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The Obie Award Winning Secret City is a monthly salon/ceremony/show that provides beauty, 
wonder, joy and sanctuary to artists and creative people.
The Obie Award Winning Secret City is a monthly salon/ceremony/show that provides beauty, wonder, joy and sanctuary to artists and creative people.
135 backers pledged $17,410 to help bring this project to life.

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The Latest from The Secret City!

Hello there --

Happy fall! Wanted to share some very exciting news with you all, in case you haven't heard.
There was a wonderful feature about The Secret City in the New York Times this past Sunday!

Here's the link to the article:

In addition to the article, we also moved into our new home this last Sunday, and our first service of our 4th season was glorious!! Also, if you haven't seen it, our new website is up and running! Check that out, too:

Thanks for your support of The Secret City. We're growing, and it's a beautiful thing.



ps -- watch your mailboxes this month, for your thanks!

Hello dear funders!

Hi there --

I hope you're all enjoying your end of summer...
I, for one, am still reeling from the wonderful fundraising campaign!! Such excitement!

I wanted to write a quick report about what's happening with The Secret City.

We are gearing up for our fourth season, which means that we're planning the Manhattan Wonderwalk, which will take place on September 11th in NYC ( AND, we're prepping for our first service of the new season, Sunday, Sept. 26th...our theme will be TRANSFORMATION, AND we'll be in our new home by then. I think we've found a great space, and I'll write more once that's confirmed.

Wanted to tell you a bit about what's been happening with your gracious donations. First off, we'll be able to cover the rent for our new space!! Our new website will launch this weekend!! And, we've recently updated our computer system, which was desperately needed. I'm also meeting with a consultant tomorrow who'll be advising me on building some much-needed infrastructure for our burgeoning organization. Other things in the works are non-profit applications, copyright issues and grant applications. And you are responsible for all of this being able to happen.

We now have a volunteer once a week, and she's going to help me get to the rewards part of the Kickstarter campaign -- so we'll be getting thank yous and collages and prints and other goodies out to you soon. Your patience is most appreciated.

Thanks and all my best,



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Dear friends -

With 54 hours to go in our summer fund drive, I want to tell you how incredible this week has been. We reached our goal on Sunday, and since then we have gone on to raise an additional $1200!! This means that we will cover our Kickstarter expenses, and have a little bit left over. Thanks to all of you who pledged this week.

Our official stop time is Saturday at 4pm. I'll send out one last email blast tomorrow for anyone who might still want to pledge. And then we'll be finished.

Again, thank you ALL for your help and support -- it's not easy raising money in these times, and it's a testament to the passion and dedication of all involved that we have been able to reach our goal and then some.

Thanks and love,



Oh, you lovely, lovely people!!

WE DID IT!! We made our goal of raising $15,000 and we did it with 6 days to go! INCREDIBLE!!
This whole campaign has been a thrill, and a beautiful gift -- to watch all of your pledges come in and see the many people dedicated to helping us raise our much- needed money. WOW. I'm truly blown away.

AND, I bet you know what this means -- this means we have 6 more days to see if we can raise additional would be nice to cover our expenses here on I'm going to send another email blast tomorrow, and ask any folks who've been wanting to donate, but haven't yet, to make their move before the week is out.

BUT, that's all gravy...the most important part is over. And I'm filled with gratitude for you all.

I'll check in later in the week. Hope you're all having a wonderful summer weekend.





Hey everybody!

Well, what an amazing week we've had here on Kickstarter! We are now at $13,081, with 8 days to go! That's GREAT NEWS!! That means we have a little over a week to raise less than $2,000. We can do that, RIGHT??

One other great piece of news -- the Kickstarter team has put our project on their main page, which means that we are more likely to attract the general public who are just browsing the kickstarter website. This is a great time to send folks here, if you haven't's been amazing to see all the pledges that have come from people I've never met, and don't know, but who've been inspired by you and others to spread the word about the incredible community of The Secret City.

I'll be sending out one more major email blast on Monday, and we'll do one big final push. Feel free to attach the link on your facebook page, or on twitter. It really does have an impact.

Thank you THANK YOU, ALL, SO much for your support and enthusiasm. It's wonderful to feel such support for The Secret City, and for art and artists...

Wishing you all the best, and sending my deepest thanks,