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Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
1,708 backers pledged $151,562 to help bring this project to life.

Update #7: Sticker & Pin Pack Upgrade FAQ

Posted by Erick Scarecrow (Creator)

We wanted to do a quick update for Backers to clarify how the upgrades for pin packs and stickers work for those backing under the $75 tier. We had some questions in the comments pop up that notified us of some inconsistencies in our info, about upgrades so we wanted to make a post to all Backers and we’ll be adding this info to the FAQ at the bottom of the main page.

Basically, If you backed at a level where we're not shipping you something physical, each upgrade is $10, or $20 for both since we now have to package and ship something to you.

But, if you're already getting something physical from us (like a Chester, the early bird Chester, or the Chester + Game Combo) you can add $5 for each or $10 for both (since they won't change the shipping costs of Chester).

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below, or message us on Twitter @Klei.

Also, if you want to see a large version of the “Chester Army Thank You” image from the last update, click here.

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    1. Corey Rollins on

      @Mike Beery - We'll be sending out the reward survey emails once we're back in the office. Also, I just finished a new update that we'll post as soon as possible detailing the roadmap on what happens next. We'll be keeping all backers in the loop every step of the way!

    2. Mike Beery on

      Now that it was successfuly funded, where do I find the email to get the special Eyebone badge for the forums?

    3. Corey Rollins on

      @moonkinx As one of our stretch goals, we we introduced pins and stickers. At your level, you can upgrade your pledge to add either for $5 or both for $10. Those backing at the $75 Figure + Chester combo (and all rewards higher) will get the stickers and pins for free. You can read more about them and see photos on the main KickStarter page for the Chester Plush. Hope that helps!

    4. Missing avatar

      moonkinx on

      so my question is i got the game and chester combo ($60) i can upgrade for $5 to get lets say the early bird chester? slightly confused on what exactly i would be upgrading to, sorry.

    5. Corey Rollins on

      @heather - at the end of all KickStarters that get funded, the person running it sends out a survey which will have options for you to pick your reward. So yes, at the end you can pick Stickers or Pins. So yup, that's right!

    6. Heather Callahan on

      Now if I did a $50 pledge and change my pledge to $55 for only the pin set, will I be asked which one I want? Or do I have to wait and guess that I'll get the set I wanted? :/

    7. Corey Rollins on

      @Douglas - Just to clarify, he had asked about getting them included which means backing at the $75 level, which has additional shipping costs if you're international. So while the math adds up to $75, the actual reward tier of $75 is the base price since you get the toy, and there is $15 of shipping required if you're outside USA. Hope that helps clarify.

      We wish KickStarter would just let us add drop downs with prices built in, but alas this is how it must be done.

    8. Corey Rollins on

      @Gerry - If you're pledging at the $50, yes each item is $5 and $10 for both. However, If you'd like to get them included as Darren mentioned specifically, you need to back at the $75 which adds the toy and then the INTL shipping.

    9. Gerry Tan on

      Well, I, like @Darren below, am pledging $50 for the plushie, plus $15 for shipping. According to the update notes above, it does say that as long as you are getting something physical from the, Chester plushie alone included, all you have to do is add $5 for one or $10 for both. That means I just have to up my total pledged by 10 bucks, right?

    10. Corey Rollins on

      @Darren - You need to actually back the campaign at the $75 pledge level (which is the Chester DS Blind Box Combo). All pledges of Chester + Blind Box Combo and up get the Stickers and Pins included. No need to upgrade if you’re in one of these tiers!

    11. Douglas Dorman

      Clive, by my math he paid: $50 (Chester) + $15(shipping)=$65 add another 10(pins and stickers) and he gets to $75...

    12. Clive Braime on


      Nope, to get the pins and stickers free you would need to pledge at the blind box combo, and pay for shipping on top of that, like I have.

      when they say 'free for 75 dollar teirs and above', it does not include shipping.

    13. darren van bassen on

      I am from australia and I got the furry friend pack for 50 dollars and it cost an additional 15 dollars for shipping to australia so i made it is 75 dollars in total is this acceptable