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blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
blö is a patent pending cooling device that is small, lightweight, and rechargeable. It's also a small, portable diffuser!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Rogers 1 minute ago

      I got a tracking number... and it shows me
      Nothing. It tracks nothing. All it says is Singapore post. For over 6 days now. Getting your tracking number does no good.

    2. Chris Betts about 4 hours ago

      I just got emailed a tracking number :o thought id been forgotten about

    3. Craig Apache Read about 9 hours ago

      Not that it will help any but I’ve got no tracking number, no email, no communication, Nada.

      At this point I’ll be surprised if anything arrives and probably equally surprised about how right everyone’s report on quality was/is.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jack Tan about 12 hours ago

      can i know why i see it post from hong kong..them to singapore ..but u m in ...are you send the wrong tracking mumber for m?

    5. Missing avatar

      Valerie Marderosian about 12 hours ago

      @creator Patiently waiting for my tracking number ... Thank you

    6. Missing avatar

      Answer Lee about 18 hours ago

      I received my 3 devices finally....but it sounds really too loud. You will get everyone attention on the street if you use it in public and then you become a weird guy....

      Therefore, the use case scenarios of this fan are really not many....quite disappointed actually.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hoyeen Wong about 21 hours ago

      This shit is louder than my 10yrs old vacuum cleaner. You can make stronger wind with your mouth.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuardo Samayoa about 22 hours ago

      I need my tracking info. Please send me the info

    9. Missing avatar

      Felipe Pulecio about 23 hours ago

      @Creator Please send my tracking number info..

    10. Missing avatar

      Zhi An about 23 hours ago

      I also didn't received any tracking number...

    11. Missing avatar

      Kimmy about 23 hours ago

      @Creator - I still have not received the tracking number or any info on it. Please let me know, thank you. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason Rogers 1 day ago

      The devices suck obviously... everyone says it. Who cares if they actually come now. It’s just your money down the drain. Got pick up an extra shift at work and call it over. Lol

    13. Missing avatar

      Nimnim 1 day ago

      Maybe it's delayed because they try to fix the error and send out proper units from now one? Maybe just a dream though...

    14. Franklin M Barrientos
      1 day ago

      @Creator it's been over three weeks since I received your email about shipping updates. It specifies days not weeks that we will be receiving tracking numbers. What's going on? I haven't received or heard anything from you or from the shipper.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Fiore 1 day ago

      No tracking info here either

    16. Missing avatar

      Kylie C 1 day ago

      This is my first comment. I've waited very patiently until now, but it's getting ridiculous. I have no tracking number for the 3 devices I ordered. It sounds like the product isn't particularly great anyway, but I'd still like to receive what I paid for. I receive update after update telling me the tracking numbers will be sent soon, but still nothing. Please provide a real update on when I can expect to receive my tracking number and products.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bianca Jaeck 1 day ago

      @creator no tracking number here as well...

    18. Leon Schwarz 1 day ago

      I still didn't received anything. No tracking info and no product...

    19. Missing avatar

      John Hallbäck 1 day ago

      @creator tracking information pleas!

    20. Missing avatar

      KTN 1 day ago

      @creator: no tracking number yet....

    21. Missing avatar

      Tamara Sterchi 1 day ago

      @creator: I miss my tracking-number too...

    22. kyril1217
      1 day ago

      I received it now @Creator Thanks

    23. blo technology Creator 1 day ago

      @Kyril1217 @Lim Edouard @Mel @Debi thank you for your support. We sent an email with your tracking information. Please let us know if you didn't receive. Thank you and have a good day.

    24. kyril1217
      1 day ago

      Same here no news about tracking

    25. Missing avatar

      lim edouard 1 day ago

      If I don't receive any news from you during next week I contact my credit card number to get refund ...

    26. Mel On KS
      2 days ago

      @Jason Rogers - Good point.

      But this needs to go further than KS in that BLO TECH should not be a company nor selling dud devices that do not work. They need to be closed down if all the reviews below of it being bad are valid.

    27. Mel On KS
      2 days ago

      Still nada. No tracking number or delivery,

      Not even a response to the KS email I sent which was very short and to the point.

      This should be "Blo Blo blow your BLOAT".

    28. Missing avatar

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
      2 days ago

      @Jason Rogers Not true. Yes, Kickstarter makes it very difficult for you to get a refund on your own saying it's in the t&t blah blah. But if you use a good credit card you just put a dispute and your card will simply give you the refund. Kickstarter WILL fight the dispute but you will win the dispute guaranteed. We live in the US where there's clear consumer protection laws. There's no oops you got scammed sorry!

      So if you are unhappy and the seller doesn't work nothing out just dispute it with your credit card. People are just so dumb seriously.

    29. Lonnie Paton 2 days ago

      I received an email with a tracking number on the 13th of August. Today is the 18th and the tracking says it is still in Hong Kong. No idea where it actually is, so much for tracking numbers.

    30. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      I asked the credit card company on Augasut 8. I also report to kickstarter, but there was only a template answer there.

    31. Debi Duke 3 days ago

      I have left several messages in reference to my order I need to find out where it's getting shipped to I have not received any information on this product if you could please email me or leave me a message about this thank you so much Debi Duke

    32. Mark sterbenz 3 days ago

      Finally got my tracking #, probably gonna take 2 more wks before I see it tho

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruce Boettjer 3 days ago

      Im sure it is overwhelming to have to fulfill so many orders for this product (you are a victim of your own success). Kickstarter is all about giving the little guy a chance. From a customer point of view, I am very disappointed - not because I haven't received a tacking number (I haven't), but because of the very poor communication that makes me feel like I should have received my tracking number by now. Procuring large amounts of anything is difficult. Quality control in delivering a consistent product is difficult. IT is imperative that you not lose your customer base through misleading communications that lead to incorrect expectations. I would be satisfied with a late delivery, if someone simply communicated that my delivery would be late. Life happens, deal with the challenges in a way that brings your customers with you and you will have repeat business - I am currently falling into the 'will not return' category.

    34. Philipp Joppke 4 days ago

      Very, very poor execution from all standpoints. The final product is useless due to its noise and I'm sure everyone (incl. the project owners) agree. There's no way you can use it in public (unless you simply don't care at all about others). You might be able to use it in a generally loud environment such as a concert but that's about it. Delivery took ages and I had to pay an additional 12€ custom fee on top of it...

    35. Xyrus Chan 4 days ago

      I in hong kong received mines. However, it doesn't cool or ever i cannot feel the air flow. The noise is pretty high for me. If i had one more chance, i would keep my money in wallet.

    36. Gary Leung 4 days ago

      Got an email about it yesterday with the tracking number. Received my package today. I'm located in Hong Kong.

    37. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Backer 6071 located in hong kong. No sign of tracking number

    38. Missing avatar

      Rohani Kamso 4 days ago

      Still no sign of a tracking number for me either!

    39. Missing avatar

      Graham McKie 4 days ago

      If, like me, you're trying to find how to track your parcel, the site to visit is:

      As these are the actual couriers - this is the link that I am assuming should have been included in the update email.

      However, I've had a look at the Trustpilot reviews for this outfit and I'm not expecting this stage to go smoothly at all!

    40. Missing avatar

      Tamara Sterchi 4 days ago

      Wish I even had a tracking number...

    41. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Brown 4 days ago

      Just wondering if anyone else is have trouble with their tracking number? It shows as pending, says I have to wait as the item has not yet been received or scanned by the courier... Although they did say my postage was with Singpost and Sing post is not one of the couriers I can select... I assume the meant Singapore post!?

    42. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Brown 4 days ago

      I agree with Jason Rogers, I received my tracking number for the first time today, when I click on it all I get is Pending!

    43. Rey Lim 4 days ago

      It has been months. We’ve been patient. This is already getting embarrassing. Your backers deserve better treatment. Stop the blame game - just get the products out to us so we can all move on and forget about this horrible kickstarter experience with blö.

    44. David Rivera 4 days ago

      blö still blows! This campaign is garbage!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jason Rogers 4 days ago

      I love how I just got an email saying I’m one of the first backers to receive my blo and I already received my tracking number.

      I never received a tracking number, and if I was one of the first to receive my product why am I just now getting a tracking number? These guys are in way over their heads. But I guess I’ll finally receive what I paid for. Even if it is a piece of crap.

      Lol. Worst Kickstarter I’ve ever been a part of. Thank god it wasn’t a high dollar amount. Good luck everyone else.

    46. Hiang Tat Tan 5 days ago

      Completely a scam/fraud

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel Su Hui Shang 5 days ago

      Do email me the tracking number too.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Su Hui Shang 5 days ago

      Hi. Message from Singapore. Can your side people trace where is my good at the moment?

    49. Missing avatar

      tan yih heer 5 days ago

      From Singapore,still no tracking no.

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