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fund the second collection of the internet comic "pictures for sad children" the book will be titled "sad pictures for children"
1,073 backers pledged $51,615 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. L.Brady on

      CRUEL MACHINE! I say and I mean, whilst not particularly mean in spirit -no. Let us say but two things here: Pudding without udders is a terrifying thing, not that they need to exist at the same moment in time, in the same room. I say, if you just pictured actual udders poking dips into yer pudding . . . I fear for your sanity -yr sanitation, even. I did have a wondrous idea for those who want nay wasp, note: open package and tip it over a garbage tin. Voila, bow, curtsy... but do be careful!! If y're adamant on 'no dead wasp' -y'might get a live one!! (and note: udders may hang low but they do not ever low, they has no mouth there - not yet.)

    2. L.Brady on

      Oh, yes -it was January 2013 when my heart collapsed wholey/holy/utterly and with lowing udders in regard that there

    3. Matt on

      If you don't eat yer wasp, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer wasp?!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Congdon on

      I would prefer not to have a dead wasp. I'm sure customs would make a fuss and I'd never even see my copy. Is it at all possible to have them removed from specific copies?

    5. patashnik on

      The prodigal son returns!

    6. Missing avatar


      i am excited for my wasp

    7. Chris Vermeers on

      For people who are worrying about changed addresses, go over to the sidebar on the right over there, look at the pledge level that you are attached to. You'll see a link that says "Survey sent [date]: Your Response". Click on "Your Response", then a little pop-up window will come up. In it, it says "If you need to make a change, please send a message to john campbell". Click on that, and you can send a message to john campbell. Now, don't you feel like the world is trying to help you?

      I want my wasp to suffer for love. Art. Whatever. Better to die for art than for the hive.

    8. Missing avatar

      Grant on

      I only want a dead wasp if it died of natural causes surrounded by its immediate family achieving enlightenment just as the last spark of electricity flickers and leaves its corpse forever.

    9. Ian Linkletter on

      I'll have all the dead wasps other people didn't want. Give me like, a hundred dead wasps.

    10. Missing avatar

      wjon on

      I'm in favour of dead wasps. Always.

    11. Missing avatar

      mitchbee on

      I'm not so sure here about the dead wasp idea.
      1. Australia has very strict customs regarding animal products, especially when said product is an insect, so my package may never reach me if customs catches it.
      2. Are the wasps found, or have they been killed specifically for going in the book? Personally I don't want to fund a project that involves the death of a couple of thousand creatures for no discernable reason. I would prefer to receive no insect in mine, or receive no book at all if that is not an option.

    12. Eric Mill on

      Aren't you running into some sort of weird regulations by sending out a book with a dead insect in it? I feel like there's some sort of health controls applicable here.

    13. Zach Mason on

      I would pay extra for a wasp-less copy.

    14. Adam Lans on

      Great to see some progress. Can't wait to receive the book!

    15. Brad Dancer

      hmmm..not very waspy shaped

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Jon Peck on

      your affinity for Buster Ketaon has been observed, documented, and indexed for further investigation.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Acosta on

      I've moved since last spring - will there be an updated survey to make sure we have the right address on record? Will the book and the "bonus" be sent together? I never received the bonus original.

    19. Missing avatar

      Don Collins on

      ding ding ding threat has been detected