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A new epic and grim fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.
A new epic and grim fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.
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The future of GODS

Posted by JN Childs (Collaborator)

Hello Chosen Ones, 

Today, we would like to talk about the future of GODS!

Let's start from the beginning: the GODS line begins with the Core Rulebook, which includes everything you need to play, from settings to character creation. Then, we have the Gamemaster book, which includes the first secrets of the world, a bestiary, and two exclusive scenarios. Of course, you will also have the GM's screen

Then, things are getting interesting! We plan to write a setting book on Babel and the legendary city of Sabaah. It would be our first setting book and the best place to start playing GODS as Sabaah is in the center of the Wildlands. It's a crossroad of civilization, culture and power, and a place of mysteries, dangers and politics. This book will offer you everything to play with maps, scenario hooks, NPCs, locations… 

Further down the line, we would like to do a scenario book, and more importantly a large campaign (in one or two books). We are also thinking about doing setting books on the three regions of the Wildlands (North, East, South). 

Let us know what you think of our plans and what would be a good supplement for GODS!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Florent on

      Campaign as well, setting is great as well and a mix of the two in a book really helps bring it to life at the table

    2. Missing avatar

      nicholas mills on

      Sounds good to me! For the settings books I’d suggest they each get their own mini campaign. Of course with whatever the different difficulty levels adding more on to that. Like in the north you could fight frost giants only on HARD mode or what not.

    3. Giuliano Il Saggio Farris on

      *good, not god... even if it fits 😂


      A long epic campaign would be great :)

    5. Giuliano Il Saggio Farris on

      It’s a god option to have a city setting together with the Wildlands.
      I love when I can change the atmosphere and the adventure themes in the same overall setting.

      Will Babel be something like Lankhmar(dark and dangerous)?

      Is there any sea around where the Chosen Ones can have piratesque adventures?

    6. Nicolas Guilbert on

      That sounds great. :)