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Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve that was brought to life by ESC-Toy and  KickStarter! The Chester Plush was fully funded and available now in the Klei Store!
1,708 backers pledged $151,562 to help bring this project to life.

Update #2: 60K Stretch Goal #3 Unlocked! [Meet Snow Chester]

Posted by Erick Scarecrow (Creator)

Greetings and salutations fellow intrepid explorers! We come bearing the exciting news that Chester has broken 60,000 in backer support and unlocked a Stretch goal!

 Vinyl Stickers Stretch Goal Unlocked!

We will now be creating a full colour Don’t Starve sticker sheet that will contain 6 unique stickers that will be “kiss-cut” and printed on on transparent vinyl for a super clean look when placed on the surface of your choosing. Here’s the details:

  • All $75 and up backers will get the stickers for no extra cost.
  • HELPING HAND & DOUBLE GAME PACK can upgrade for $10

New Stretch Goal Pin Packs

If we can hit 85,000 in backer pledges we will create a full colour card backed pin pack. Each pack will have four 1.25” pins mounted to a full color backing card.

  •  All $75 and up backers will get a pin pack for no extra cost.  
  • HELPING HAND & DOUBLE GAME PACK can add $10 to your existing pledge

Question: How Do I Upgrade my Pledge on KickStarter?

Need help managing your pledge amount or want to upgrade rewards? There’s a video for that! If you do want to upgrade for stickers or pins (or both!), after you have upgraded your pledge amount accordingly, we’ll confirm your upgrade with you at the end of the KickStarter when we email you for your shipping information.

Meet Snow Chester  

After the incredible response and support we got for Shadow Chester, we have been getting a lot of comments asking if we had plans to create any other special edition variations of Chester. Since all of the Shadow Chesters went much faster than we expected, we wanted to reveal the second colorway earlier than we had originally planned. Meet Snow Chester!

 New Snow Chester Reward Tier Details

  • Snow Chester is a rare breed Chester featuring arctic white fur.
  • He also features icy blue feet.
  • We will create 250 Limited Edition Snow Chesters.
  • Same price & extra perks as Shadow Chester, but you’ll get Snow Chester.

If you already pledged for a Shadow Chester and want to swap, no problem! Just keep in mind that Shadow Chester is currently sold out. If you swap to Snow Chester, someone else can claim your now open spot, so you may not be able to switch back. If you purchased a classic Chester, you can also upgrade to the new Snow Chester tier. Instructions for managing your pledge.

New Stretch Goal Snow Chester in Game

The obvious first question to the reveal of Snow Chester is “will he be in game?!” If we can hit our 120,000 we will indeed add Snow Chester to the game. Here’s how he’ll work. To get yourself a new fancy Snow Chester, players can fill Chester’s inventory with Blue Gems and on the night of a full moon, he will consume the gems and transform to Snow Chester. Along with a new arctic white fur coat and blue springy feet, he becomes a portable Ice Box and will give you a bonus to the time it takes for food inside of him to spoil. Again, thank you for the amazing support for this KickStarter! We’re incredibly happy to be able to bring Chester to life. Stay tuned for more updates! -Your Friends at Klei

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    1. Anders la Cour on

      if i payed + 15 dollars for delivery outside UK, does it then count as 5 more dollars in the pit to get the vinyl stickers and the pin pack (when we get to that goal) ??

    2. Shane Dunne on

      Trent Rayner, click on the manage pledge button to change your pledge.

      Ooh I love the new Snow Chester! I am slightly tempted to swap my Shadow Chester for one but think i'll stick with it. I just hope the Snow Chester reaches its backing target so we can get it in game. Also really excited to see so much support for the game! A great achievement by Klei.

    3. Lustro on

      If Snow Chester is added into the game I sure hope he won't have 12 slots like Shadow Chester.
      That would make Shadow Chester useless.

    4. Linkwolf on

      Someone that listens to the people!
      I'm glad that I got a shadow Chester and others can still feel the joy of a rare breed of Chester too!

    5. Blessed on

      This is like a trick question: Shadow or Snow :) I am happy more people can get their hands on a limited edition Chester :) Thanks for listening to us

    6. Trent Rayner on

      Will there be any way for a higher tier (Ultra/Complete/Praecipua) to tag in for a Snow Chester instead of a regular Chester (using perhaps an addon price), or do they need to create a second pledge?