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Ordinary dice are, well...ordinary. Make yours extraordinary and customize your game with Daft dice, dice towers/cups, and gold dice!
Ordinary dice are, well...ordinary. Make yours extraordinary and customize your game with Daft dice, dice towers/cups, and gold dice!
204 backers pledged $10,660 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Jacobsen on

      Got mine yesterday
      They look great, especially the flat boxes
      Assembly was a problem however, at least for the acrylic ones
      I had two different colors
      The green acrylic went together fine, I just need to trim the tabs on one side of one die with an x-acto knife
      For the blue acrylic however, I had to trim the tabs on every side of every die
      I apparently didn't trim them enough because they were still so tight that I broke two of them

    2. Kenneth R. Lee on

      I love the business cards, they're gorgeous. You guys have been a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much!

    3. Peter McAndrew on

      Cool. I probably won't be handing these out very frequently, so not urgent that I get the second set.

    4. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      Peter! Well crap... sorry about only getting 1 of your 2 sets in the package. We'll cut another set and get those in the mail to you. Thanks for letting us know!

    5. Peter McAndrew on

      Some of my business cards arrived yesterday. I'm guessing there were two packages.

    6. Galit

      Just got mine today! Yay! Nicole was right.... it was SO much fun to put together! Thanks Daft! =)

    7. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on


      It sounds like we sent you a 19mm box instead of a 22mm box. We will get you a new box. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    8. Epic Duck Studios on

      Got my dice and dice box assembled last night, went together quite well. Only downside, the dice box only holds 6 dice - it's about 3mm too short on the inside to hold the 4th row. Might take a rubber mallet and see if I can tighten the dice up a bit, I think they're not quite perfectly snug yet, which could be taking up the difference.

    9. David Luk on

      Off the top of my head, nothing. You stated the value of the package correctly and even if you had marked it as a "Gift", the value would've warranted some attention.

      Perhaps a reminder in the future to those who order from your northern neighbor that duties may be levied would be useful.

    10. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      @Kenneth- Thanks for your understanding! It's been a great learning curve... (It's amazing how much you can learn in 1 campaign) @David- Oh man, duties crossing the boarder? That sucks royally... Is there something we could have done on our end to help prevent that?

    11. David Luk on

      Got dinged with some solid duties with my package crossing into Canada. While I would've preferred not to pay an additional 20+ dollars on top of my 15$, I am glad my package did come in.

    12. Kenneth R. Lee on

      I really appreciate your getting back to me on this so quickly. I understand completely that the custom stuff can be a bear to get done and I appreciate your diligence in making sure everything is done right. You guys have been nothing but awesome to me and I don't want you to think I'm mad or anything. Just a bit of a worry-wart. You're doing excellent, especially compared to some other pledges I've made. Be well!

    13. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      Kenneth! Yes! okay this is a poor excuse, but because of how @#$% complicated we made this campaign, it has in fact taken us longer than expected for Anything custom, as well us some of the Add-on stuff not original factored, etc. yada, yada. But is no excuse for it not getting there yet... Yours in particular Kenneth will in fact be going out this coming Tuesday. (had to re-do some cards) That being said, we are putting everything future related on hold until we get EVERY single last dice pledge out the door. So fingers crossed (and a lot of sweat and tears) every single one will be done by end of next week. Again, thank you for believing in us, and please send us a note with any of your concerns.

    14. Kenneth R. Lee on

      It's been just over three weeks since I received the email letting me know that I was getting delayed. Is there any update on the production schedule for my items?

    15. Mercedes (Mandy)

      Mine just arrived in Japan, and OOOOOOO the business card dice look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thank you so much Daft Dice :)
      I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!!

    16. Nicole Levine on

      these were SO MUCH FUN to receive and put together! Love it so much, and thank you for the extra fun thrown in. This was a fabulous experience, thank you.

    17. David C Lawrence

      Just gone mine on return from Christmas travel. Look great! I've had only one problem, the base for the dragon box was cut such that it has "full" corners, rather than making the side slot by each corner extend all the way to the end. This means it can't be placed. (I can send a picture along if my description is unclear.) I'm thinking I'll just trim it flush with an Exacto knife. Yes?

    18. Bill De Franza on

      oh, and the extra one was a treat! Thanks!

    19. Bill De Franza on

      I must say, I absolutely adore my daft dice! Perfect fit, assembling them, and I love the smoky aroma! I hadn't occurred to me that would happen with the laser cutting, though it seems obvious in retrospect.
      Great job, Daft!

    20. Rebecca Richardson

      Got mine today. Just in time! Thanks, they're awesome. Randomly, btw, they smell fantastic!

    21. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      Hey Daftaroonies! About half of the shipments were sent on the seventh of December and the other half had one or more pieces that were not finalized with the original manufacturing run. After collecting all the data from the first run of shipping, our team has been producing all the remaining items. Tomorrow should mark the completion of the remaining orders besides maybe a few that need clarification. We appreciate all your patience and can't wait for you to start receiving your collections!

    22. Rebecca Richardson

      Wondering where we are on shipping. Love to give these as a (not so late) late Christmas gift.

    23. Ben Hillyard

      Has anyone received theirs yet?

    24. Kenneth R. Lee on

      Hope everything's going well. Not worried, just saying I'm excited!

    25. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      Hey everyone! We are Knee deep in production!(I'd say about 2/3rds the way done) and just wanted to let you know we'll be posting an update early next week with some pics of the hundreds of dice sets/towers/boxes/cups, etc. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    26. Rod Shelton

      Hows is the production going?

    27. Eli Pomerantz on

      I am reposting this from the update, to make sure it gets seen:

      I can't seem to add the plain, unthemed dice tower - when I try to click it, it says to pick an option, and the only option is the themed tower.... this is going to be a gift for a blind friend, who will appreciate a dice tower, but won't be able to see [and thus appreciate] a theme.... [plus I don't want to spring for the extra 4 bucks

      also, how best can I indicate that I want the zombie theme in the neon acrylic, and the ambigram in the orange acrylic?

    28. John GT

      Ah, glorious confusion...

      (1) I got a Whole Shebang. May my two sets of 4 dice be Backfilled Acrylic, or only Wood or regular Acrylic?

      (2) I added $5 for a set of 4 Backfilled Acrylic, intended for blue Numbers. I see nowhere to add this.

      (3) The Pop Culture Die: it won't let me add it if I just want the Wood option for $4. Is it only available as the extra "It's a Trap!" Tier for $5??

      This Backerkit stuff is intimidating and a bit off-putting. I hope it works better for you guys!

    29. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      Stephen, there isn't a way to do that within KS/BackerKit, but since we are good guys we'll make an exception;) if you want to sum up what you'd like in the last text box. (items/ themes, materials, etc) we'll make it happen.
      Rebecca, the flatpack dice box has an exact square profile. (for those who are wanting to save space) and the show case box has legs on the bottom with a lid that extends a couple of mm for a little bit more of a showy box. Does that make sense? if you look at the boxes on the add-on list on the home page, the picture is a little small, but you can see the difference.

    30. Rebecca Richardson

      And what's the difference between a themed flatpacked dice box and a themed show dice box?

    31. Stephen A D Paul on

      Is there any way to swap my pledge level on BackerKit? If it helps, I had more than enough on my KS pledge to cover the level I'd like to swap to. If not, I'll probably just have to change from the business cards I had planned to personal cards.

    32. Rebecca Richardson

      Thanks. Asked on backerkit too so ignore me there. :)

    33. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      You are exactly right, I just went in and fixed it. Should be good now! (fingers crossed)

    34. Rebecca Richardson

      I thought themed dice boxes were 8 bucks. That's what it says on the kickstarter anyway and when I try to choose it on the survey it says 14. What should I do?

    35. Ken Grazier :: Geek-Craft

      Oh, and #TodayIsAGoodDayToDie! Qapla'!

    36. Ken Grazier :: Geek-Craft

      Can't wait to see how everything turns out! #EggsHappen #geekcraft #chevee

    37. John Howard on

      Funded! SWEET! Thanks creators for these wonderful creations. And Thanks to the other 203 backers that made this Kickstarter a success. Also a big shout-out to the folks over at Dungeon Roll - A Dicey Dungeon Delve for recommending these folks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Dorsaz Mathias on

      Yahou ! you / we did it :)
      #EggsHappen #geekcraft

    39. Dale Taylor on

      Let's see if we get a last second backer: 204 $10,660 with 70 seconds to go.

    40. Nicole Levine on

      I am so excited for the soon-to-be-mine ambigram dice. I'm really glad this funded #geekcraft #eggshappen

    41. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      #overmybudgetandIdonotcare #eggshappen #geekcraft I added the $40 back.

    42. Tesh of Project Khopesh on

      Pretty crazy final day, but grats for pulling it off guys! Now to destress a little, aye? #EggsHappen #geekcraft

    43. Sam Wright

      Cool, just made it! #EggsHappen #geekcraft #TooManyHashtags

    44. Daft Concepts 8-time creator on

      You guys are amazing! Thanks for spreading the word and giving Daft Dice the final push it needed.
      We do have one question for you all...Who exactly is King Nick and how do we contact him in the next 55 min? LOL

    45. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      This is KILLING me. I really want to add $40 to my pledge for more business cards, but we really can't afford it right now. Are you guys doing BackerKit or something else that will let me add more in a few weeks? That will make it affordable and possible to do what I really do want to do.

    46. Missing avatar


      Glad to see this made it!
      #EggsHappen #geekcraft

    47. Sarah Reed

      I have to go to bed, but I'm so happy to see it's funded. I can't wait to see the fairy dice tower design!! :-D

    48. David Luk on

      It's a GOOOO!!

    49. Dale Taylor on

      Come on Neon Acrylic! #EggsHappen #geekcraft

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