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The Obie Award Winning Secret City is a monthly salon/ceremony/show that provides beauty, 
wonder, joy and sanctuary to artists and creative people.
The Obie Award Winning Secret City is a monthly salon/ceremony/show that provides beauty, wonder, joy and sanctuary to artists and creative people.
135 backers pledged $17,410 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

pardon the onslaught of messages...

BUT, I had to tell you the amazing news -- have you seen the total pledged recently?? We're over $12,000!! That means since Sunday, we've DOUBLED OUR AMOUNT PLEDGED!! It's been so amazing to watch all of your pledges come in -- I get an email every time someone pledges. And it's better than Christmas, I tell ya', opening up to see who's pledged and to watch the numbers climb. It all feels so prosperous and lovely, knowing that the Secret City is being supported by so many amazing, kind, generous people. I'm truly humbled and deeply greatful.

Who knows what might happen in the next 11 days??? Let's keep going!!



What a Day!!

Incredible! We raised a thousand dollars today!! Fantastic. That means we're at 47% of our goal. And we still have 11 days left. I think once we hit the halfway mark, we'll start to gain some real momentum and more and more people will start pledging.

And, not only are the money numbers good, but the number of backers is GREAT!! We now have 72 people (that's you guys) who have pledged to the Secret City. That's really good to see.

So, THANK YOU ALL for an amazing day, and for your pledges...but also for your goodwill, and for spreading the word to your friends and family. I know that several of you who've pledged in the past several days are friends of friends, and it's incredible that you've expressed your faith in our project and our community.

To all of you, a good night. I'll check in again in on Wednesday. I have a feeling we'll break $7500 by then. Yippee!!



Hey there Kickstarters!

Thanks to you, we had an amazing week. Raising an additional $2000 + and bringing us to over $6000. That means we're at 40% of our goal -- $15,000 by August 14th. But, REMEMBER: IF WE DON'T RAISE THE WHOLE AMOUNT, WE DON'T GET ANY OF IT!!

So, today marks the crucial two week mark, and we're preparing to kick it into high gear. We have our last service of the season tomorrow, and I'll be doing a big push with all of the folks in attendance. We're going to have two computers on site, so people can make their pledges immediately following the service. Also, we're handing out fliers with information about the Kickstarter campaign, asking people to send an email to their friends and family, to spread the word about BUILDING A SECRET CITY.

Thank you all SO much for your support. If you haven't already, please consider spreading the word to your friends, you can send them to our page here on Kickstarter by cutting and pasting the link on the page itself. We're going to need all the help we can get!!

Thanks and love,



I know I already updated you guys today, but I had to share the news with you. We passed the $5000 mark today! It's a real milestone, that means we're over a third of the way to our goal, which means we made over $1250.00 today!! And we have 17 days left of our campaign.

What a difference a day makes, huh?? Thanks to all of you, and I mean ALL OF YOU, who've taken part so far, and for spreading the good word about The Secret City. it's going to be amazing to watch this groundswell take off!! Very exciting.

Look out, HERE IT COMES!!



The Latest!

Hey Everybody! We're about 2 and a half weeks away from our deadline, and we're a little under $4000. Everybody tells me that it's all about the last two weeks, so I'm hoping lots more folks will join us in the remaining time. Please spread the word to your friends and your community about The Secret City. It's going to take a lot of folks to get up the hill, but I know we can do it.

We have another service on Sunday, August 1st, and I'll make another announcement there...and then the final two weeks will be the big push to reach $15,000!! YAY!

Thank you all for your help and support, and for your belief in The Secret City.

More soon!