    49. Herda Marek on

      And of course this is my last investment on KICKSTARTER and thanks to BLÖ EITHER.

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