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Starlight Inception is the rebellious stepchild of Wing Commander, X-Wing and Freespace 2, taking a fresh approach to a classic genre.
3,724 backers pledged $158,152 to help bring this project to life.

Changed upper pledge levels; you are having an impact

Hi -

In an effort to bring in more upper level backers, we've tweaked the upper level pledge levels to make them more attractive.  In addition, we've even lowered the pledge bar for fans to get involved with the game on a deeper level.  One other thing - we've relaxed the restriction on voice work to allow people from anywhere in the world to send in their voices.  We're relatively sure that our sound engineers can make this work, since most of these voices are going to be over a commsystem.  If not, we can work with you to get to a decent recording site.

We've added a cool $2500 tier that lets you have a more active role in the game, and create a character that becomes part of the mythology of the game, villain or hero.

And to the $5000 tier, we've added a Playstation Vita, preloaded with the game.  If you've drank the Hate-orade on Vita, this might just change your mind...

Our new/modified pledges:


Your voice in the game, plus all previous tiers. (must be able to get us a quality recording of your voice). in addition, a pilot in the game will have your likeness and name. Includes all previous reward tiers.



Become a senior ranking military officer (either USF or NAN) in the game. We'll use your likeness, your voice (must be able to get us a quality recording of your voice) and help you create a backstory for your character, and will find a way to integrate it into the story, immortalizing you as a figure in the campaign of World War IV. Includes all previous reward tiers, except the pilot reward



Lunch with Garry Gaber, David Arkenstone, and other members of the team, a Sony Playstation Vita preloaded with the game and all previous reward tiers - you'll just need to choose between being a pilot or senior ranking military officer in the game. (Includes deluxe hotel accommodations for two nights in Austin, Texas, and a limousine to and from the restaurant)


And if you check out the front page, I've written up an expanded description of the game in the "What is Starlight Inception" area.

Finally, you are having a big impact on the campaign, by spreading the word and (politely) asking journalists, bloggers and forums to notice us.  I've been on Reddit most of the day answering questions and I see just how big of a community we could be growing if we can just reaching.  You are the way to reach those folks, so please keep up the great work and let's make this game happen.

Have a great weekend.

Kindest Regards,


    1. Creator Matthew Larsen on April 20, 2012

      I share the sentiment of wanting to see this game get made. I've never been so invested (pun intended) in the development of a video game. Hopefully we can make it.

    2. Creator Xenophon on April 20, 2012

      I agree completely Gregory. It's been a busy week with Wasteland 2 and Banner Saga funding. Hopefully now that those are over people can give notice to some of the other excellent games trying to get funded.

    3. Creator Greg "Scorpio" Myers on April 20, 2012

      I've said it before and I'll say it again...this game deserves to be made. It will break my heart if it doesn't get funded. Hopefully when all the hooplah from Banner Saga dies down, we can get some of those guys to pitch in here as well. Stay positive Escape Hatch, this thing can still happen!