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Starlight Inception is the rebellious stepchild of Wing Commander, X-Wing and Freespace 2, taking a fresh approach to a classic genre.
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No Launch DLC (but it will be integrated into the game) - my bad

Posted by Escape Hatch Entertainment (Creator)

We've received a lot of negative comments about the launch DLC and want you to know we're listening and wanting to set this right.  We are integrating the two fighters and deleted mission into the game and will not do Launch DLC for this game.  And I promise never to do Launch DLC again.  Ever.

Oh and one other thing - so that the people who elected the $30 level (and beyond) don't feel like we diminished their reward, we are going to give any one at the $30 level and above all future DLC.

Kindest Regards,



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    1. sVnsilver Sand, Dream Traveller on

      @Bryy: I agree, the general reaction to Day 1 DLC has spun out of control. Some of the reasons founded.. and unfounded. I think part of the trick of making it more malleable is 1) transparency and communication explaining intentions and 2) labeling it something else like (I'm not sure, but Day 1 DLC has a bad rep).

      It's also true that it doesn't make sense to push such an idea when there's no similar games competing. The main goal of the release date DLC was to try to hook people into people pledging now. But the unique nature of the funding of this title (and other Kickstarters), it seems a backwards way of attempting it.

    2. Bryy Miller on

      @Nicholas: While I agree that Day 1 DLC makes no sense if you are not competing with another outlet, it should be up to them to make their fans okay with the DLC. Lunatics should not run asylums.

    3. Missing avatar

      JustAnotherFool on

      I was on the fence whether or not to pledge because I saw the launch DLC and I try to keep to 15$ pledges to avoid Kickstarter fatigue. When it changed to all future DLC I decided to make the leap as well as doing 30$ for it. DLC is only a negative when it is content which is withheld on launch IMHO. Additional content for games has always been traditionally available through expansion packs which were more financially viable in larger portions before the dawn of widely accessible broadband.

    4. Nicholas Russell on

      @Bryy Miller
      Trust me, they're probably better off listening to their fans now. Ever since EA tried to do it's DLC via unlocking content packaged on the disc the term's got a worse connotation than ever before. Any mention of those three letters is just inviting an army of angry nerds to go up in arms.
      Besides, why should launch dlc exist in the first place? The purpose of it is to add extra content so that you have a reason to play the game after beating it beyond just getting a higher score or simply to replay the game. When its available at launch it can't really fulfill this and, though is a nice buzz word, is more counterproductive than helpful as its taking people and resources away from developing the main game. Personally I'd rather them not bother with DLC at all until after the game has been released or at the very earliest close to the end of the development cycle. Give us a better main game rather than better dlc we may have to purchase later on.

    5. David on

      @Danual; I think people were less keen on 'launch' DLC; later DLC is fine. That said, I didn't complain, and bought the ME3 launch DLC that everyone hated :P

    6. Bryy Miller on

      Please don't let your fans bully you out of a potential revenue stream.

    7. Danual Stinnette on

      People are still complaining about DLC? I swear this generation of gamers have to be the most entitled bunch of brats I've ever come across. If the DLC is something essential to the game that really should have been in from the beginning, then I can understand the anger. However, complaining about launch DLC that adds to the experience and getting angry about it because you "feel" like you should get it from the get go? Seriously childish and everyone complaining should be ashamed of themselves. This is not EA we're talking about, this is a group of passionate people who have come to us for support. What's wrong with wanting to add some extra content for a price? Ridiculous.

    8. Archon on

      I was hesitant but now without having to pay for DLC, plus a DRM Free version and still a "kicking it forward" member, you've got my support !!
      Maybe a hi-res screen of what you want to deliver / achieve for the game would help. The "early prototype" in the video is too... early.

    9. Missing avatar

      Frederik D. on

      Right, because DLC ist really evil. Nowadays you pay the full price for a game, get only 30% of the value you got 10 years ago but can but little pieces like 5% value for 15$ each. And this right from the start. Not a year later as it has been 10 years ago, where you than didn't get just some new content that looks like it needed just 5 minutes to be made, but complete campains and so on.
      So thank you very much for not going the horrible DLC way (like golden poo 2012 winner EA).

    10. Kay Sindre Skogseth on

      That is vey vey nice

    11. Escape Hatch Entertainment Creator on

      Thank you. We are truly committed to listening to you all and doing what we can. We sincerely appreciate your help in making this dream come true! Garry, Melissa and the team at Escape Hatch Entertainment

    12. Christian Klass on

      Nice response! :-)

    13. David on

      Now that's how you respond to fan feedback! :-D