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It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision.
Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision. Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
5,803 backers pledged $324,393 to help bring this project to life.

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Visionnaire Notebook


Dear Visionnaires,

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages.  I have been flooded by an overwhelming response.  We (Visionnaire Team) are so very excited to say that we are still on track and ahead of schedule.  We have been packaging and shipping out all of the Visionnaire pens throughout the weekend.  We are coming towards packaging and shipping out to our Full set backers for the next 2 weeks.

Many people have messaged me in regards to the notebook I had in some of my pictures.  The notebook was personally made for me by Celine Nadon.  She is a professional book artist with thousands of books hand-made under her belt. She is incredibly talented and gifted in her trade. She has built up a kickstarter campaign of her own.  

The Visionnaire Notebook made by Celine uses the finest of raw materials.  It is 100% hand-crafted by her right here in California.  She handpicks and cuts each piece of leather for every individual Visionnaire Notebook.  The Visionnaire notebook is then bound together by 24lb premium fine writing paper by Wausau (also hand-cut).  This intricate process consists of stitching and binding everything together in a 10 hour start to finish process.

Not one Visionnaire notebook is ever the same.  Every notebook has a specific feel and touch according to the leather and paper that bounds it together.  Through time, the notebook will develop character with its Visionnaire owner.  It all starts with a pen, a piece of a paper, and a vision.

Feel free to check out her new Kickstarter Project here: 

Visionnaire Notebook
Visionnaire Notebook
100% Handcrafted in California USA
100% Handcrafted in California USA

Upon Arrival of Visionnaire pens.


Dear Visionnaires,

Many early bird backers are starting to receive their Visionnaire fountain pens. Thank you to all the backers who have sent me wonderful messages and pictures. I'm very glad to hear that you like the pen. I need to remind you that it is because of YOU that this vision is a reality, not only myself.  We have built this project together as a team and you are all founders of the Visionnaire fountain pen.

When you receive your pen, make sure to pull the cap off and not twist.  You can twist the body of the pen to reveal the ink converter. When you decide to fill your converter or put in the ink cartridges, it will be TIGHT the first time.  There is a very tight seal to prevent any leaks. I have come across this with all the pens the first time pulling it out. Use a bit more force to pull out the converter. It will be easier to come off after the first initial time using it. Pop in the ink cartridges, give it a good squeeze till the ink reaches the nib and let your imagination flow!

Also, I apologize if I do not get to your message right away, I receive quite a few and I have been busy packing with the team as well.  Please be patient as I assure you I will do everything possible to get the Visionnaire pens into your hands asap!  I'll be working hard through the weekend. Thank you!

These pictures were taken backer Khoa Lieu, he sent them to me today. Let me know what you guys think. I would love to hear your thoughts. Also remember to click the "like" button!

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Morgan and Visionnaire Team

Noir Visionnaire
Noir Visionnaire

Visionnaires, IT IS TIME. (pics)


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Confessions of the Visionnaire project


Bonjour Fellow Visionnaires!

I have a confession.  After upgrading the ink converter, and adding additional ink cartridges, I still had some additional savings left over. My projections for the Visionnaire project were towards the goal of $15,000 and the project was INCREDIBLY OVERFUNDED BY 2163%!  I felt that the only solution to this was to put all of the extra funds BACK INTO the Visionnaire project.  

Packaging Overview
I looked into different aspects of the pen that can be improved and also analyzed it with the available funds I have left.  To be quite frank, I am very happy with the quality of the build, as well as the design of the pen. Then the idea of protecting the pen came to mind.  I then secretly spent the past several weeks looking into different solutions of boxing/packaging the Visionnaire pen.  

Prototyping of packaging
After going through with several boxing prototypes, I just was NOT happy with it.  The standard pen box did not have the same esthetic and design feel that the Visionnaire pen deserved.  I asked my close friend Vincent Pilot Ng (product designer/TheoryMob) to help design a packaging that would be minimal, sleek, and also environmentally friendly.  It also had to be light to ship, as well as strong and durable to protect the Visionnaire pen. Designing the build of the packaging was my main concern however it had to fit into the remaining extra funds I had left. 

After numerous trials and errors and testing out different packaging companies, we finally settled on the packaging we were very satisfied with. I had put the extra funds into manufacturing 8,000 Visionnaire tubes for all of the kickstarter backers. 

We decided to go with a sleek cigar-tube made from recycled card-stock paper. The custom tube was designed to fit the Visionnaire pen snug and perfectly. The Visionnaire tube itself, is constructed durable and strong while its esthetics greatly represents its product in minimalistic form. The Visionnaire pen will be protected by a microfiber sleeve inside the tube packaging. And the tube will be laced in matte black finish with the Visionnaire logo is printed in silver lining. 

This Kickstarter has truly been an amazing experience that I will never forget.  I honestly believe that it is because of a strong supporting community that allows normal guys like me to accomplish amazing feats.  I want to personally thank you for your contribution to building my dream and more importantly, your faith in my vision. I have put my heart into every aspect of the Visionnaire project and I hope that by using the Visionnaire pen, it can help build your dreams as well.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Just another friendly reminder, if you haven't answered the survey, please do.  It is very important I have all your information necessary to ship you your Visionnaire pen early.  I have include an "additional comments" section for those who have adjusted pledges.

Thank you again for all the support and I can not wait to get started on shipping these out asap! Also, I apologize if I reply a bit late, I get a lot of messages and I try to answer as quickly as possible.  

Speak to you soon and have a great weekend!

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Chrome Visionnaire
Chrome Visionnaire
Visionnaire Tube Original Rendering
Visionnaire Tube Original Rendering

MORE GREAT NEWS! Visionnaire Piston Converter UPGRADE!


Bonjour Visionnaire!

I have some great news! Everything is still going according to planned and also earlier than expected.  I hope you're as excited as I am about the Visionnaire project as we come closer to delivery.

More ink cartridges and packaging
In the update (#16) a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was able to lower the cost of the ink cartridges due to the volume.  I then re-negotiated the ink pricing structure with the manufacturer to add more ink and also package them as well. 

During the past few weeks I have been able to do the same with the refillable ink converters.  With the large volume of Visionnaire pens, I was able lower costs and put the extra money saved into upgrading the ink converter. Here are some highlighted upgrades in the refillable ink converter design.  (Please feel free to explore the pictures below.)

1. Added spring agitator - The spring agitator helps to allow a more consistent ink flow as well as keep surface tension of the ink away towards the top of the converter cylinder and away from the feed into the nib. Some fountain pens have a tiny little plastic ball with the same function, however with a spring, there is no chance of choking the feed and also allows slightly more ink in the converter.

2. Transparent clear tube - The ink reservoir is also now more transparent.  It helps you to monitor the ink level and when you may need to refill.

3. Strong reinforced structure -  The overall structure of the ink converter is now even stronger then the previous design.

4. Solid piston twist handle - The green twist handle has grooves and is also stronger in the updated design.  It provides a better grip while refilling ink.

Unfortunately my skills in web-design are extremely outdated.  I hired a San Francisco based designer to re-vamp the website.  It looks way better than the previous website that I hacked together. -

Please let me know what you think of the new upgraded design of the ink converter below and new website layout.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Just another friendly reminder, I will be sending out the survey next week to collect all necessary information including the best shipping address and options for the Visionnaire pen. Please provide the most up-to-date shipping address in the survey.  I will include an "additional comments" section for those who have adjusted pledges.

Thank you again for all the support and I can not wait to get started on shipping these out asap! Speak to you soon and have a great weekend!

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PS: One of my personal friends Jacob Flores designed the Key Disk. I was able to test it out for a few weeks and I think its really cool.  Feel free to check it out his Kickstarter- and the pic at the very bottom.

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