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It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision.
Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision. Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
5,803 backers pledged $324,393 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      BHG Design (deleted) Creator on

      @Jason and others, Thank you for your concerns and I apologize for my late reply. My team and I have been pre-occupied prepping about 8000 pens, tube packaging, ink cartridges, ordering shipping materials, stamps, setting up logistics with USPS, packing, and etc. We have originally had based the delivery time based upon a small order of pens, not 8000. The work and time has exponentially grown with success of the project. I have been working hard with the team in order to deliver not only on schedule but EARLY.

      I am going to address these concerns direct. I do not have to disclose any information in regards to my manufacturing partner. I have clearly state again and again that I have designed the Visionnaire pen. I have sent over MY designs to my manufacturing partner to have it made earlier this year. I have visited my manufacturing partner in China (using my own savings) to see the process and its quality of product. It is now being replicated and copied by certain companies on Alibaba. It DOES NOT COST $1 to manufacture and produce. Like I said, the custom tube packaging alone costs more than $5 to make. What makes anyone think that having a pen custom made along with its molding costs, shipped to the USA, having paid customs, packaged, and reshipped out to the would costs that amount? It does not come free with no costs or labor.

      I have honestly explained my stance and my position. This needs to end. I am an honest man trying do what I can. I have show every step of the process in updates. I do not feel that I should be in this position of scrutiny.

      True to my word, I will continue to work hard to try to deliver EARLY a fine quality product that you have supported. Please keep in mind that these unnecessary and false allegations will affect the process of delivery time.

      With all due respect, I feel do not deserve this. I have been honest and ethical every step of the way as well as re-invested money into the project to make it better. Please give it a rest, we are in the final stretch of the project and I have started shipping. Just enjoy your Visionnaire pen. Live life and be happy.


    2. Missing avatar

      hashish on

      @EugeneA Well written post. I agree on all if not most of your points. The payment is for the warranty, not the pen. Just remember, its the lifetime of the company Visionnaire not the pen you are paying for.

      To further elaborate on IPG nibs, iridium point Germany, only the iridium has to be sourced from Germany to to accurately use the moniker. There are nibs manufactured in Germany which are very good quality. There are also nibs manufactured elsewhere that just tip the nib with iridium sourced from Germany. And there are flat out counterfeits. I would love to see magnified close ups of the nibs from recipients.

      Here are some articles about IPG nibs:…

      Just like a sports car only handles as good as the tires let them, a fountain pen is only as good as their nib.

      I do have to commend Morgan on a speedy refund for the full amount and his timely communication.

      I hope you all enjoy your fountain pens. If it is your first fountain pen, let me warn you that it is a very slippery slope, and that you'll find your self buying more pens and different inks to try. Its like trying to find that perfect pair of jeans.

      I'd also like to urge everyone to keep the conversation cordial. I understand the uncertainty is a bit jarring, but if you are worried about the project please just request a refund. I believe Morgan is more than happy to do that for you.

    3. Tanvi Jay on

      @Orly Vexler: I think KS would be more concerned about con artists posing as product designers and their PR gang.

    4. Jason Croft on

      Seriously, is anyone else concerned that we still have no answer to the simple question: Where were these pens (or "pen pieces") manufactured? Please, Morgan, answer this very simple question and alleviate everyone's concerns!

    5. orly vexler on

      @PR Taylor,
      There is no need I have already done that :-)

    6. orly vexler on

      @Tanvi Jay,
      Since you are so much against breaking the rules I have reported you because it is quite clear that is what you did by opening a KS account
      there is also another option that you are an impostor and that is also cheating beacuse that is the only reason Morgan gave you the refund.

    7. PR Taylor

      @Tanvi Jay: "PR" is actually the initials of my forenames and yes that is my real surname and I do live where my profile says.

      Rather than prolong this as you're obviously not wanting to answer my original question, I'll just report you to KS and let them deal with this potential breach.

    8. Tanvi Jay on

      @PR Taylor: Not just Trolling but PR gimmicks. I think you should advise your client to apologize and save his face. Waiting too long to apologize can be a detriment to the sincerity of your apology.

    9. PR Taylor

      @Tanvi Jay: you've obviously missed the subtle point: If you're happy to research the validity of the project then consequently, as you've made a statement about your age its only natural that people will investigate that declaration if it conforms to the T&C's and ask the question. No trolling involved.

    10. Tanvi Jay on

      @PR Taylor: Does the TC's have anything to say about trolls?

    11. Missing avatar

      EugeneA on

      First off I am a backer (all of $1 to have a court-side seat of the drama I was certain would unfold as more scrutiny was paid to this project), and it was most definitely not disappointing! :-)

      I think people here are overreacting for the support or criticism of our intrepid and sly Mr. Morgan. He should be given credit for what credit is due. He has created a lot of allure for this pen which most certainly is a generic design "off the shelf" so to speak, with I dare say minimal, if any, real creative design input from Morgan. No, the real creative genius is in the presentation, and he has bankrolled a pretty profit in doing so. All thanks to the culture of kickstarter and the ability for him to capitalize on the fact that there are so many individuals, us backers, who seek unique, creative projects that have a special personal appeal. You all know what I am talking about because of the fact that you are here.

      Having said this, I know that a lot of people have faith in him. He is slick for sure and adept at pulling heart-strings. I personally feel that it is blatant dishonesty and misrepresentation on his part, for the purpose of PROFIT. But so what of it? In the end, you get a product, hopefully it will live up to whatever expectation you have poured into it, and at the end of the day, he delivered. I think there is some underlying jealousy on the part of some of the backers who are particularly vocal in their appall that Mr. Morgan can pull off such a large sum of profit out of this. Keep in mind however that there is a steep cost which I think will strip him of most of that profit and a tangle of trouble that will shortly ensue far eclipsing the few vocal cries thus far.

      Will some people feel cheated? Obviously and quite vocally. However it's going to be a small mosquito sting that will eventually and quickly fade, and then we can all be smarter, wiser, and a bit more guarded of the likes of Mr. Morgan when we ponder the next shiny project.

      My prediction of Round Two (the "Aftermath")

      Technical problems that WILL surface with SOME your Visionnaires:
      1. First the big one: The nib is scratchy, tines misaligned, dry, unreliable skipping lines. This is a fact of life that when you mass produce thousands of these pens in our beloved China, the quality control is virtually nonexistent. Coupled with a very generic, poorly performing IPG nib (for those in the know), I fear that a large percentage of my fellow backers will fall prey to this one.

      2. Cosmetic imperfections and rapidly deteriorating exterior. My collection of cheap, Chinese pens unfortunately have a common theme: the chrome or paint flakes off and the ugliness of the brass underneath will show all too soon. It's a good thing that Mr. Morgan is offering LIFETIME replacements on these! I wonder how long each pen will be in service: if he is able to source them for $0.80 a piece or less, with a operational life of a year, he will hopefully have used a large enough portion of his hefty profit for STOCKPILING thousands of these pens. Remember that the quality control is poor so a large percentage of the replacements will be replaced, and there will be a lot of unhappy backers wondering why the pictures looked so neat and yet the actual product is so poor performing.

      3. Clogging feeds, rapid dryout, having trouble getting through even a single international short cartridge with these pens. Maybe at first, you will, but when the novelty of the pen fades, perhaps quite rapidly due to the poor build quality or performance (it's a universal theme among this grade of pen), your Visionnaire will be seeing less and less use. You will keep it in the drawer for a couple of weeks and when you pull it out, the feed will be dried out completely and you'll have to spend a lot of effort in flushing out the pen to get it to function again. Unfortunately, these pens do not have much of a seal at the cap interior and you will note a cheap plastic liner on the underside of the cap, which will NOT keep the ink from drying out on the nib and feed.

      There will be fireworks a-plenty when the tsunami of unhappy backers start complaining about the above issues (and likely more technicalities that I haven't covered in this post). I hope Mr. Morgan is preparing for this eventuality because that $324,393 looks tasty now, but I predict in the end Mr. Morgan will have no choice but to do one of two things: use that money to defend himself or (more likely) show his true colors: run away FAST and abandon all of his beloved "Visionnaires"!

      Stay tuned!

    12. PR Taylor

      @Tanvi Jay: if you are 13 then can you tell us what you're doing making pledges on KS as the T&C's state quite clearly:

      "The Service is available only to individuals who are at least 18 years old (and at least the legal age in your jurisdiction). You represent and warrant that if you are an individual, you are at least 18 years old and of legal age in your jurisdiction to form a binding contract, and that all registration information you submit is accurate and truthful."


      As for payment, since you are a minor, then aren't you implicit in abusing a credit card via Amazon payments:

      "2.1 Eligibility. To use the Service, (a) you must have an e-mail account and create a payment account with us (a "Payment Account") by providing complete and accurate registration information, (b) if the applicant is registering as an individual, the applicant must be at least 18 years old, ...."


      As the saying goes "people in glass houses should throw stones"

    13. MichaelC on

      Can we all give it a rest. We pledged for Fountain Pens, and we'll get Fountain Pens. Frankly, I believe Morgan. If I'm wrong, so be it.

    14. Kevin Truong on

      @orly vexler:
      You are quite the toxic person who doesn't seem to put any thought into your responses.
      Many of them are borderline flaming and gibberish.

    15. Jason Croft on

      I agree with all of you and I can't wait to have this pen in my hands. I have never owned a fountain pen and I can't wait to try it out. The only thing that I don't like is the way that Morgan has clearly avoided answering the manufacturing question. Please, Morgan, just answer the question so everyone can stop with the vitrol! Heck, a simple "yes" or "no" will probably satisfy most people!

    16. JR on

      There is so much anger in here. Over a pen. A freaking pen. I love pens and I love kickstarter and so I contributed thinking...what the hell, I would like it. 5 months later, around deadline time might I add, it appears he is following through on his project.

      I just hope everyone who has freaked out, called the NSA and their mommy will just settle down once this pen is in our hands and maybe, just maybe, apologize for their poor behavior.

      @morgan keep up the good work and spirits.

    17. VD4 on

      Ok since I'm a backer and I've seen all this word vomit I'll leave my thoughts on the matter. Firstly it's appreciated that someone would have found this pen and brought it up to everyone's attention, however I feel the approach was bad.
      I feel that Morgan should have been contacted first and given him the benefit of the doubt, instead of just posting what seemed like a clear accusation and posting it all over.

      Yes, here at kick starter we take many chances and still believe in good will. We are here to help people fulfill their dreams and in return we are given something for our help, have some projects been horrible and just plain pathetic? YES! Are there people who take advantage? YES! Will there be many more that we may all back? UNFORTUNATELY YES!!

      I feel that so far this project has left a good taste in my mouth till lately, it's a shame that it had to be this way. Responsibility is very hard, specially to the person who found the information and incorrectly handled the situation. With that said I do believe we should all handle ourselves like adults or "young adults" and use our manners that I hope we were taught.

      I'm not defending anyone, I'm just stating that how all of this came to light and how it was handled was irresponsible. It's the way I see it and how I feel.

      Morgan, whatever the story may be, I do thank you for the positive experience that this project had given me and the other backers. I look towards using my pens and hope they are what I backed. Dreams can be hard to achieve, and the same can be said about lies. I still keep faith that everything will be out in the open and the truth will be set free. Until then, thank you Morgan for the work you and the crew you have are putting towards this project.

      My fellow backers, I'm in the same boat as you all are. I do feel what you all must hVe felt or are feeling, IF this was all a scam then you know I'll take it as a learning experience, and will take note of what to do or not do. I encourage you all to be patient, if Morgan is offering a refund. Please take it and leave, to the ones who will stay and see this through, let's stick together and finish what we helped start.

    18. Missing avatar

      BHG Design (deleted) Creator on

      @Nick, Alibaba also has white tshirts, mugs, cars, bowls, toilet paper, and anything you can ever imagine or want. ;)

    19. orly vexler on

      @Nike Sahler
      Give it a rest already,you will be able to see it for yourself in a short while

    20. Nick Sahler on

      Please post a picture of the microfiber sleeves, as the alibaba pens also have sleeves.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Jason Croft on

      Morgan, I am very excited to be (hopefully!) receiving my pen in the next week (I'm an Earlybird Backer). But could you please put this whole issue to rest and tell us what manufacturer you used? Was it this Alibaba site? Thanks.
      Best Regards,

    23. Matthew Morse on

      @Jonathan... Best comment yet. LOL!

    24. Brian Draghi

      I don't know how anyone can blindly follow a man that has not answered a single direct question given to him. There's are too many red flags about this project to even consider with any certainity that this is a legitimate product. I find it rather odd that all the sites that are linked on the main page praising this product aren't actual reviews of the Visionnaire pen. Only time will tell but I'm not holding my breath.

    25. Missing avatar

      jonathan on

      Exactly. All this information and entertainment. And there's a souvenir pen at the end!

    26. Pedro Mizukami on

      I have no idea what is actually going on here, or who is right and who is wrong.


      I've learned A LOT with this project. Much more than this 37 (2?) dollar pen would ever give me if it weren't a controversial product. By following this project, I've learned about fountain pens, about manufacturing in China, about Internet sleuthing, about Kickstarter, about marketing...

      This has been a great ride, guys! I congratulate you all and Morgan for turning what could have been a boring Kickstarter project into such a thrilling experience. I'm sure we'll get to the truth eventually -- most likely after the pens ship. Meanwhile, this is such an interesting mystery! If only every time I bought a pen it would come with such a dollop of drama!

    27. Jenny Grepe on

      I'm so impressed that you haven't lost your cool through all this dumb drama because if I was in your shoes I probably would've snapped hahaha

      Anyway, hopefully all this drama hasn't soured your experience through this project because there are a lot of us who will back you up 100%!! :)
      So excited for your pen!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      BHG Design (deleted) Creator on


      Working on it now! :D


    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    30. Missing avatar

      BHG Design (deleted) Creator on


      No worries, I have sent a full refund and I also paid for the Kickstarter non-refundable fees on my end. I really do wish you the best as you seem to be a very charismatic and ambitious young adult.
      Take care and best of luck.


    31. Missing avatar

      jonathan on

      Sometimes, I think that Kickstarter has two real purposes. First, to make a few people very rich when Amazon decides to buy it. And second, to provide subjects for Anthropology and Business school dissertations. As it turns out, I found the following in the printer output tray at a local university:


      In his book, Anna Kickstarter, Leo Tolstoy wrote: "All happy projects are alike. All unhappy projects are unhappy in their own way." There are boring projects that create new things of reasonable value on time. These projects have practically no comment threads and those comments that do exist either cheer the creator on or suggest improvements which the creator adopts to the betterment of all involved. That's right, pretty lame stuff. Tolstoy, by contrast, is concerned about the myriad ways that a project can go off the rails. In the novel, Tolstoy creates a number of totally believable projects that somehow disappoint their various backers. Anna realizes that the art that Vronsky sells for so much looks pretty much like the pictures the son she'll never see again drew at daycare. Kitty worries that the scythes that Levin has waxed so eloquent about may come from the same Asian factory that Home Depot uses and may not be custom made after all. Oblomov wants to know why he can't have his genuine cruelty-free mink hat in pink ermine. Old Myshkin is outraged that his mechanical chess player has not arrived in Vladivostok, when Young Myshkin was able to pick up his at the manufacturer in Moscow just this afternoon. Popov discovers too late that it is illegal to ship kvass to his province. So many projects. So many ways to be disappointed.

      In this dissertation, I will enumerate the various ways that projects can turn out to be unsuccessful, even when by all objective measures they are successful. I will also propose a general theory for predicting which projects will (appear to) fail in which ways. I will also, as a side topic, try to establish whether the "journey of discovery" is, in fact, the main value returned as the incentive and not the object to be created. This will be contrasted to the work of other theorists, such as Freud, who has famously claimed that, "Sometimes a pen is just a pen." Furthermore,


      Alas, evidently the printer ran out of toner at this point, so the remaining 450 pages were all blank. Too bad. It seemed pretty interesting although IANARLM (I am not a Russian Literature Major).

      And now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go to the station. The train to Leningrad gets here at noon and I'm gonna be under it.

    32. Lucas E Szymanowski on

      Im just going to say that some of you have way to much time on your hands!

      If the pen sucks, and is a cheap chinese $2 pen. Oh well. I backed a bad project. I personally dont think thats the case.

      Time will tell.

      Relax. Have a home brew, dont worry about it!

      Here is what you do. If it really is as bad as some of you think. Call your bank, complain about fraud, and have the charges reversed by your bank. No mess, no fuss!

      Again! I will wait, time will tell!

    33. orly vexler on

      @Jeremy Hasenbalg & Suzie Tiscia
      You are right on the money couldn't say it better myself

    34. orly vexler on

      @Tanvi Jay,
      While you are already there would you be so kind and address the following issues:
      The Syrian massacre, North Korea's political prisoners, the dangerous state of bees world wild, Global worming last but not least Suggest that you would like be hospitalized in a loony bin.

    35. Tanvi Jay on

      Morgan: I am a 13 year old who spent $90 to support your fake project. I demand you refund me immediately, and apologize for your actions.

    36. Jeremy & Suzie Tiscia-Hasenbalg on

      And you're going to tell them what? "A pen project I backed on Kickstater looks a lot like a pen on Alibaba, which I say despite having never actually seen either pen?" Good luck with that.

    37. Tanvi Jay on

      Here is the email, if you are interested to write to DA's office. Alibaba still have pen listed..., here is the link..

    38. Tanvi Jay on

      Jeremy.., Are you suggesting that it is ok, to claim that a mass produced Chinese pen, as your own design. I am about to contact DA's office, If anyone else is interested in finding out the truth should contact DA's office too, if you are here in SF.

    39. Jeremy & Suzie Tiscia-Hasenbalg on

      The amount of drama people have drummed up over this Kickstarter borders on insanity. For the entire funding period Morgan had to defend his idea and his project to everyone. And now, so close to the finish line (a few months ahead of schedule, mind you, because the creator invested HIS OWN MONEY before the Kickstarter was even finished to start production so we could have our pens that much sooner) here it comes again? Frankly, after everything he's endured to bring these pens to us, you'd think there'd be some gratitude here. So you found a pen on alibaba that looks similar to the Visionnaire, so what? That proves exactly nothing. The insinuations made here and on other websites are disgusting, petulant, and childish, and I don't know where you get off demanding explanations with behavior like that.

      Morgan has always presented himself as an engineer and an artist with a passion for his product and a deep belief in his simple goal, and frankly, the sheer amount of bullsh*t and skepticism he has had to put up with to bring his dream to life is incredibly disheartening to me, as an artist. Kickstarter is about supporting a creators vision, not about nitpicking the end product (which, by extension, is the vision and dream of the creator); before we even have it, no less. It's behavior and attitudes like this that push people away from crowdfunding, and it's really very sad.

      Morgan has put a ton of work and love into this project and gone far beyond what he has had to do every step of the way. From the early production, to flying out to China. Instead of overpromising with stretch goals he over-delivered with upgrades and bonuses after the end of the campaign, so as to reward the backers who believed in him rather than draw in additional funding (which is something I'll remember if I ever start my own Kickstarter). He has calmly dealt with an ocean of doubt and criticism in a very professional manner. He's earned my respect, and my trust in this. I'm excited for my pens, and I can't wait to start using them in my daily life!

    40. Khurram on

      @Matt Fair enough. I understand the frustration with making people "see" what you think is staring them in the face. And of course you're entitled to your belief, as are we all.

      As to the Alibaba Seller, this is the response I got:

      "Dear Khurram,
      We appreciated for your inquiry !

      This is Grace,marketing manager of Leyica Stationery which is a leading manufacture of metal pens for 10 years in China.

      As for the fountain pens you required, I'd like to recommending you one of our hottest model (LY120), do you have DHL account ? If do not have, the shipping cost to the USA is around U.S$30 by FeDex.

      The unit price of this item is U.S$1.9/pc based on MOQ 500pcs. Enclosed please find the pictures.

      If you have skype, please add me marketing_leyica

      Yours Grace "

      Here's the contact information:

      Shenzhen Leyica Stationary Manufacturing Co.,ltd

      Add: 4/F,1st Bldg,Changxing HI-tech industrial park,wan'an rd,
      shajing bao'an district,Shenzhen,518104,China
      Tel: 86-755-83767279 | Fax: 86-755-81773775
      Web: &
      Business Email:
      Business QQ: 2355429255
      Skype: leyica_marketing

      As I said, I hope you do follow up. I would, but don't want to spend another $30. Though I may change my mind.

      For the converter, I really read it as him showing/explaining the differences between the two and why it was an upgrade. I don't agree with your view on that, but frankly, makes no difference.

      All the best.

    41. Matthew Morse on

      @Khurram: First, my apologies if I offended you. Second, I did speak differently on FPN than I did here and there are two reasons for that:

      1. Kickstarter has specific rules about being respectful and considerate. I value my membership here and I reserved my comments on this board because of that.

      2. I feel like I'm among friends at FPN and that I can say what I think. Here, I don't feel that way. Do you never say things differently around people you are comfortable with than you do with those whom you are uncomfortable? I'm sure you do.

      I originally brought up this issue as just a simple question of whether or not the pen we were getting and I immediately received flak for it. The evidence was pretty compelling that this pen is a mass-produced Chinese pen, not a custom-designed, custom-manufactured pen. Morgan says I'm wrong, so I accept his answer. Do I believe him? Nope. Do I think he is cleverly dodging questions to not have to provide a straight answer? Yep.

      I think that the people here ARE blindly following him because they want so badly to believe that they weren't taken advantage of that they are willing to completely ignore the facts that I, and others, have highlighted.

      And, Morgan did imply that he redesigned the converter. He says multiple times that the "new design" features this or that. He also shows the converters with little notes beside them with the "added spring agitator" or the "solid piston twist handle." He is implying that he somehow put all of this extra into this one piece of the project when, in fact, those converters have been around for years. Most Chinese-manufactured pens come with that very converter anyway. They're all over the internet and eBay.

      I have received multiple emails, FPN messages and Twitter comments regarding my thoughts here and there are many people within the pen, ink and stationery communities that feel similarly to me about this project. Again, if Morgan says the design is original, then who am I to refute it? I messaged Alibaba to try and get some samples of the pens they offered, but they never messaged me back and now the pens have been pulled from the site so I have no way to contact them about the item again. In fact, here is my original message to them:

      "To Whom it May Concern:
      I am interested in purchasing several samples of these pens in plain silver and also silver and black. Please let me know the cost of these pens as well as shipping and how I might go about purchasing a few of each.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Morse"

      Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to compare them because they have mysteriously vanished from the Alibaba site. Weird that such a successful seller would just vanish without a trace that quickly. Perhaps they found out that Morgan was on to them copying him and pulled the pens. Yeah... I spoke differently on FPN than I did here. Didn't mean any offense to anyone else, but when people started personally and immaturely attacking me here, I lost a lot of respect for them and just had to assume that they were blindly drinking the Kool-Aid with no regard for the truth. But, I don't say those things in certain terms here because of the rules, which are here to protect the community. Perhaps some of the other backers should take note.

      My apologies for offending you. I didn't direct that at you specifically... In fact, I didn't really direct it at anyone, in particular, but there are a few steadfast believers in Morgan that have made some pretty snide remarks to me, and I suppose THAT is who my comments were intended to address.

      Also, you said: "It's also possible Morgan saw a similar pen, asked them for a few changes to make "his" pen and that was his design."

      If that is the case, then he VERY CLEARLY violated the Kickstarter terms.

      Whatever. It is what it is. I accept his answer because no one will ever be able to prove it otherwise. Still doesn't mean I have to believe it.

    42. Stan Stankevsky on

      666 :-D meh people, its all gonna be fine, just relax, sit back, and wait,

    43. Kevin Moran on

      I agree that the comments have gotten way too harsh and defensive. However I do see why some people would be worried about the validity of this kickstarter campaign. I think what everyone is still waiting for is a straight up "yes" or "no" from the creator for the question: "did the creator know about the pen on alibaba before the kickstart?". While he's given responses, it's only been "i can't stop people from potentially copying my designs" as opposed to "no, that is not my pen". If he can say "no, that is not my pen and is not related to it in any way", then everyone should just wait to get their pens and judge for themselves.

    44. Missing avatar

      hashish on

      Wow, the rhetoric here is getting out of hand. There is also one other viable outcome which is quite common place in China manufacturing. The outfit that is manufacturing the pens, copied and sold all of the tooling to another outfit so they can produce replicate pens.

      This happens quite often and the most recent instance I can remember is with the vibram fivefinger knockoffs. Knock off at a fraction of the price were sold looking identical except the quality of materials.

    45. Khurram on

      @Matt: I appreciate you searching and taking the time to research the pen and to bring your concerns here. We as backers have every right to question to our heart's content. If we're not satisfied during the project, we cancel our pledge. If we're not satisfied after funding, there's less we can do, especially because Kickstarter essentially wipes its hands of us backers.

      I do take offense to a few things you have said, here and on the fountain pen network (fantastic website! I've been stalking it for quite some time). You made an allegation that Morgan said he designed the new converter, when in fact the converter had existed in previous iterations of Chinese pens (Jinhao I believe). I went back to check Morgan's updates and I did not find anywhere saying he designed the converter. Rather, his update and further statements talked about spending additional sums to upgrade the converter. This is far from a claim he designed the converter.

      Second, you come off sounding quite reason here and in general. I take some offense to statements you made on FPN but not here. You say you're satisfied and accept them as truth, but yesterday on FPN you said "He's a schmuck and a liar and all of these blind sheep idiots are just following along." I'm very, very offended by that statement. If you think he's a schmuck and a liar, own up to the statement. Don't double talk. And I think the majority of us are not "blind sheep idiots." We choose to reserve judgment until we receive our pens.

      Third, the pen offered on alibaba was a new offering this year. It is quite possible Morgan had them manufacture the pen and now they're offering an extremely similar design. It's also possible Morgan saw a similar pen, asked them for a few changes to make "his" pen and that was his design. And of course, it's possible that he saw the pen and said to himself "Damn, I can make a killing on Kickstarter selling these as my own design." Which one is the truth? I doubt we'll ever know for 100% sure.

      At the end of the day, I paid $70 for 2 pens which I will hopefully receive. If it writes well, looks good, and seems of high quality, I'll be reasonably satisfied. Will I be disappointed if it's just some pen Morgan found and scammed us, yeah, I will. But what're you going to do. There's plenty of valid and good Kickstarters to let $70 bucks sour the experience.

      Also, just some thoughts: I paid over $20 for a Lamy Safari. I guaranty that Lamy's costs was probably in the $1 range to manufacture and you could find Lamy knockoffs very cheap. I paid $1.99 for a converter for it. I guaranty that converter costs less than $.25 to make. I paid hundreds for my Mont Blanc. I guaranty if I looked hard enough or took the design to a Chinese plant, I could get it made for a fraction.

      All said and done, I hope you did order from the Alibaba site and get a sample (I would have, but didn't feel like paying $30 DHL shipping). I hope you post your comparisons. High res photo comparisons, a video, etc. I also selfishly hope you eat crow. Either, I'm not a "blind sheep idiot." I just choose to reserve judgment.

    46. Matthew Morse on

      I say that I'm disappointed Orly reported me, but what I meant was that I'm disappointed they reported all of us... Sorry guys. Didn't mean to hang you out to dry.

    47. Matthew Morse on

      @Tanvi: Don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Kickstarter is a wonderful place full of wonderful projects. I'm sure this pen will turn out to be just fine, regardless of where it came from or how it came to be. It's our right to question and our right to believe, or not believe, the answers we get. I'm satisfied with Morgan's responses and will accept them as the truth as I have no reason to believe otherwise. If he says the pen is what it is, then that's the answer and I'm not here to refute that.

      I hope that this back and forth hasn't completely ruined your future Kickstarter endeavors and I hope that you will still keep an open mind about this pen as it may very well be a wonderful writing instrument. I have several Chinese-made fountain pens (mostly Jinhao) and they are actually very, very nice pens, rivaling some of my lower-end steel-nibbed pens.

      Don't lose heart just yet. Regardless of the story, the Visionnaire appears to be a nice pen and I'm sure you, and your father, will enjoy them for years to come. At least give Morgan the pleasure of delivering your pen to you before you make the assumption that it's not worth giving.

      While I have my doubts, frustrations and concerns regarding this project, I am still interested to receive my pen and see how it compares to the others in my collection. We may very well have a wonderful tool headed our way shortly. Keep the faith, but stay vigilant.

      @Morgan: Again, my apologies if you feel I've defamed you in any way. I simply had concerns regarding this project and voiced them. That is my choice and my prerogative. I never called you a liar or made the assumption that you were lying, nor did anyone else. We merely questioned the origin of the pens, the validity of your custom design and the details of the project in relation to the rules set forth by the Kickstarter community. It was never my intention to derail your project or have you lose credibility (unless, of course, my suspicions had turned out to be entirely true). If you say you designed and manufactured a pen, then I accept that as your word. Only you and the manufacturer know the details. And we are relayed them via you.

      I hope there are no hard feelings here, although I'm a bit disappointed that Orly felt it necessary to report me for simply voicing my concerns as I never once made a derogatory comment or violated the terms of Kickstarter in any way. In fact, I have remained far more courteous and professional than most of the people giving me flak this whole time.

      C'est la vie, I suppose.

    48. Matthew Morse on

      @Orly: I'm really confused as to why you felt it necessary to report me to anyone. I never once reported a single person here to Kickstarter, or anywhere else for that matter. I have not said anything offensive or derogatory, nor have I violated the rules of Kickstarter at all. I merely addressed some concerns that I saw with this project and hoped for a valid response. I got a response and left it at that.

      I can't believe you would report me for questioning the validity of this project. Wow...

    49. Tanvi Jay on

      I hope Kickstarter would start their own investigation, and dig out the truth. I was planning to gift these pens, to my dad on his birthday. Now I change my mind.
      How can we trust any project on Kickstarter again?

    50. Gilbert Lew on

      Hi. What is the dimension of the pen for the length and width?



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