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fund the second collection of the internet comic "pictures for sad children" the book will be titled "sad pictures for children"
1,073 backers pledged $51,615 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Angel Vidal on

      Well, he said year-and-a-half late, so that'd mean he's from 2013. I personally think he's just pretending to be a time traveler for profit because if he were right, it would mean the books are going to arrive before the end of his year, which is not what John Campbell said would happen, and we all know Ghost Trains always arrive on time. Q.E.D.

      Of course, he could have said that with the explicit intention that we believe that he's pretending to be a time traveler for profit which would mean he's pretending to be pretending to be a time traveler for profit. But once you go that route, it's turtles all the way down, and no pretending to be pretending to be a time traveler person would do that because it would risk causing a recursive paradox that would fold into itself and cry in a corner all night.

      Trust me, I've been pretending to be a time traveler detective for profit for a while.

    2. Daniel Jo on

      So which year are you from, Johnathan?

    3. Jonathan McGaha on

      I guess I should say it feels a year late. Or maybe I'm lying about being a time traveler for profit and I'm sorry.

    4. Jonathan McGaha on

      In an earlier update he said "My new book will be available before the end of the year and I hope you like it. Your rewards will come to you around the same time as the book."

      Which means only about 70 or fewer more meandering, yet entertaining in a somewhat macabre way, updates to read before this year-and-a-half late Kickstarter finally achieves fruition.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nico Dyll on

      Are you still working on this project?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Wininger on

      Update: John has been dead this whole time

    7. Jonathan McGaha on

      I wonder if the person who backed at the thousand dollar level enjoys feeling negatively.

    8. Teri-Ann Carryl on

      John, I like your comics. I find your humor entertaining. I am not particularly concerned with the updates or the pretending to be pretending. I am, however, concerned with whether or not my friend received a disparaging email from you. He tells me he hasn't. While he may be lying, or simply mistaken, it'd be nice to bcc backers who chose the option. Okay. That is all.

    9. rcrantz on

      this was kind of awesome.

    10. patashnik on

      @Louise A. Bergeron: I believe this is an experiment of his, either to supplement his book, or for his own amusement. I can't blame him, as I would do the same, although if the book never arrives then that's not what I'd do, and I'll torment john on a virtual basis.

    11. patashnik on

      Well, that's me decided that I definitely love john campbell on a spiritual level, and that he's some kind of prophet. However, I'm not sure about things necessarily changing - it's my mantra that things can change, but they rarely truly do.

      Whoever thought Kickstarter could get so metaphysical?

    12. Scott Rakoczy on

      I've recieved my copies in spiritual form already. Suckers.

    13. Raven Morier on know, none of the rewards explicitly mention physical or individual copies. Hmm.

    14. Missing avatar

      Louise A. Bergeron on

      How to make sense of these words. Contradictions.
      Update: I've been Pretending to be Depressed.
      Update: I've been Pretending to be Pretending to be Depressed...
      Update: No one can Pretend...
      So, having done what I needed to do today, I read Updates, again, and read the following:
      "I've done a lot of soul-searching and now believe it is my calling to be the first "artist" to admit to an audience "I've been pretending to be depressed."
      I've spoken with a handful of others who are interested to see where this experiment goes. As far as any of us can remember, no one's tried coming clean about this."
      So, are you saying all this, let's just label it philosophical satire, is an experiment? If so, where is the validity of a Kickstarter project creator using his project page as a forum for debates and experiments?
      Based on controversial updates having absolutely nothing to do with fulfilling the terms of the contract (offer and acceptance) we entered into. You and the project's backers knew the terms. You remember: on the date the project ends, funds will be taken out of backers' accounts and you get you funding. In return, you will write a book and we will have it by the stated date.
      I don't know you. I've never read you. I'm not mad at you, I'm not mad at me. I'm not being mean, I am a fair person and like seeing fairness in others. I think you should nix spending your days Pretending to Pretend to the point of exhaustion and get on with tending with your commitments.
      Unless it is your intention to present your book in the unconventional form of Updates.

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Funyuns give me gas, and sometimes I cry.

    16. Barney on

      @Walker Waits by all accounts he's having a whale of a time. Did you buy the new book? I reckon that's going to be full of alienating existential absurdism too (going by previous record)…

    17. Missing avatar

      Walker Waits on

      Please, please, go off the internet. I will greatly miss your wonderful work but this is not a healthy place for you. These public messages do nothing but reinforce the loop. Take some time, do something else, work with someone on a project at their direction; you may not know what else will work but it's pretty clear this isn't working for you.

    18. Chris McCollister on

      I want to give you even more money.

    19. Khrisnege on

      Who shot who in the what now? Or, more formally, who shot whom in the what now?

      Can't wait to get your book.

    20. Andrew Reuter on

      John is a big fat phony. I saw him in Wicker Park the other day exiting his BMW i class, he was wearing aviator shades; snake skin cowboy boots and had two very expensive looking prostitutes under his arms (one of them was even white). Word around town is that he doesn't even illustrate his own work, I've been told that he pays an Indonesian a nickle per panel to draw stick figures then just uses them to recycle old Dilbert material. I think it's safe to say that we've all been had, John's taken our money and squandered it on hookers and cocaine...well played sir. My only regret is I wasn't able to take part in the choking. I WANT MY GODDAMNED MONEY BACK YOU CHARLETON!!! If you wake up to find your bedroom engulfed in flames let there be no question where the Molitov cocktail came from. Watch your back asshole, you've been warned.

    21. Missing avatar

      EmoSeal on

      "I feel like I'm confused and that everyone being so upset about all this makes me a bit upset and I also feel like I love everyone." - pretty much explains my feelings, too - i love your work and i'm sorry there's all this weird backlash right now and if you'd like to hug, i'm down and i'm still so excited about getting mail from you sometime.

    22. Andrew Polk on

      ahahahahaha john i love yr shit

    23. Missing avatar

      Bicro on

      Who is upset? It is the weekend, and for today, everything is rad.

    24. Missing avatar

      Hao Lian on

      john campbell you're way too handsome to be depressed

    25. Dara Korra'ti on

      I think less a Turing test and more a Markov chain.

      Which is an amusing pivot, I mean, from a Kaufman gambit. Next up: intelligent spambot? Who can tell?

    26. Missing avatar

      achrist1 on

      Is this a turing test?

    27. Adam Lans on

      I feel like I'm confused and that everyone being so upset about all this makes me a bit upset and I also feel like I love everyone.

    28. Colin J. MacDougall on

      No bad I find this unacceptable bad lame no