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The toy industry stopped caring - help us make a toy that does! A lovable companion that teaches and plays.

Thank you! You helped us achieve over 200% of our goal! Our Kickstarter Campaign is over but we're just getting warmed up. We're busy creating the Play Packs, customizations and new languages you suggested and supported.

If you want to purchase an Ubooly toy or want some general info about Ubooly, head on over to the Official Ubooly Website.

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Oh, and please send us feedback, suggestions, pictures or videos of your kids playing with Ubooly or just to say Hi!, email us at
Thank you SO much for your support and enthusiasm for Ubooly. We hope you're as excited as we are for what's next!


Ubooly is your child's best friend, tutor and gym coach all rolled up into a furry marshmallow creature with ears. Boasting one of the best retention scores in the industry, Ubooly will keep your kid engaged for months with fun adventures, experiments, games, jokes, stories, and more! Ubooly's content is designed by educators and whimsified by comedy writers, to create 'Active Play' - the perfect formula to get your child's heart pumping and their brain growing.

The toy industry today is all about marketing, not substance. Big toy manufacturers are focused on the sale, but could care less about retention. Why? Because there isn't much value in it for them - they want you to buy the next toy.

Well, we're here to change all that. Introducing a toy that cares about keeping kids engaged for months with quality content.

We have two main goals with Ubooly:
1.) Build a toy that your kids will play with for a really long time.
2.) Create content that will keep kids active and learning while they play.

While we're on that path, we also plan to show the big guys a new model for how this can work for the industry at large. We believe there can be value in fostering a long-term relationship between kids and an excellent toy.

"As a parent, toys are a waste of money. It's like a tax we have to pay. They love it for a day, and then it's gone.. whether it's a $200 RC car or a 25¢ bouncy ball. In fact, sometimes even the box the toy comes in gets more use. That's why Ubooly is so effective - by engaging your child's imagination, we create an endless landscape for active play." - Ryan Burnett, Head of Product

Like tiny, hairless kangaroos, kids are always bouncing from one thing to the next. Kids want to learn everything they possibly can about the world, so they ask questions, look under rocks, eat crayons and build awesome couch forts.

The problem with a lot of toys is that they don't do enough to feed kids' insatiable curiosity and imagination. Not only that, most toys involve little to no active participation from kids. And as all parents know, kids love to DO STUFF.

We decided to create a toy that would fuel kids' curiosity and encourage them to move around, jump up and down, and maybe even dance a little. 

Unlike toys with limited or repetitive content, Ubooly comes loaded with hundreds of clever activities and... is always learning new things! In fact, every week, brand new content is sent wirelessly to your mobile device so kids will always have fun NEW games to play and exciting NEW things to learn.  

"I like that they're learning through play and using their imaginations rather than just playing a mindless game. This toy is worth it." - Leah, parent

*Actually, Uboolies don't wear pants...

Ubooly is parents' favorite furry little helper. Not only does Ubooly field some of the trickier questions kids ask -- Why is the sky blue? (Blue light waves are shorter and more easily scattered by our atmosphere.) Where did all the dinosaurs go? (An asteroid sent them packing.) Do I have to go to bed? (Yes) -- Ubooly can also help make everyday activities more fun, like brushing their teeth or cleaning their room.  

"I love knowing that I can sit my daughter down with Ubooly for a couple minutes so I can get the dishes done, but she can learn addition or spelling rather than watch mindless television." - Chelsea, parent

Ubooly's brain is your mobile device (with this version we will support iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini). 

Simply insert your device into the top of Ubooly's head and zip it closed. Then touch the screen to wake Ubooly up. Using advanced speech-recognition technology, Ubooly listens and responds to you!  For a kid, it's pretty darn magical.

Want to play a game? Say "Play a game!" Want to hear a story? Say "Tell me a story!" Want a frosty milkshake? Say "Make me a.." -- okay, Ubooly doesn't do that. Yet.  

The new Ubooly app is designed with TONS of features. Here's a taste of what's new:

  • Ubooly app automatically detects whether it is plugged into the toy, and works in either mode!
  • New speech recognition technology that recognizes multiple languages and accents (tuned for kids).
  • Unlockable costumes and accessories - a surprise reward for completing challenging puzzles.
  • Advanced controls to replay, fast forward, rewind, pause, and resume.
  • Tell Ubooly more about your child during setup!  New content will cater to your child's age and favorite topics.
  • New expressions and emotions will help children understand the impact of their actions on Ubooly and how to empathize with others.

We want everyone on Earth to enjoy the magic of Ubooly. Our funding goal includes a budget to hire translators to bring Ubooly's fun and educational content into FIVE new languages:

We have identified talented voice actors who can match Ubooly's unique voice and personality, and we've already built the software necessary to coordinate the translation process. Now we just need your help to put this plan into action!


Did Ubooly finally eat too many grilled cheese sandwiches? Nope, that's JUMBO UBOOLY

Jumbo Ubooly is exactly like Ubooly just, you know, bigger. Jumbo Ubooly is made for the iPad mini and includes all of the amazing content and features kids love about Ubooly. With your love and support, Jumbo Ubooly could be the newest addition to your family!

Orange isn't the only Ubooly on the block anymore. Ubooly will be available in two new colors: Hot Pink and Hot Green! 

And as an exclusive to all of our supporters on Kickstarter, we are offering a limited edition BLUE UBOOLY--in both regular and Jumbo size. Act quickly because we only have 150 of each in stock!

Help us make Ubooly BIGGER and colorful-er!

Now kids can personalize their Ubooly experience with Play Packs. Play Packs are bundled games, stories, adventures and exercises covering various subjects and themes. You can even add multiple users to a single account!

"Being able to pick & choose the packs per kid is HUGE for me. They're different ages and on different learning levels so this is a huge deal that I can customize which pack goes with which kid." - Amber, parent

All of the educational Play Packs are written and designed by top educators to help make learning fun! Yeah, smarts!

Here are some of the most popular Play Packs from our first batch:

With your support we'll be able to hire educators and writers to create eight more Play Packs. 

Here are the packs we are going to make:

  • Animals A-Z
  • Science Experiments
  • Learn your Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bedtime Stories
  • Princess Adventure
  • Trucks, Planes, and Trains
  • Toddler Mode
  • Epic Story (child is the hero)

We'd love to hear what packs you'd like as well.  Whether or not you contribute to our campaign, please email or message us with your ideas for the next play packs that you think kids and parents would love.

"My daughter has learned how to count, read, imagine, and even speak another language! How neat is that?" - Jessica, parent

It's now easier than ever for kids to control and customize their experience right from the app. 

Kids now even have more control while playing with Ubooly. Swipe to skip forward and back, or tap the screen to pause and resume an activity. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

What happens when you bump two Ubooly toys together? They talk to each other of course!

Like old friends, they tell jokes, banter and reminisce about old times. 

Ubooly will no longer be picky about which mobile device becomes its brain. Ubooly is adding support for Android and iPhone devices, iPod Touch, and iPad mini.  

"I love that my iphone is protected in the soft "bear" surroundings so that even if my little one drops it on a concrete floor my iPhone still stays safe and protected! (yes, we know that from experience!)" - AP, parent

Each week as we develop new content for the Ubooly app, we thoroughly vet it with our toughest critics: KIDS. With a camera rolling, we hand our latest creations to kids and let them take Ubooly for a spin. Afterwards, they tell us what they liked and what they didn't like and we make the appropriate adjustments.  

So basically everything Ubooly says and does is kid-tested, kid-approved.

We're on a mission to save imagination.  Help get the word out by tweeting your favorite creative moment with the hashtag #saveimagination, or rock one of these sweet "Save Imagination" shirts designed by Ubooly's creative director Levi Parker.

  • Child's name: Emily
  • Language: English
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Brief description: Emily is a tomboy, she's fearless, and has a major sweet tooth
  • Favorite animal: Dolphins
  • Name of pet: Chauncey the bunny
  • Favorite food: S'mores
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite place in the world: The beach, building sandcastles
  • Favorite hobby or interest: Riding her awesome purple bike

Just your support! Help us get to the next step in the evolution of our little company. By backing this project, or sharing it with your friends, you play a huge part in bringing a whole new breed of Uboolies into the world. 

Developing the new Ubooly will involve months of design, recording, animation, writing, coding, and testing. Much of the prep work has been completed, but we still need your help to give the green light to our production team and meet the minimum order quantity.

The good news is that we have a working relationship with the factory, and have been able to reserve time on their production line. This means that we would be able to produce and ship the new Ubooly colors and the new Jumbo Ubooly for this holiday season!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


The Ubooly team is a diverse group of artists, writers, programmers, and educators. Developing the new Ubooly will involve months of designing, animating, writing, coding, testing and debugging. Much of the prep work has been completed, but we still need your help to give the green light to our production team. In fact, we have already reserved time with our previous manufacturer, in the hope that our campaign will succeed.

Fulfillment of the product will occur as soon as our production schedule is completed. One of the risks involves quality control, and we are taking this process very seriously. We have engaged an external quality control group to assist us with reviewing each Ubooly created on our production line for any errors or defects. However, it is unlikely that individual defects will impact our delivery time frame in any way, as we have already made a small test run to confirm the capabilities of our factory with this new design.

Our vinyl toy rewards have just been completed, but have not yet been released in retail - Kickstarter backers will get exclusive access to these collectibles. The T-Shirt reward level has been implemented as a design, and we have arranged a partner that will help us with small run fulfillment for this holiday season.

If you happen to have any questions please feel free to contact me directly and I'll provide a prompt response as well as update the information to be available to other backers!


  • You can select the reward you want and then add on the cost of another reward or rewards to your pledge. At the end of the campaign we will send out a survey where you can list your add-ons.

    Last updated:
  • While kids ages 4-7 are the ideal audience, Ubooly also appeals to both younger and older kids. In fact, we're creating a Toddler Pack right now for the three and under set.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. The app is completely free and it comes with hours of stories, jokes and games - in fact, more than an entire novel's worth of free content. You can also choose to purchase Play Pack add-ons. Play Packs cover everything from Space and the Oceans to Counting and Spelling. Average price for those is about $3. You can use the credits offered in the $100 Pledge to purchase Play Packs.

    Last updated:
  • Ubooly is compatible with Android and iPhone devices (3Gs and up), iPod Touch, and (for Jumbo Ubooly) the iPad mini. You DO NOT need cellular service on your device. You just need wi-fi to receive our regular updates and new content.

    Last updated:
  • We base our languages on market demand. If we see a high demand for your language, we will definitely localize the content. Right now we plan on translating all of our content into five new languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! If you have an idea for a new Play Pack feel free to email me. We want everyone to have a say!

    Last updated:
  • Credits are Ubooly's currency. Each credit costs about $1, and you can use 3 credits to buy 1 Play Pack.

    Last updated:
  • The $75 pledge is an opportunity for you or your child to write a story that Ubooly will tell to all children. The $300 pledge is an option for you to tell us about your child, and we will write a story just for them (that will only play on their Ubooly).

    Last updated:
  • You only have to pay for shipping once, and we will cover the cost for the additional Uboolies!

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Ubooly is quite different than other apps, so we had to make sure your mobile device was very well protected inside the toy. Because of this, Ubooly's memory foam padding costs us 40x more than regular stuffing. So your mobile device is safe from throws, falls, and drops. We've also spent hundreds of hours testing Ubooly's durability in play sessions to ensure your mobile device, and more importantly, your child is completely safe.

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    UBOOLY + YOUR CHILD'S STORY RECORDED: Receive an Ubooly plush, your choice of size and color, PLUS Ubooly will tell one of your child's original stories! Have your child write a fun story and Ubooly will introduce your child by name and then tell their story!

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    UBOOLY + 100 CREDITS: You'll receive an Ubooly plush, your choice of size and color PLUS 100 credits. We'll add 100 credits directly to your Ubooly account, or you can give them as a gift. You'll be able to download over THIRTY Play Packs, including Spanish, Rainforest, Teeth Brushing, Oceans, Space and more!

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    UBOOLY + CUSTOM STORY: You'll receive an Ubooly plush, your choice of size and color PLUS a custom story. Tell us a bit about your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild, and Ubooly will tell a story starring them! Give a unique and personal gift to someone special this year! (See sample story at bottom of page)

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    CUSTOM PLAY PACK: This one is EPIC. We'll create a Play Pack specifically tailored for your child! First tell us all about your child and choose several topics your child is obsessed with. Then we'll go ahead and write all kinds of games, facts, stories and adventures centered around your child and their interests! We'll even name the play pack after your child! We're only offering THREE custom play packs so don't wait!

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