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Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
1,708 backers pledged $151,562 to help bring this project to life.

Update #6: 4th Stretch Goal Achieved + Thank You From Klei.

Posted by Erick Scarecrow (Creator)

We did it! We hit our fourth stretch goal. Snow Chester will be added to the game, along with Shadow Chester! These additions will come as free updates to all players, regardless of if you backed the campaign, some time in the early new year. We’ll let everyone know when we have an exact date.

This campaign really exceeded our hopes and expectations, we’re super excited to be making an army of real life Chesters!

The response and love for this project was humbling and down right amazing. Because of this, we decided our final mystery “stretch goal” is not a goal, but more of thank you to everyone who backed us. To do this, we put a few things together that we hope everyone who has participated at any level will enjoy.

Thank You #1 - Digital Diorama Set Pieces & Papercraft Beefalo

We had a ton of people say they loved the little set pieces we made for our Don’t Starve Blind-Box complete set photoshoot. Well, we’ve decided to assemble create digital diorama sheets that you can print and cut out yourself!

Each piece item is sized to match the scale of the figures and are the exact assets and construction we used for our photos. There’s over six pages of items including trees, the Pigman house, item chest, brick walls, berry bushes, and even some giant repeating grass textures.

On top of the multiple pages of set pieces, we’ve also created a papercraft Beefalo design that matches the scale of our collectible figures. So now you can create your own Beefalo herd to accompany your collectibles or as a stand-alone desk buddy.

 Thank You #2 - Every Single Update Poster From Don’t Starve

Since we launched Don’t Starve, we had a tradition of making a new poster for every update. Sometimes these were included in emails, sometimes they were posted to the blog, and a few times in the forum...often in different sizes and file formats (hey, it was Beta!).

As a thank you to our backers, we are going to create a downloadable zip for everyone that includes every single update poster we’ve ever made, and a few other digital image treats, all at large print ready sizes so you can print them off if you choose to.

Again, thank you to everyone who has backed this project, or simply shared it to spread the word. Together we’ve made Chester real, and that’s pretty awesome <3

-Your Friends at Klei

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tony Wong on

      Very happy to have just pledged! Merry Christmas!!! :)

    2. Corey Rollins on

      @Mike Beery - We'll post download links in a backers only post at the end of the campaign once we've put all the digital stuff together. Probably first thing after the Christmas Break shortly after the Don't Starve PS4 Launch on Jan 08.

    3. Mike Beery on

      Where do I download the beefalo papercraft? We pledged $50. I love these toys. Keep up the good work! :D

    4. Owmince on

      amazing !!! we couldn't except more ! Thanks a lot !

    5. Sarah T on

      You guys are the best!!! After the photoshoot I was thinking of making myself some props like you used for the backgrounds. So now I won't have to!! Plus having the posters is amazing too... I have used them as desktop backgrounds but now that they will be large enough to make real posters for my room that is so awesome! Thank you!

    6. Lifeless Loser on

      So not even a theoretical stretch goal?

    7. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Miller on

      Will Shadow and Snow Chester be added to the PS4 version of the game when it comes out next year?

    8. Bruce NH on

      What a great run! You folks are rightly proud (and humbled) by the FAN-tastic response to the Chester Kickstarter. Erick and his contracters are going to be very busy, turning out all those Chesters and figures.