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Starlight Inception is the rebellious stepchild of Wing Commander, X-Wing and Freespace 2, taking a fresh approach to a classic genre.
3,724 backers pledged $158,152 to help bring this project to life.

We made it!

We promised you something realistic and relevant.  We promised you something exciting, gritty and realistic...

...what we didn't know was that it would apply to the game AND the Kickstarter campaign.

Down to the wire, down to the last 26 minutes or so, it had to be like this - it couldn't be easy, because creation never is easy.  It is always borne of sweat, determination, sacrifice and raw will.  And you all demonstrated those qualities a hundred fold, backing this campaign and sticking with it as we learned our hard lessons about how to run a Kickstarter campaign properly.

It is so awesome to know that we have so many backers excited about what we're going to create together over the next year, and to know that you'll all have input into the process will make the development a joy.  We may not always please everyone, but we certainly will do our best to make a great space game.

And we had to hit some records today - I've heard (unconfirmed) that we were the 11th highest funded video game Kickstarter in the history of the site, and that's without even being a staff pick for one day!

I just want to give a shout out to my wife, Melissa, who was sooooo supportive through this, helping with the videos, giving me crap when I did stuff wrong, and keeping this thing on track.  Thank you!

Can I say it now officially?  You have all proven that the space sim genre is not dead.  Loud and clear!

Time to start lighting up the sky!

Our sincerest thanks,
Garry, and the Escape Hatch Team