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We help families in crisis by offering them shelter in our own home. Teach empathy, dispel stereotypes, and connect the Bible to today.
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Progress! Rewards in the making!

Posted by Lori Prentice (Creator)

We're moving forward!! Due to the tremendous increase in people coming to us for help over the last few months, the time frames in getting rewards out has been bumped back a little bit. Normally we offer our guest room in the winter, but when a pregnant mom and toddler call us in 105 degree heat, and when my pastor calls with a 75 year-old who needs to leave an abusive situation, how can I turn away?  I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Necklaces rewards made by a person who is homeless will be shipped no later than August 30th. Our illustrator, Brock Nicol, is working everyday this week trying to finish up the illustrations- he said just the Nativity scene alone has taken him up to a week in the past, and he had some of his friends dress up in sheets to give body placement and flow. We're chomping at the bit and have had lots of support along the way. Thank you!!

For those who have not been on our page here is a blogpost detailing events of the past week. Just a little glimpse into the type of ministry we lead, that we're hoping will further convince you we are trying our best, and reaching out even when it's hard.

Prayers needed. Even if you "don't know how to pray."

Just today I came across a family suffering some physical abuse, and the abuser now knows we are involved. He has been here at our home, where we shelter people in a wide range of circumstances. He knows we don't tolerate a person bleeding at the hands of an angry adult.

Of course I am a bit nervous about being involved. I think it is unwise to let your guard down and assume someone who has physically assaulted others will be in control if he has to deal with you. But then at the same time, I felt so proud when I found our young son had consoled that scared, bleeding person who had just been hurt, "That's against the law. You don't have to let that happen. He can go to jail for that."

I asked the mother, "If (the abuser) did that same thing to my son right now, what would you do?"

She replied in an instant, "Call the cops, of course!"

I replied softly, "Why does your son deserve less protection?"

I am humbled to have earned some trust with her- at first when I talked with her, she had been so confused and "didn't know how to pray." I asked if I could pray with her, and just hope I had the right words to just ask for peace and guidance and to see His Will clearly.

After praying with her, I went to my church to ask for them to protect my own family since we are starting to have some irrational people know where we live. We knew this was almost inevitable. I worried that someday an abuser would be on our property maybe looking to get to someone here or maybe mad at us for "turning them in" (which may or may not have been the case) or blaming us for giving the abused some strength to leave or take action or just be at peace.

Anybody who has to ask if I reported it doesn’t know me personally.

Thankfully, I feel strong and safe and do not feel threatened at this time. I pray, but I also do my part and plan and try to have street smarts instead of just an open, naïve heart.

I didn't even finish typing this post asking for these prayers, when a phone call came in. This person is terminally ill and tells me "I am worth more dead than alive."She pleads with me for sanctuary here at our home, though my heart aches when I tell her I have no space. She tells me sadly, "My only option is to move in with the guy who I know will beat me." I prayed together with her, and a half hour conversation later took her name and number hoping I would find some place where she would stay. I actually hate doing that since I think we are the only ministry within an hour's drive taking in people in crisis, and in the past I have never found another place for someone. I don't want to give false hope. Her voice broke as we were hanging up the phone. "I'm at the end of my rope. I'm just so weary."

So this has been a wake up call to me who for the past several days has been focusing on color-coordinating school folders and getting in a few last visits to the pool. Usually we take in people during the off-season, but people hurt all year-round. My kids watched TV today.

Thank you Lord for giving me the privilege of looking out for children, the elderly, the weak and the weary. To those of you who have taken time to read this far, please pray to protect my family and those families in desperation who cross our path. Please pray to soften the hearts of people who look the other way when those in true need come knocking. Please pray that those who use physical abuse in order to get control open their eyes and find you.

Please share. We can use the prayers, even from people who "don't know how to pray."


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